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What Is Body Hair Transplant

What Is Body Hair Transplant?

What Is Body Hair Transplant? Plantation of what is body hair transplant? Body hair, but who wants to reach new and healthy hair is a very important development for people not enough grafts on his head.

The process also makes the body except the head as the name suggests are used. Eliminating the problem of lack of adequate graft in the head objective of this process is to give people a new look.

For Body Hair Transplant, the hair existed in these areas can be used:


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⦁  Chest , arm, leg , back, shoulder, abdomen.

Chest hair is the first preferred alternative in the case of body hair transplantation. Because chest hair is similar to hair in appearance and structure. If the breast is not suitable for being a donor area, it is possible to use the back as a donor area.

Regardless of these facts, if there are healthy grafts for the procedure, it is possible to select other parts of the body. While choosing the donor area, a comfortable healing process should be considered. As we know, the healing process after hair transplantation, the donor of the received hair and scalp rollback means to come to a healthy state. Therefore, the donor should not affect the comfort of the patient’s healing process.

In Which Conditions Body Hair Is Used In Hair Transplant?

⦁   If there is no donor area in the head. They are not enough or weak in the head. If the quality of the grafts transplanted in the previous hair transplantation is insufficient or low. The patient wants to remove the scars after an unsuccessful hair transplant. The process makes it possible to use the body in patients experiencing any of these situations.

Who Are The Suitable Candidates For Body Hair Transplant?

People whose body hair is structurally similar to hair structure can have body hair transplantation. Therefore, due to the high density of hair on the body of men can say is suitable for this process than women.

The Applied Techniques In Body Hair TransplantThe techniques applied to body hair transplantation is not different from a normal plantation. However, the procedure requires experience and appropriate care.

In hair transplantation, the donor area is anesthetized with local anesthesia. Thus, grafts are taken without harming the healthy ones. Then planted grafts taken under local anesthesia.

FUE and DHI are the most preferred techniques. In this case of using any of the techniques used in the collection stage of the body 0.75 to 1 mm diameter pins. These needles are used because of the thicker head of hair body hair.

Body hair is more curly and thicker than head’s hair. Therefore, these concerns are far from reality because grafts take their properties from their places in the body. Thin grafts on the chest take on the appearance of normal hair after they are transplanted to the head.

The Experts Choice In Body Hair Transplant

Body hair using the hair transplantation shows various advantages with normal hair. experts in hair transplantation are the only person to analyze these advantages.

The choice of the donor area, the extraction of a successful graft quality is very important. Experts, can give people the opportunity to achieve the desired results. For this reason, it is important to be an expert in body hair transplantation.

Which Body Parts Can Be A Donor Area For Hair Transplant?

Chest, back, arms, legs, shoulders, it is possible to use donor area. Experts, making assessments can choose which one is suitable processing of these parts. Body hair can be divide  into two categories: beard hair and the rest of the body.Beard hair usually grows as a single hair, but in rare cases three hair groups can be noted..

Only those with a thick beard and hair have more than one group. Beard hair tends to grow much faster and longer than other body hair. Therefore, individuals can usually be done a pretty long beards. Facial transplantation is more consistent and typically provides a yield between 60% and 100%. Other forms of body hair is shorter and extends from the scalp at a slower speed, so typically the elongation length is not longer than 3 to 6 cm. Body hair is usually curly, but not as curly as most beard hair. Some body hair gets shorter, such as the hair on your arms, toes, and the hair on the eyebrows.

Although these body hair usually looks thinner, they are sometimes as coarse as hair. Even if the roots of the body hair are thick, the hair will not grow thick on the top of the head. It may give a cosmetically insignificant result compared to hair and beard hair. Generally, 1 out of 4 people who have non-beard body hair transplantation gets cosmetic improvement. Failures include minimal yield, very fine hair, and sparse growth. Although Beard transplantation provide a good cosmetic coating, some patients do not like the rough and frizzy hair structure. FUE Chest Hair Transplant

Donor Area

Scalp, beard hair is flat and thin and can be quite coarse, a curly striking contrast to this view. For these reasons, prior to entering the larger body hair from a hair restoration procedure to perform a test procedure, surgeons usually work best. The test procedure will evaluate the yield and appearance of body hair. If the results disappointed the patient and the physician, it is probably best to avoid additional procedures.This contrast in appearance can be quite striking when the scalp hair is fine and straight and beard hair is coarse and curly. For these reasons, it is often best to perform a test procedure from a hair restoration surgeon prior to undergoing a larger body hair procedure. The test procedure will evaluate the yield and the appearance of the body hair. If the patient and the physician are disappointed in the results, it is probably best to avoid additional procedures.

Ideal candidates for body hair transplants include those whose body hair most closely resembles the other hair in the recipient area. Hair follicles from other the parts.

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