When does postpartum hair loss stop, how can hormone-related hair loss be prevented? It is inevitable to shed hungry during pregnancy. Because during this process, hormonal differences occur in women, and this causes serious hair loss. During the process, every expectant mother wants to protect her hair and prevent shedding. Although shedding before birth is not very frequent, serious hair loss can be seen after birth. At this point, women who want can put a stop to this situation by using various by-products. Examining the causes of hormonal shedding and the details of the factors will also support you at this point.

We have prepared answers to all your questions about hair loss and measures against postpartum hair loss. It is actually not as difficult as you think for a new mother’s hair to become old and healthy! By paying attention to simple pressing methods, you can make your hair stronger than before. Well, when does postpartum hair loss stop and what should I use? Here are the answers to all these questions you wonder…

What Causes Postpartum Hair Loss?

Pregnancy is a very different process for every woman. It would not be wrong to say that it is a period in which the body becomes quite different both physically and biologically. At this point, hair removal that occurs immediately after pregnancy is a result of these changes. Although it is not seen in every woman, many women can experience a serious hair loss after childbirth. The main reason for this is changes in hormones. In fact, some women do not experience any hair loss during pregnancy. However, between 2 and 6 months after birth, very serious spills may occur.


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New mothers who are faced with this situation wonder when the postpartum hair loss will stop. As we mentioned above, under normal conditions, post-pregnancy hair loss continues for almost two to six months. However, in healthy individuals, these hairs are replaced by a new one immediately. If your hair loss during pregnancy does not replace your hair, there may be different factors that cause hair loss. In this case, what are the underlying factors of hair loss and what should be considered?

What are the Causes of Hair Loss?

When does postpartum hair loss stop and what are the causes of non-natal hair loss during pregnancy? Hair loss may not always be due to birth. These spills can have different causes. In fact, it would not be wrong to say that hair loss is common in men or women due to genetic predisposition. In addition, hair loss can be seen as a result of wrong diet and wrong applications. Although it is necessary to give a comprehensive answer to the question of what causes hair loss;

Your hair may be shedding due to stress. Studies show that stress is very effective in hair loss

Unbalanced diet and lack of vitamins are also among the causes of hair loss

Again, incorrect treatments and heat treatments applied to the hair also trigger hair loss to a great extent

If you frequently wash your hair with hot or cold water, you should know that this also causes hair loss

Also, various chemical shampoos, care products and hair dyes also trigger shedding

It is known that the frequent use of harmful products such as alcohol and cigarettes also has an effect on hair loss

If you pay attention to these details during your pregnancy process, your hair will be less likely to fall out. In particular, we recommend that you take care of a balanced diet for both the health of your baby and the health of your hair and not to be without vitamins.

How to Prevent Hair Loss?

As we mentioned at the beginning of our content, it is possible to prevent hair loss. If you know the risk factors that trigger shedding, you can prevent your hair from falling out. We have explained these factors in detail above. If it is necessary to list some of the measures you can take against hair loss;

Find a way to remove stress from your life. For this, you can do sports or benefit from small exercises

Make sure to review your diet. Determine if you have a vitamin deficiency and adjust your balanced diet routine accordingly

Make sure to wash your hair with warm water at regular intervals

Make sure that the hair care products you use are as natural as possible

Research and try to use products such as shampoo against hair loss

If you cannot prevent your hair from falling out, consult a specialist

It would be appropriate to present these precautionary items to the question of when postpartum hair loss will stop. All these details should be taken into account, whether postpartum or prenatal. Having strong and healthy hair and preventing shedding is actually quite simple as we have mentioned here. Just a little more care and attention will help you. So, are there treatments against hair loss and if so, what are they?

What are Hair Loss Treatments?

We answered the question of when postpartum hair loss stops in detail. In addition, there may be times when the measures taken against hair loss are insufficient. In such cases, various factors play a role in the loss of your hair. These can only be determined by specialists in the field. If you think that your spills have reached the size of baldness and you can’t get enough of it, you need to consult a doctor immediately. Thanks to the developing medicine, there are now serious and effective treatments for hair loss. These hair treatments are using almost all over the world. Although it is necessary to list some of the most prominent hair treatments right away;

Hair mesotherapy application

PRP treatment

Hair transplant treatments

Hair treatment with laser

FDA-approved drug treatments for hair

Herbal product treatments

Almost all of these treatments give 100% results. However, the success of the doctor you choose for this is very decisive. If you find a specialist doctor and clinic, you can even find a solution to your hereditary hair problems. In Turkey, very famous doctors and clinics who have developed themselves in this branch provide service. It is possible to say that there are numerous alternatives, especially in the province of Istanbul. After a short search, you can find them immediately. So, what are the vegetable oils that are good for hair? Where to buy and how to use?

Which Oils Are Good for Hair Loss?

If you are wondering when postpartum hair loss will stop and you are looking for a solution, you can get support from herbal oils. Vegetable oils and products are very supportive in all areas of health. If you do not have a serious hair problem, but want to prevent hair loss, you can get support from these oils and products. There are many herbal hair oils on the market. Among these oil options, there are chemical ones that are sold as natural. We recommend that you pay attention to such details when purchasing.

Oils that are good for hair loss and their names

Garlic Oil is one of the most preferred oils in hair care. You can choose it for the renewal of your hair and the growth of new hair. It can be used by massaging the hair or mixing it with shampoo.

Olive oil is one of the oil options that plays an active role in the nutrition of the hair. If you want to have strong and voluminous hair, you definitely need to use it. However, it would be more beneficial to choose completely organic ones.

The benefits of Black Cumin Oil to the hair do not end with counting. It is recommended by experts to use it for better quality and healthy hair.

Again, rosemary oil is one of the natural oils known for its benefits for hair. It would not be wrong to say that it is one of the recommended age options, especially in hair loss treatments.

Applying Nettle Seed Oil to your hair is also very beneficial. While it provides nourishment to your hair, it also greatly helps in its growth.

It is also recommended to use Sweet Almond Oil. It is possible to use it to improve your hair health and prevent hair loss.

Castor Oil is also one of the organic oils that are good for many health problems and hair loss. It would not be wrong to say that it is a problem-free and professional hair care product.

Our use of “Sesame Oil” is also frequently recommended by hair care experts.

You can safely use all these natural vegetable oil options

It is especially recommended for women who say when the postpartum hair loss will stop. Do not miss the herbal product supports for the growth of new hair and the permanence of strong, voluminous hair. If you still think that there are problems in your hair that do not go away, you should definitely benefit from treatments. For this, you can immediately apply to a specialist hair doctor and start the most appropriate treatment after the necessary diagnosis.

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