When Can I Exercise After Hair Transplant?

When Can I Exercise After Hair Transplant?

When Can I Exercise After Hair Transplant Sport can be an essential part of your life; however, you may have to take a break for a while after your the hair transplant. Exercising after hair transplantation can lead to various harms instead of revealing the benefits of sports.

Is Exercise Harmful After Hair Transplantation?

As you know, in hair transplantation surgery, hair follicles taken from the neck are placed in the channels opened in the transplantation area. Hair follicles transplanted into these channels do not hold on and adapt to their place. For these hair follicles to fully adapt, a certain period of time must pass and  the some conditions must be met.

Playing sports after hair transplantation; It can cause you to sweat, increase your heartbeat, increase blood pressure. Especially in the first 1-2 weeks, sweating may cause hair follicles to loosen and dislocate. Besides, your body will try to spend all its activities in this direction to regain the energy it spends after heavy sports.


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When Is a Walk After Hair Transplantation?

Walking is one of the best activities for your health. The people who walk half an hour a day in normal conditions, it was observed that healthy than other people. But you must be patient a few days after the plantation for a walk.

Of course, immediately after hair transplant surgery, there is no problem even if your walking; but long-standing walk-purpose sports activities performed, can cause damage to your newly transplanted hair. Hair transplant specialists, sporting walks, represents the hair transplant can be done after 1 week.

However, especially in the first week do you walk in, you should definitely be gentle pace, you should look, and certainly should not sweat. This sport has increased more than necessary during the moment you feel your heartbeat or sweating you should cut the sport and you should rest.

When Can Run After Hair Transplantation?

After the hair transplantation is the minimum time you need to wait for running 1 month. In particular, any kind of process in the first 15 days you will be tired and sweaty sports, you should stay away from exercise and activity.

When Is Football Played After Hair Transplantation?

Football is one of the most preferred sports of most interest to the men of their hair. Many men have become the habit of doing every week astroturf match. After hair is still far from the sight of the men who match hobbies, social life is affected a little bit.

But, unfortunately, to play football after plantation, you need to wait a long time to make the astroturf match. Football is a sport both too heavy and exhausting sweat. Especially in the business or throw the ball head when food is harmful after unwitting plantation to play football.


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2-3 weeks after planting your hair loss and shock poured. The emergence of hair would be the first 2-3 months after surgery. Before this period, your transplanted hair is in a sensitive period. Therefore, experts express that at least 3 months after the plantation should be expected to play football.

When To Do Swimming After Hair Transplantation?

Especially those hair plugs in the summer, for a time, the sea, may be forced to stay away from the pool and beach. after plantation land, sea or in swimming pools may also be several drawbacks. Especially not ensure the cleanliness of the water in the pool, there is a danger of infection of the scalp.

Of course, whether at sea after spending the time needed to wait, whether in the pool, swim in the river or lake if you want, it will not be any damage to your hair. Make sure you clean the water in the first month after planting hair is nothing wrong with your swimming pool. However, this type of swimming, swimming should be made for sport. You can enter the pool for months from October 1 to cool off after a delay. Hair Transplant Before and After Women

How Many Days After Hair Transplantation Can I Play Basketball or Volleyball?

Basketball is a hard and strenuous sport like soccer. A basketball ball that hits the hair roots in the planting zone may suffer serious damage. You must wait at least 2 months to play basketball after hair transplantation.

This waiting period applies in the same way for volleyball. You should also expect to play volleyball for two months.

Weight Lifting After Hair Transplantation

In particular, no weight lifting during the first 15 days. Remove objects that you should be in no lightness to force the scalp. If you are working in jobs that you have to lift weights, try to interrupt your work for at least 1 month.

The weight lifting you are talking about, weightlifting, etc. The sports equipment is a good idea to wait 2-3 months. as long as the hair follicles are most sensitive in this process it is the first 15 days.

Body Building Sport After Hair Transplantation

We know some of the negative sides of the break too long bodybuilding; However, believe that if you do not wait for the time you have to wait and continue bodybuilding immediately after hair transplantation, the damage you will see will be greater.

Bodybuilding, you have to lift the weight and the hair of the body to force each of you is a sport that can be done after 2-3 months. After the 1st month, you can do light bodybuilding until the 2nd month. However, the exercise will force you to wait for 2-3 months will be more healthy.

Cycling After the Hair Transplantation

When can I exercise after hair transplant?

Sporting made long cycling marathon, you will sweat both the first 1 months is not recommended because of the danger of shock to the head. Bike dominance may not always be the first. If you blow your head fell in the first two weeks, you may be faced with the danger of losing a portion of your transplanted hair. Therefore you wait one month after the plantation for bike rides will be better for you. When Can I Exercise After FUE Hair Transplant?