What Is A FUE And FUT Hair Transplant?

What Is A FUE And FUT Hair Transplant?

What Is A FUE And FUT Hair Transplant? People always had a strange fascination with their beauty and appearances. The fashion may change but the desire to follow it always stays the same. As technology develops, it tends to help people to follow this desire. Long, healthy, and shiny hair always was a sign of health. Every period had its own take on fashionable hair. But, regardless, during every time having hair was fashionable. This may be difficult for you if you are losing hair. However, there is a solution. For the past fifty years, ways to transplant hair have also kept on developing. Today it is common for people who lose hair to get hair transplants. There are many ways to do that but the most common ones are FUE and FUT. What is a FUE and FUT hair transplant?  This easy will answer this question.

How do clinics perform FUE and FUT?

Hair transplantation is a procedure used to plant hair on any part of your body that you wish. Most commonly clients use it to plant hair on their scalp. One of the two famous methods used in clinics is follicular unit extraction (FUE). Some patients may see this procedure as the easier one since it does not involve a big surgery. In this, the surgeon starts by shaving a part of your body to get some of your hair follicles. They will then remove those follicles from the shaved area, one by one. After getting them out, the surgeon will cut small cuts on your desired area. With these cuts, the surgeon will be able to plant the follicles inside. After they finish the plantation, the surgeon will clean and bandage you. Like that, your surgery will be over.

Follicular unit transplantation (FUT) is a method that differs a lot. While it also reaches the same conclusion, the process is very different. It will start by the surgeon re-drawing your hairline and marking the hair extraction area. When the surgeon finishes that, you will get the option to use sedatives. Those can help you to undergo the surgery. After numbing the area that they will operate on, your surgeon will need to get hair follicles. Unlike the previous method, here they will cut a strip of your skin which has those follicles. They will then separate them one by one and prepare them for use. After that, they will close your scalp up. Following that, the surgeon will plant prepared hair follicles to your bald spot. Lastly, they will apply antibiotics to your scar and bandage it up. That is how this method gets done.


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Before and after hair transplants

The methods may differ but the preparation for hair transplant surgery stays similar. Each patient may need their plan so make sure to contact your doctor. Also, follow your doctor’s advice to have a good experience. Commonly, before the surgery, you will need to cut down on many things. A few weeks before it you will need to decrease antibiotics significantly. And using vitamins or supplements may not be advised. Most importantly you should not use blood-thinning medication of any kind. If you have any prescribed medicine, make sure to inform your doctor beforehand. A few days before the surgery, do not smoke or drink alcoholic beverages. Also, do not cut your hair close to surgery. You can also prepare by doing a massage on the area that will be operated on to increase the blood flow.

After the hair transplant is over, you will enter the recovery time. Recovery time differs according to which method you use. And the method may change how serious the whole process will go. It also changes from one person to another. But regardless, you should still follow a similar path. Once again, make sure to follow the instructions of your doctor. If you follow them you will not suffer from deeper scars or infections. Shower as your doctor suggests to you. After some surgeries, you may need to avoid wetting your head for a while after all. Avoid clothes that close the operated area tightly, as that can make harm. Make sure to avoid the sun no matter what. After implants, your skin will not be able to handle the sun for a while. Use any medicine that your doctor may give to you.


Deciding which method of hair transplantation is the best for you may be challenging. There are many aspects that may change your view. Since we talked about how both methods are done, we can now talk about the advantages and disadvantages of both. FUE does not leave visible scars like FUT. It also does not involve that big of a surgery. The healing process is faster and is less complicated. However, it takes a lot more time and costs more. And it may be difficult to perform in a wide area. It also damages your donor site more. It has less consistent results as well. Doctors recommend this method for smaller areas. If you use it for eyelashes or eyebrows it will look natural and better than makeup. However, it might be difficult to use for the whole scalp.

FUT also has both advantages and disadvantages. It tends to have better results. And it does not cause damage to your donor site. That might help if you will need future operations there. It can help to get more hair follicles in one sitting. It has the best record of quality and consistent results. But, the recovery process of this method will be difficult and it will leave a visible scar on your scalp. Plus, not all clinics offer FUT as it is a big surgery. Regardless, all people can get this method. Especially if you want to cover a big area this method is for you. To learn about which method is best for you and more, please contact our clinic.