Where Do They Get Hair Transplantation?

Where Do They Get Hair Transplantation?

Where do they get a hair transplant today? We will consider the issue. Success in hair transplantation is in the hands of the patient. Those who do sufficient research on hair transplantation before transplantation, those who compare hair transplant centers, those who know what should be considered before hair transplantation and those who know the rules to be followed after hair transplantation will have a healthier healing process; so they will have healthier hair.

Knowing from which part of the body the hair is taken from in hair transplantation will also contribute to you; Because the hair used in hair transplantation can be taken from more than one area and the area can be preferred according to the patient’s condition. When you know where the hair is taken from during hair transplantation, you can find the most suitable plan for yourself.

Where Are The Roots Taken From In Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation, also called hair transplant, is a procedure performed using one’s own hair; therefore, it is a completely natural application. The hair transplant operation, which takes an average of 8 hours, consists of two general stages: the removal of grafts, ie hair follicles, and the implantation of these hair follicles.


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In hair transplantation, the area where the hair follicle is taken is called the “donor area”. The bald area where the planting is made is called the ” planting area ”. The donor area is not a single area of ​​the body. From where the hair follicles used in hair transplantation are taken, that area is called the donor area. So, what are the regions used as donor areas? Where to get hair in hair transplantation?

Nape Area in Hair Transplantation

The nape area is the most suitable area to be used as a donor area in hair transplantation; Therefore, this area is chosen as the donor area unless there is a different situation. When it comes to the nape area, patients may think of the hairs in the neck area other than the back hair; However, the nape area used as a donor area is not this area.

The nape area starts from the border where the hair ends at the back and covers the hair slightly between the two ears. Of course, there are logical reasons why the nape area is a donor area in hair transplantation. First one; The hair in the nape area has the feature of not shedding; Therefore, the transplanted hair does not fall out and remains in the transplantation area for life. Latter; When the hair follicles are taken from here, there is no significant change in the aesthetic appearance.

Hair Transplantation from Beard Hair

One of the areas used as donor area in hair implant is the beard area. We previously explained the subject in the finest detail under the heading of beard hair implant. Hair implant is possible with beard hairs; As a matter of fact, many hair transplant doctors can make hair transplantation from beard hair if the nape area is insufficient.

In hair transplant with beard roots, the unused neck area of ​​the beard and the hair under the chin are generally used; therefore, it does not cause any aesthetic concern in the patient. However, for patients with dense beards, there is no harm in taking hair follicles from the cheeks. FUE Body Hair Transplant

Hair Transplantation from Armpit Hair

Although it is not widely used, it is also possible to do hair transplantation with the armpit. However, the structure of the bristles in this area causes the armpit not to be preferred; Because the hairs in this area are completely curly and there is no extension at the desired level.


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Breast Hair Transplant

Chest hair can also be used in hair transplant when necessary. However, while choosing the donor area in hair transplant, the characteristics of the hair follicles in that area are taken into account; because the region you have rooted from shows the characteristics of that region.

You will also appreciate that after the chest hair grows a little, it stops and does not grow. Here, in a hair transplant using chest hair, the transplanted hair will grow as long as the chest hair grows, and then it will stop. For patients who will use their hair short, chest hair may be suitable for crown hair transplant

Will There Be A Hair Transplant From Another?

Hair transplant is done by using the person’s own hair completely. In hair implant, someone else’s hair is not used. In some methods called artificial hair implant, someone else’s hair is also used, but the life of these hair is not long and the hair falls out after a short time.

The reason why hair implant is kept so much is that the procedure is natural, that is, it is done with the person’s own hair and does not have any side effects.

Does The Area Where The Hairs Are Removed In Hair Transplant Remain Bald?

When the donor area is the nape or beard area, these areas are not completely bald. Root is taken only as much as necessary, and the donor area does not become bald because these roots are taken from between. However, when the number of grafts taken is high, of course there will be a slight dilution in the area. However, it does not bother the patient because the hair will grow rapidly and the sparseness is camouflaged. Beard Implant Before and After

Will Hair Grow Again In The Area Where Hair Was Taken In Hair Transplant?

In hair transplantation, hair does not grow again in the area where the hair is taken. For example, when a hair follicle is removed in the neck area, a new hair does not grow in place of that hair follicle. A dilution occurs as much as the number of grafts taken. However, as we said, this does not affect you much, as not all hair in the nape area is removed.

Hair Transplant Using FUE Technique

Hair implant, which is performed with the FUE method, which stands for Follicular Unit Extraction, is performed on the patient under local anesthesia. The hair to be used in this treatment method is carried out by using the hair follicles in the nape area behind the two ears. The removal of these hair follicles is carried out with the help of a micro motor. Each hair follicle taken individually is placed in the specified balding areas, in accordance with the direction of hair growth and the angle of exit.