When Does Hair Grow After FUE

When Does Hair Grow After FUE

Are you looking for the answer to the “When Does Hair Grow After FUE?“? You are reading our article right.

Hair transplantation is the most effective surgical method developed against baldness. Studies on hair cloning are still ongoing. Until the end of these studies, people have many questions about hair transplantation, which is among the most effective methods. One of them is when the FUE hair transplanted will grow. Because those who experience hair loss may want to have the lush and healthy hair that everyone wants, in a shorter time. However, although hair transplantation is a definitive solution, it requires a certain process for the hair to regain its normal cycle.

Baldness is a kind of skin problem that particularly affects men. The condition of baldness caused by testosterone hormone is one of the problems that are now a remedy. There are dozens of different studies and different techniques applied in our country and in many parts of the world. Among these, the most commonly used are DHI, FUE, FUT and unshaved hair transplantation techniques. What distinguishes these techniques from each other is the equipment and technologies used.


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While needles are used in some of them, fine-tipped micro devices are preferred in others. However, on average, the process waiting for the patient does not change after each technique. Here are every details about the process that the patient is curious about after FUE hair transplantation.

A Few Weeks After Transplantation

In fact, a few weeks after transplantation is the week when the patient starts to recover. However, in the first days, the patient may be quite tired. The reason for this is local anesthesia and sedation taken during the application. Since the patient will be dizzy for the first few days due to these practices, it is recommended to rest. In addition, a few days after the sowing, crusting and itching will occur in the area in question. The patient should definitely not scratch the donor area and the transplanted area.

There are some vitamins prescribed by a specialist for everyone who has hair transplantation. These vitamins are especially important for the patient to recover quickly and regain the lost effort. These vitamins, which the patient takes under the control of the physician, should be used every day. In addition, the patient should definitely add foods such as meat, chicken, fish and eggs to their meals. If possible, he should avoid smoking and alcohol and take stress out of his life.

When Does the Transplanted Hair Begin to Grow?

Waiting for the process after hair transplantation makes patients impatient. However, it should not be forgotten that hair transplantation is one of the procedures that requires a certain amount of patience. Although it is focused on the exact solution, it may take 1 year for the patient to see that all of his hair grows.

The question of when the transplanted hair starts to grow can actually vary from person to person. There are dozens of different reasons for this. These;

  • The experience and expertise of the transplant doctor,
  • The strength of the hair follicles,
  • Planted area,
  • The person’s quality of life,
  • Nutrition and sleep patterns,
  • Whether the drugs are used regularly or not,
  • Whether the care that should be applied to the hair is done,

The better a person is fed, the more regularly he uses the vitamins given to him and the more he gives importance to hair care, the faster the hair transplanted after FUE will grow. Many patients do not use the medicines given to them daily after the operation. However, these medicines contain various vitamins for the growth of the transplanted hair follicles. For this reason, it is necessary not to go beyond the doctor’s advice. Hair Growth Stage After Hair Transplantation

Shock Shedding

Although shock loss is a very frightening process for patients, it is actually a very natural cycle. This shedding will begin 1 month after planting. All grafts transplanted in a few days will be shed. This is actually a normal process required for the transplanted grafts to regain their normal course. In fact, it is also called the first healing process.

How Does Transplanted Hair Grow Faster?

Of course, everyone wants their transplanted hair to grow quickly and to get rid of baldness. Because hair is a very important accessory for both men and women. It is stated by experts that the patient will accelerate the growth of the transplanted hair with a few steps that the patient will pay attention to after the transplantation. In addition, by paying attention to these steps, it can be ensured that the transplanted hair is permanent. Here are these steps;

  • Avoiding harmful habits such as smoking, alcohol, drugs,
  • Regularly applying the shampoo and solutions given by the doctor after the application,
  • Not to care with various cures or oils without the doctor’s advice, not to use shampoos that do not contain natural ingredients,
  • Avoid stress,
  • Regular and balanced, protein-based diet,
  • Not using hairspray or styling gel,
  • Using vitamin and mineral supplements that nourish the hair,

In fact, it is possible to say that another lifestyle awaits the patient after transplantation. However, it is extremely important to pay attention to these steps in order to speed up the healing process. In addition, another factor affecting the rate of hair growth is the donor area. In other words, if the nape is chosen as the donor area, the growth in the hair can be seen up to 1 year. However, if the donor area is outside the neck, arm, leg or chest, then the growth rate of the transplanted hair will vary. How Long After A Hair Transplant Will My Hair Grow?

Transplanted Hair Becomes Normal Cycle

In fact, the normal cycle of the transplanted hair means that the transplanted hair grows just like other hair and grows enough to require shaving. In addition, the thickening and healthy appearance of the transplanted hair is also in this natural process. The growth direction of the transplanted hair should be determined very well by the physician. Otherwise, there will be no natural appearance in the person’s hair.

The first recovery period of the patient ends with a shock spill. Afterwards, the transplanted hair grows up to 1 – 2 cm. However, this hair will appear dull and still dull. A period of approximately 1 year is needed for the hair follicles to become stronger. This is the part called the natural cycle or normal cycle. When this process is over, there will be integrity in the hair.