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What Is Mesotherapy In Hair Loss?

What Is Mesotherapy In Haır Loss?

What Is Mesotherapy In Hair Loss? Mesotherapy for hair loss; It is the process of applying the substances that hair needs to be strong and healthy by doctors directly on the scalp. Hair mesotherapy also supports the growth phase of dormant hair follicles. Hair loss is a problem that will affect everyone, both men and women. The most common androgenic (male) type mesotherapy for hair loss is one of the important tools we have.

So what does mesotherapy mean?

The word mesotherapy is a combination of the Greek words “mesos” and “therapy”. Mesos; setting means therapy treatment / therapy. In this case, mesotherapy means the treatment of the middle layer of the skin. Mesotherapy for hair loss aims to nourish hair follicles using fine-tipped needles. It is possible to define small doses of microinjection into the middle layer of the scalp.
The effectiveness of hair mesotherapy; It is incomparably superior to products applied externally to hair.
Also, mesotherapy; It is an effective treatment method for cellulite, facial rejuvenation, skin scars and stretch marks.

How Does Hair Mesotherapy Work?

Hair basically consists of two main parts; “Hair follicle / hair follicle” under the skin and “strand of hair” in the skin. The structures called “dermal papilla” and “matrix” in the hair root play a critical role in hair growth. As the new cells in the dermal papilla and the matrix in the hair follicle grow, the old cells are pushed up and onto the skin, forming hair strands. The main causes of hair loss are; We can list as malnutrition of hair follicles, insufficient vascularization / blood circulation that feeds hair follicles, hormonal imbalances.


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For the hair mesotherapy application to be effective; Injections going down to the “dermal papilla and matrix” in the hair follicle, which play an important role in hair formation, are required. So during mesotherapy for hair loss; Minerals, vitamins and substances that increase blood circulation should be injected into the middle layer of the scalp at a depth.

However, with hair mesotherapy at the right depth, the dermal papilla and matrix of the hair follicle gain the vitamins and minerals it needs, thus strengthening the hair follicles, stopping hair loss and thickening hair strands.

What Should Be Considered In The Products Selected For Hair Mesotherapy?

The products selected for hair mesotherapy must first have stopping effects on hair loss. Each hair mesotherapy bulb; It should be rich in products that stimulate hair growth, slow down the wear process of the hair, and strengthen the structure of hair follicles and hair.

In hair mesotherapy, the mixtures selected according to the purpose are applied under the skin with special needles and special techniques at the right depth, in small doses. Mesotherapy products that reach the ends of the capillaries that nourish the hair follicles in the middle layer of the scalp act quickly. The hair mesotherapy product applied should contain vitamins, special building block proteins and substances that increase regional blood circulation.

Will I Have Pain During Hair Mesotherapy Application?

The diameter of the needles used by doctors in hair mesotherapy treatment is quite thin. However, some patients feel some pain during application. Anesthetic creams may be more difficult to absorb on the scalp. The anesthetic material in spray form penetrates the scalp more easily, minimizing the discomfort of the people during the application. Thus, doctors aim to minimize the pain sensation of patients during hair mesotherapy.

Are There Any Side Effects of Hair Mesotherapy?

Hair mesotherapy has no significant side effects. However, doctors should evaluate whether you are sensitive to the drugs and other substances used in mesotherapy before treatment.
We know that very low doses of drugs given in hair mesotherapy reduce the risk of side effects.
The most important point you should not forget; If you do not want to encounter bad results, you should pay attention to the physician application and the approval of the products to be used in mesotherapy by the Ministry of Health. What is Mesotherapy?

How long does Hair Mesotherapy take?

Hair mesotherapy varies according to the size of the area to be applied.
An average hair mesotherapy session takes about 60-90 minutes. Because;
• Doctors wait 20 minutes before each mesotherapy for the anesthetic cream to take effect. Then, the doctor starts the mesotherapy application lasting 15-20 minutes with the “dermapen” used for microinjection.
• After the Dermapen application, the physician selects the appropriate needle tip and depth to the scalp of the patient and performs the injection in approximately 15-20 minutes.
• In the last stage, the hair mesotherapy session ends with “electroporation” which lasts 10 minutes. Electroporation ensures that all mesotherapy products are absorbed in the scalp. Thus, it accelerates the transition of the hair to the growth phase.

How many sessions is hair mesotherapy?

It is certain that your hair follicles will benefit from even one session of hair mesotherapy. your doctor’s treatment planning; It should adapt to the current problem, hair type, skin characteristics and general condition.
However, to generalize;
• People with hair loss usually need 4-6 sessions of mesotherapy to prevent hair loss. The reason for this is; It enters the growth phase of the hair follicle in 3-6 months.
• When hair loss stops, you should start maintenance treatment. This treatment is usually planned by doctors as 3-6 sessions of mesotherapy per year. Again, the number of sessions may decrease or increase according to the person.

Is Hair Mesotherapy Applied at All Ages?

Hair mesotherapy; It is a hair treatment method that is easily applied by doctors to men and women of all ages, who have hair problems such as hair loss, weakness, thinning, dullness, and wear. Since there are no applications such as incisions, no problem is seen in sensitive patients. Mesotherapy Hair Before & After

Who Are Eligible For Hair Mesotherapy?

It is suitable for people who experience thinning, weakness or severe hair loss. It is also applied to existing hair after hair transplantation. When your hair loses its shine and volume, you can benefit from mesotherapy application so that your hair does not fall out. Mesotherapy is an alternative method for you if you have a serious hair loss complaint in your family or if you have a relative with hair loss.

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