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What Is The FUE Technique Hair Transplant?

What Is The FUE Technique Hair Transplant?

What Is The FUE Technique Hair Transplant? There are two methods of hair transplant that doctors are widely using nowadays. One of them is FUT, which is the more traditional method. The other one is FUE, the newer and more specific version. FUE is preferred over FUT since FUT leaves a big scar on the patient’s head after the surgery. With FUE, hair transplantation is much more unnoticeable after the recovery. FUE means Follicular Unit Extraction, and every single hair follicle is individually extracted from the ‘donor site’. This surgery takes a long time and doctors can either complete it in a single session or smaller sessions. The answers to the question “What is the FUE technique hair transplant?” will be answered in detail in the paragraphs below. It is important that patients know the details about this surgery before they decide to contact a doctor about it.

Hair transplant has been very popular throughout recent years. It is the number one solution for patients who suffer from balding. Balding can occur because of different reasons. Genetics is one of the biggest factors of balding. Especially men are more prone to genetic-related balding, in contrast to women. Other reasons can be stress, trauma, etc. Balding can affect the self-esteem and confidence of the patient very much. Hair transplant surgeries provide a safe and sure solution for patients who suffer from balding. There are different methods of hair transplantation surgery. The doctor will choose the method according to the type of hair loss the patient has. Similarly, patients who do not have an abundant “donor site” that contains healthy hair follicles, are not eligible for the FUE hair transplant method either.

Preparation for FUE hair transplant surgery

One of the most important things to do before undergoing any kind of surgery is to go through a check-up and allergy tests. The check-up will help determine if the patient is in general good health to go through FUE surgery. Patients who have health conditions such as liver problems, heart problems, cancer, etc. are not suitable for cosmetic operations. Since these patients already have a weak immune system, anesthesia and surgery would weaken them more. The patients also have to arrange their daily routines so that it fits their recovery process. Patients will not be able to stand under direct sunlight, so those who work under direct sunlight should take a break. Patients who do heavy exercise and work should stop for a few weeks. It is also important to find a friend or family member who can stay with the patient for a few days after surgery.


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FUE hair transplant surgery is usually performed under local anesthesia, but if the patient is too uncomfortable, general anesthesia can also be used. After using anesthesia on the patient, the medical team starts to extract the hair follicles from the donor site. Once the surgeon takes enough hair follicles out, the medical team starts to implant them into the recipient area. Every single hair follicle is cautiously implanted according to their direction. This is why this surgery takes such a long time. However, the outcome is worth the wait. Since the medical team implants every single hair follicle cautiously, an appearance that mimics the original will occur. Patients can be sure that the FUE method provides the best results for patients who want a natural and unnoticeable outcome.

Can anyone get the FUE hair transplant?

Everyone who is above the consent age and is in general good health condition can get hair transplant surgery. However, patients who do not have enough healthy hair follicles that can be used on the recipient site should look for alternatives. The patient has to have a large area that contains healthy hair follicles. Furthermore, doctors commonly use the FUE technique on patients who have balding in spottings. This means, that patients suffer from a very large balding spot should consider getting FUT surgery. Apart from this, patients who have serious health conditions, such as staged cancer or heart problems, are not eligible. Since FUE surgery contains the usage of anesthesia, patients who already have an immune system may be at risk. An allergy-test before the surgery will help determine whether or not the patient is allergic to anesthesia. Blood-clots, infections, swelling, shock loss, etc. can always happen.

In short, FUE hair transplantation is a relatively new and satisfying surgery for most patients. Of course, complications can occur, but the side effects are very minimal. Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea are the most common side effects of anesthesia material. Apart from that, complications during recovery time are also possible. In order to prevent any damage, patients have to follow every instruction set by the doctor. Avoiding sunlight, hats, helmets, blood-thinning medications, heavy work, lifting, etc. are some of the precautions patients can take. If any kind of damage happens to the new hair follicles, the doctor should be contacted immediately. It is known that permanent damage can occur because of the intervention of the patient himself. In case of shock loss, the patient can either take supplements to prevent it or go through another session. Patients should feel free to contact their doctor with any kind of questions.