What Happens After FUE Hair Transplant?

What Happens After FUE Hair Transplant?

What Happens After FUE Hair Transplant? The process of hair transplant is not finished after the surgery itself. What the patient does after the surgery is a great factor in reaching the desired results of hair transplant surgery. During this process, patients should follow every instruction set by the doctor. It depends on the care the patient takes of the hair transplant whether or not desired results will be received. The general answer to “What happens after FUE hair transplant”, is that it depends on the patient. Patients who avoid the sun, protect their follicles from possible damage, etc. will have great results. It is important to find a professional surgeon and medical team to carry out the surgery. An experienced doctor in the field will provide the best results for the patient. The experience and skills of the doctor, combined with the attention and care of the patient, will form a great outcome.

Many people around the world suffer from balding and hair loss. Especially male pattern-baldness is a big problem for many men. Balding can occur because of a lot of reasons. Genetics play a big role. Stress, trauma, diet, hormonal changes, etc. can all lead to hair loss. People who suffer from balding also have a lot of confidence issues because of it. Hair is one of the factors that form our image. FUE hair transplantation is a great solution to this problem. Since the surgeon implants every hair follicle single-handedly into the problematic area, the difference will not be noticeable. After the hair grows out of the hair follicles, there will not be a difference between the new hair and the old hair. During the FUE hair transplant, the medical team implants every hair follicle according to the direction and density of the area.

Preparing for FUE hair transplant surgery

It is important for the patient to arrange their daily routines according to the surgery. Patients should not do heavy exercise and work for a few weeks after the surgery. Similarly, patients should avoid working under the sun as much as possible. Washing the head will be decreased to protect the new hair follicles. Most of the patients will have to cut out medication that could harm the surgery process. Patients should cut off blood-thinning medication. Doctors advise patients to undergo a check-up and allergy tests before any kind of surgery. This way, patients can find out if they are eligible to go through FUE hair transplantation surgery. Patients who suffer from serious health conditions like liver problems, heart problems, cancer, etc. are not eligible for cosmetic surgeries. The allergy test will help determine if there is an allergy to anesthesia.


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FUE hair transplant surgery is a long and very detailed surgery. Since every single hair follicle will be individually extracted from the ‘donor site’, the process takes a long time. Patients must have an abundant source of hair follicles. If they do not, they should consider alternative methods. The doctor will then implant these hair follicles into the ‘recipient area’. The recipient site is the area that suffers from balding or hair loss. Local anesthesia is used for the process, but if the patient gets too uncomfortable during the surgery general anesthesia can be used as well. It is important that patients bring a friend or family member to the hospital to bring them home. The patient should come to regular visits to the doctor after surgery. In case anything out of the ordinary happens, the patient should call the doctor immediately.

Recovery Process after FUE hair transplant surgery

Patients can feel very minimal levels of pain and discomfort after the surgery. Especially in the recipient area, swelling and bleeding can occur. This is completely normal for the first few hours to days after the surgery. However, patients should immediately contact a doctor if it does not stop. The doctor will prescribe the necessary medication in order to decrease the discomfort of the patient. Patients should not stay under direct sunlight. UV can damage the newly implanted hair follicles. Hair follicles are very fragile, especially right after the hair transplant surgery. Thus, they need to be treated with great care. Patients who work under the sun can prefer winter time to go through the surgery or take a break from work. This way, they will have some time to rest at home and shake off the effects of anesthesia and surgery.

Other protective gear that touches the head, such as helmets and hats, should also be avoided. Patients can take showers without washing their heads on the first day of surgery. The doctor will tell them when it is okay to use shampoo and wash their hair. If anything happens to the hair follicles, a doctor should be contacted immediately. It is known that permanent damage can be done to hair follicles through the intervention of the patient. In cases of severe shock loss, patients should call the doctor. The doctor can prescribe supplements to prevent extreme shock loss. The doctor will explain the whole FUE process in detail to the patient, and if anything out of the ordinary happens, they should be contacted. The skills of the doctor and the attention of the patient will provide the best results for the patient. For more questions, contact a doctor or medical professional.

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The general answer to “What happens after FUE hair transplant?”, is that it depends on the patient. Patients who take great care of their hair transplants will see great results. Contrary, patients who do not pay attention to the instructions can lose the whole process. So, patients have to avoid sun, hats, heavy lifting, some medication, etc.. If there are any complications, the patient should immediately call the doctor. Doctors usually perform the FUE technique on patients who have balding in spottings. The patient should check whether or not they are eligible for his surgery. For more information, patients can consult a professional surgeon or medical team.