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What Is Hair Transplant?

What Is Hair Transplant?

What Is Hair Transplant? Today, hair loss is a problem seen not only in men but also in women. The only solution for hair loss is hair transplantation. Hair transplantation is a natural and permanent solution applied to people with hair loss or hair thinning. Where the hair follicles are not active, baldness appears. And hair transplantation is performed with microsurgical methods in places where there is no hair. While doing this, the patient’s hair follicles are used. And these hair follicles are made with roots taken from the nape and upper ear hair.

The hair transplant operation is planned and applied individually. The purpose of hair transplantation is to provide a natural and permanent appearance that will not be known to have been transplanted in the head area. Hair transplantation is a small surgical operation.

Doctors for hair transplantation

The most important detail in hair transplantation is the doctor. The doctor who will perform this procedure must be a specialist and experienced in this area. Thanks to experienced doctors, hair transplantation procedures are completed faster and more reliably. The environment must be sterilized while doing this. Otherwise, the patient may become infected. Hair transplantation aims to give the person a comfortable natural hair appearance with modern medical applications.


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Who can have hair transplantation?

Hair transplantation usually occurs after middle age. Generally, 50 per cent of men over a period of 45 experience hair loss. Anyone over the age of 18 can do this procedure. However, for a person to have a hair transplant, hair loss must be ended. Hair transplantation is not performed for people whose hair loss is not over. This procedure can be done not only by bald people but also by people with thinning hair. In other words, hair transplantation can be done on sparse hair.

Causes of hair loss

There are many reasons for hair loss—for example, stress, vitamin deficiencies, malnutrition, genetic reasons and hormonal causes. If you do not get enough vitamins from foods after hair transplantation, your transplanted hair may fall out again. For this reason, you should pay attention to the reasons that cause hair loss. It would be best if you stayed away from stressful environments. Hair loss also occurs from medications used at times. You can discuss the solution with your doctor and get ideas about what can be done for your hair.

Techniques used in hair transplantation

Hair transplant technology has been developing every day for the last 50 years. And today there are many hair transplant techniques—some of these; DHI, FUE, Unshaved hair transplantation. Hair transplant operations performed by experts include method differences, and there is a suitable hair transplant technique for each person. It is a specialist doctor who will make the decision.

For example, DHI hair transplantation. With this method, problems such as stitches or incision marks do not occur. Grafts taken with a micro motor do not wait too long outside. It minimizes the exclusion time of the grafts. With DHI hair transplantation, the time away from the tissue is minimized to keep the hair follicles healthy. Thus, hair follicles are more comfortable to protect. And there is faster recovery after surgery. Therefore, the patient returns to his daily routine quickly.

What is FUE hair transplant operation?

In FUE hair transplantation, hair follicle grafts are collected from some regions of the hair and transferred to the sparse and bald area. Special encodings are used when performing these transfers. The roots used for FUE hair transplantation can be collected from any part of the body. After only 1-2 sessions, the hair gets a natural and beautiful appearance. FUE and DHI hair transplantation is the most advanced hair transplant methods in the world.

Will the transplanted hair fall out?

Approximately 2-3 weeks after the hair transplant procedure, the transplanted hair will fall out. This is normal; you don’t have to worry. Spilt hair will grow again in approximately 3-4 months. After this temporary shedding, the new hair that grows instead of the shed hair is permanent, and they do not fall out.

But your original hair may fall out over time. You can have a new hair transplant for this shedding hair. And you can have a natural look with your newly transplanted hair and create your style.

What should be done after hair transplant?

The most important part of the hair transplant operation is the maintenance part after hair transplantation. As you know, there are things you need to do before and after hair transplantation. For example, you should not consume alcohol, cigarettes, coffee and caffeine products within 24 hours before the hair transplant operation. If you are taking medication, you should have stopped taking this medication for up to 15 days before surgery. Therefore, inform your doctor about these before the hair transplant procedure.

After a hair transplant, you should take good care of your hair. For example, you should not wash your hair every day. After the hair transplant procedure, you can get a washing service from the clinic for 3-4 days in the first week. You can then wash your hair yourself. However, you should wash your hair every two days. Otherwise, you can kill your newly transplanted hair follicles. You should not apply gel or wax for your hair follicles. You can blow dry, but you have to be very careful because the hair follicles are sensitive because they are newly transplanted. After hair transplantation, you must follow the instructions given by your doctor. For example, instead of shampoos containing detergents, you should use shampoos containing natural oils. While shampoos containing detergents damage your hair follicles, shampoos containing natural oils nourish your hair follicles and allow your hair to grow healthily and to look natural.

It should not be forgotten that every person who experiences hair loss can have a hair transplant procedure. According to research, people with hair loss tend to have lower self-esteem and more passive in social situations. You can increase your self-confidence by having a hair transplant.