What Is FUE Hair Transplant Method?

What Is FUE Hair Transplant Method?

What Is Hair Transplant?

What Is FUE Hair Transplant Method? Nowadays, a lot of people suffer from hair loss. This can result from genetic or external factors. It can be due to age, hormonal changes. Stress and anxiety also play a huge role in hair loss. Men lose their hair as they age, and women have some other reasons. For example, they may experience hair loss after they give birth, or after they go through menopause. With the development of technology, researchers have found ways to treat hair loss. And most effective of them is hair transplants. These operations are almost painless and doctors can perform them within hours. It doesn’t require a lot of time to heal, which is a great advantage if you’re working in a job. Now, let’s look at the definition of hair transplant and the popular technique Follicular Unit Extraction. “What Is FUE Hair Transplant Method?” We’ll answer this question in the following paragraphs.

Hair transplant is an operation that skilled surgeons perform to cure hair loss. It is mostly a permanent solution for hair loss, but sometimes some people still experience shedding after a transplant. In this operation, doctors take hair follicles from the area where the hair density is high. And then they place them into the target area where the balding is happening. There so many different hair transplant techniques that doctors apply to patients. Doctors choose the suitable one and perform that technique on the patient. For example, women usually choose to undergo unshaven hair transplants, because women do not want to shave all their hair. And it is easy for doctors to perform this technique on women. The best techniques are Direct Hair Implantation, Unshaven Hair Transplant, and Follicular Unit Extraction. In this article, we will explain the Follicular Unit Extraction technique.

What Is FUE Hair Transplant?

FUE Hair Transplant is one of the most popular hair transplant techniques. Doctors perform the surgery with the help of some tools. For example, micro motors help the doctor to collect hair follicles easily. Micromotor is a cylindrical device with a diameter of 0.6-0.8 cm. With this device, everything becomes easier. Follicular Unit Extraction surgery does not leave visible scars. The hair also looks very natural after the surgery. People prefer this method because it is almost painless and doctors prefer it because it is easy to perform. Leaving no visible scars and being almost painless, these features attract the people. People usually do not want any sign on their body that will show they had a transplant. Because of these features, people want to undergo this Follicular Unit Extraction method. This method takes less time to operate and it is more advantageous than the other ones.


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Doctors perform the surgery by putting the patient under local or general anesthesia. First, doctors shave the hair around the part of the scalp they are going to collect follicles. Doctors call this area donor area, it is the area that the donor follicles come from. Then the doctors use a micro motor to collect the hair follicles one by one. Then, they clean those follicles with a special solution and put them in order. And then doctors implant the hair follicles to the target area with the help of another tool. They complete the important part of the surgery with this step. Then they cover the areas they worked on with bandages. This is the last step of the operation. Doctors can perform Follicular Unit Extraction within hours and the patient can return to his/her home within a short period.

Before and After The Follicular Hair Transplant

There are many instructions patients need to follow before and after the surgery. It’s important for them because if they do not follow the rules, it can affect the success of the surgery. A patient should stop drinking alcohol one or two weeks before the surgery. If he or she is smoking, he/she should quit smoking before the surgery. Nicotine can increase the risk of infection and this can lead to bad outcomes. If a patient takes some medications regularly, he/she should inform the doctor. A patient should not consume caffeinated beverages before the surgery. He/she should not wear tight clothes on the day of surgery, the clothes should be comfortable. The clothes should not disturb the scalp. These are some of the instructions a patient needs to follow before the Follicular Unit Extraction method. Now, let’s look at the instructions doctors give after the surgery.

Doctors advise not to wash the scalp for 3 days. And also, doctors should be the ones to do the first washing of the scalp. They remove the bandages and clean the area when they do the washing. Doctors tell patients to use scentless shampoos or special shampoos for hair transplants. It is better to take a day or two off from work to heal fast and be comfortable. A patient should not do exercises until the doctor says it is okay to do. He/she should not wear anything that will harm the transplanted area. He/she should not take any medications besides the ones the doctor prescribed. If patients follow these instructions, these will help the patient to heal faster and increase the success of the transplant. It’s important to consider those if you want to undergo a Follicular Unit Extraction surgery.

Advantages and Disadvantages of FUE Hair Transplant Method

The main and maybe the most important advantage of the FUE method is that there are no visible scars. The number of donor hair follicles is the highest among the other techniques. There is no significant disadvantage of the Follicular Unit Extraction method. But, if doctors do not perform the surgery properly, swelling and infection might happen. The advantages outnumber the disadvantages. Lastly, Follicular Unit Extraction is a perfect solution for one’s hair loss. If you want to get further information, please consult the hair clinic or your doctor. Doctors examine your hair and scalp and then offer you different options and methods of hair transplant.