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What is Mesotherapy?

What is Mesotherapy?

What is Mesotherapy? Mesotherapy is a medical procedure performed for aesthetic purposes. In other words, This method of treatment first used in France in 1950. It provides stimulation of skin collagen and elastin. Thanks to this stimulation, blood circulation and immunity are activated. It is the injection of a medicated solution under the skin. This solution contains vitamins, minerals, and many other things. These are essential ingredients that are essential for the skin’s natural elasticity. The ingredients can change according to the person’s wishes. It is not just any cutting process, experts do this with needles. People who want to apply mesotherapy must be over 18 years old. Pregnant women and diabetics can not undergo this treatment.

There are different types of mesotherapy. As a result of these, people who interest in these treatments are increasing day by day. It’s one of the fastest-growing options of common skin rejuvenation methods. There are big differences between before and after mesotherapy.

Usage purposes of mesotherapy’s;

  • against-aging.
  • to reduce cellulite in the body
  • remove the gaps on the skin surface
  • acne scars treatment
  • improve blood circulation
  • reduce sagging skin
  • rejuvenate the skin on the neck and hands
  • to prevent hair loss
  • surgical suture scars
  • to  lose weight
  • body shaping
  • under-eye swelling

How is mesotherapy applied?

The technique uses a series of very fine-tipped needles to the surface of the skin. These needles contain things like acids, vitamins, minerals, and nucleic acids. As well as ıt depends on the skin problem and conditions. It is marked with needles and a depth of 1-4 mm.


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The stages are as follows;

Firstly, It makes a definite diagnosis of the patient’s discomfort by examination. The surgeon checks the patient’s general health and also obtains medical history. As well, an anesthetic cream is essential to make the person feel the least pain. It applies a series of injections to the patient using a special microneedle. On the other hand, the doctor inserts the needle into the skin at an angle. More than one mesotherapy session may be needed to achieve the desired effect. Patients can return to their normal life 1-2 hours after treatment.

How long does mesotherapy take?

Mesotherapy takes approximately 30-35 minutes.

Who is not suitable for mesotherapy?

  • those who are pregnant
  • diabetes patients
  • paralyzed patients
  • those with blood clotting problems
  • cancer patients
  • urticaria patients
  • those with an allergic reaction

What are the side effects of mesotherapy?

There may be scratches or minor bruises on the injection area. However, these heal in 1-2 days and are not dangerous.

There are very rare other side effects. These side effects are;

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea
  • Fire
  • Swelling
  • Rash
  • Burning sensation
  • Itching
  • Bruising
  • Edema
  • Bleeding (very rare)

When are the results of mesotherapy treatment seen?

Response to treatment varies according to the procedure, skin structure, and age of the person. On average, after 2-3 sessions, the difference begins to be seen.

 Considerations after mesotherapy procedure

Firstly during treatment, drugs that will dilute the blood should not be taken. The person should eat healthily and avoid caffeine, alcohol, and cigarettes. Moreover, the patient should not touch the treated area with water for approximately 10-15 hours after the operation. The patient should not touch or scratch the treated areas to avoid infection.

Secondly, the person should apply a cold compress when there is any swelling, itching, or redness. The patient must be very careful to protect the mesotherapy sites from infection. Moreover,  If there are any signs of infection, tell the doctor immediately. Do not stretch the treated area and you should avoid it. The person should not be in direct contact with sunlight lights. The patient who the procedure is done on the face should not wear makeup. If the area has healed after the operation, the patient should massage the area lightly with creams.

After the mesotherapy sessions, movements that will force the regions should not be made for 2 days. In addition, doctors do not recommend taking a bath for the first 10-15 hours. Things that need to be done before and after mesotherapy should be done. In this procedure, you should observe the before and after mesotherapy process very well. Above all, the doctor should plan this process well.

Mesotherapy prices

Mesotherapy prices may vary depending on many things. For example, the type of treatment, doctor’s expertise, hospital, or clinical conditions. Also, ıt varies according to the session.

Which age is suitable for mesotherapy treatment?

Mesotherapy is effective for all ages. Since it is very good against aging, it gives very good results for middle-aged people. This method is suitable for anyone over the age of 18. People who see the differences before and after mesotherapy may want to have it done as a result.

The use of mesotherapy as treatment

Mesotherapy is known to be used especially for aesthetic appearance, but it is also used for treatment purposes.

Diseases in which mesotherapy is used as treatment;

  • stomachaches
  • arthritis-pain
  • backaches
  • bone spurs
  • muscle pains
  • muscle jams

What are the benefits of mesotherapy?

It can easily solve multiple skin problems(anti-aging, remove stains, increase shine).

Additionally, ıts intense content refreshes the skin. It keeps the skin moist since it increases the moisture content of the skin. Likewise, before and after the mesotherapy procedure creates a positive psychological effect on people who undergo the procedure. Why Does Redness Happen After Hair Transplantation?

 What is Hair Mesotherapy

Hair mesotherapy is a non-surgical cosmetic hair restoration procedure. Hair mesotherapy is a special treatment for the patient. The surgeon applies special minerals, vitamins, and oils to the hair.

benefits of hair mesotherapy;

Mesotherapy greatly reduces hair loss and helps hair growth. It does not only provide deep care of the hair but also increases blood circulation in the scalp.

Cellulite Mesotherapy

Cellulite is a blood circulation disease that can occur in all age groups and genders. Contrary to the general opinion, there is no cellulite only in overweight people. The surgeon injects a special liquid into the cellulite area. In addition, the special solution accelerates the blood flow and repairs the cellulite. There is one session a week and this treatment takes approximately 1-2 months. In cellulite treatment before and after mesotherapy shows a great success. In order to ensure the permanence of the treatment, the patient should eat healthy food and do sports.

Regional Fat Distribution

First of all, mesotherapy helps to remove fat in areas. For instance, these are arms, legs, and belly. It provides the burning of the adipose part. As in cellulite mesotherapy, diet and sports are very important factors to maintain the result in regional fat distribution.

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