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What Is A Biofibre Hair Implant?

What Is A Biofibre Hair Implant?

What Is A Biofibre Hair Implant? Another name used in hair transplantation is known as hair implant. Hair implant method; It is a natural solution to these problems for people who experience hair loss, thinning, and baldness. The process of transplanting healthy hair follicles to areas. It where the hair is shed and where the hair follicle is no longer active is called a hair implant procedure. For the hair implant process, the person’s own healthy hair follicle is placed in the place where hair loss is experienced. Since the hair implant process is personal, it is planned and applied specifically for each person.

Hair follicles on the nape of the neck are generally used for the hair implant procedure. Healthy hair follicles in the nape area are taken and transplanted to the area where hair loss is seen by surgical procedures. In this way, the person’s hair will have a healthy and pleasant appearance as if it has never been shed. So how is the development of the hair implant process in medicine? What are hair implant treatment recommendations? How is the hair implant procedure applied? Why does hair loss occur and will hair loss continue after a hair implant procedure? What is a biofibre hair implant? If you want to learn about these and similar questions, you can continue reading our article.

What is the Development of Hair Implants Process in Medicine?

Hair implant was firstly used in America in 1952 by Dr. After the hair implant procedure performed by Orantreich, the “autograft technique” emerged. In the 1980s. The hair implant procedure was not a highly preferred procedure as it takes 80 hours to collect 2000 grafts using skin trepanes. After the follicular unit concept was found in the 1990s. The hair implant procedure has become more of a focus of attention.


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After finding the concept of the follicular unit, FUT (Follicular unit transpotation) process was found. In 1996, 6 years after the development of the FUT system, Dr. A method for collecting grafts was developed by Woods, but it has not been put into the scientific literature. In 2002, the method called FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) was found by Rassman and Bernstein. In this method, since the hair follicles are collected as micrografts. This term has been accepted among technical medical terms and announced in some congresses.

How is Hair Implants Process Applied?

In the hair implants process, healthy hair follicles, which are usually taken from the neck, are applied to the area where there is no hair. These hair follicles taken in the hair implant process are called grafts. If the person who wants to have a hair implant procedure has a sparse neck, healthy hair follicles are taken from the person’s arm or under the breast area.

Hair implant application is applied within a few hours depending on the size of the hair loss area. If the area without hair is too large, it may take several sessions to perform the application. After the hair implant process is applied, a special bandage is applied to the person’s head. The person who finishes the hair implant process is discharged within 1 to 2 hours. Although it does not seem much, it is controlled with painkillers for pain and similar conditions. The first dressing after a hair implant is done 5 days later. The person who has a hair implant can go wherever he wants with his head covered after 2 or 3 days of rest.

What are the Causes of Hair Loss? Does Hair Loss Continue After Hair Implant?

The most important factor that causes hair loss is genetic features. However, hair loss; may also occur due to aging, stress, and illness. The person who wants to have a hair implant should make an appointment with a specialist doctor. And have a hair implant procedure after consulting a doctor. With the hair implant process, you can give a more pleasant appearance not only to the head. But also to areas such as eyebrows, mustaches, or beards.

Hair implanted after the hair implant process begins to fall out within a few weeks. However, it is quite normal for the transplanted hair to fall out. The reason for this is that instead of shedding hair, new hair will grow within 3-4 months. After this temporary shedding process ends and your hair grows again, it will not fall out again. However, natural hair in the area where the hair implant was applied may begin to fall out. For this reason, the hair density in the hair loss area is low. The person who undergoes a hair implant may have to have a hair implant procedure again after a while.

What are Hair Implants Procedure Recommendations?

The hair implant process is a procedure that should be done very carefully. For this reason, there are some specific recommendations and tips for the hair implant procedure. Recommendations for hair implant procedure are as follows:

  • Before starting the hair implants process, it should be determined why the person’s hair is shed. When the cause of hair loss is determined, measures can be taken according to the cause of the loss.
  • It is very important to do research about the hair implants process before having hair implants.
  • It is also very important to consult a doctor who is an expert in hair implants before having a hair implant procedure. After meeting with a specialist doctor, you can talk to the doctor and determine which hair implant method you want to have a hair implant.
  • Since the hair implant process is aesthetically important. The institution that will perform the hair implant procedure should be discussed. And detailed research should be done about the institution.
  • After the research is done about the institution that will perform the hair implant procedure. Research should be done about the hair implant doctor working in the institution. Since the hair implant process is a detailed procedure. It will be better for the person who will have a hair implant procedure to agree with a specialist doctor.
  • Technological tools can be used before having a hair implant. In today’s technology, information about the future appearance of the person can be obtained more easily. For this reason, before you have a hair implant procedure, you can use these technological tools. And have a hair implant procedure without any risk.