Who Does Celebrity Hair Transplants?

Who does celebrity hair transplants?

One of the most common problems today is hair loss. Hair loss is a problem that everyone is uncomfortable with, regardless of whether they are men or women. However, this problem is more common in men. For this reason, mostly, men prefer hair transplantation. Another group of people that prefer this operation is celebrities. Since they spend a great time in front of the camera and public, they want to keep their images intact. But who does celebrity hair transplants?

Although most patients have hair transplantation due to aesthetic concerns, it is actually a serious medical operation. During the operation, surgeons give patients local anesthesia. As each patient has different reasons for hair loss, the process after hair transplantation also varies according to the individual. If the patient follows instructions during their healing process, the recovery will be fast and easy.

Today, hair transplantation is a very easily accessible treatment method. However, not only the operation but also after the operation is as important as the operation. The first day after the operation is very important. During the first days after the operation, patients should stay home and rest. It is necessary to protect the hair transplanted area from any external factors.


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Who Does Celebrity Hair Transplants And Who Can Have Hair Transplantation?

Celebrities who suffer from hair loss problems might want to have hair transplantation. But who does celebrity hair transplants?

Hair loss problems might be due to genetic reasons, stress, environmental factors, hormonal issues, and accidents. The person who suffers from hair loss must have the number of grafts required for transplantation. Hair transplantation can also be applied to people who are born without hair. Sometimes, the patient does not have enough number of grafts in the head area. In this case, surgeons extract hair follicles from various parts of the body. These parts may include the neck, back, chest, genital area.

Patients with active hair loss that have reached a certain level of openness are more suitable for hair transplantation. In addition to hair loss and openness problems, other diseases also affect the suitability for hair transplantation.

Some celebrities who are suitable for such an operation might have a hair transplant. But who decides whether they are? Who do celebrities consult and who does celebrity hair transplants? What is the success rate of this operation?

The success rate of hair transplantation decreases in people with diseases such as eczema and psoriasis. Before the procedure, patients should consult a dermatologist. This way the patient can undergo treatment and the area can be ready for hair transplantation.

The type of hair loss plays a decisive role in the hair transplant process. If the scalp is visible to the naked eye, it means that the hair density in that area has fallen approximately 50% below the rate it should be. In short, there’s no specific age limit for hair transplants.

Although it’s a life-long process, the rate of hair loss slows down after the age of 40. For this reason, hair loss might continue after hair transplantation in people under the age of 40. Therefore, the patient may need a few more sessions. 

So, who do celebrities go to and who does celebrity hair transplants?

Who Does Celebrity Hair Transplants?

Appearance is crucial for people who are always in front of the screen. Hair is the most important thing for a person in terms of appearance. For this reason, many people who are constantly in front of the camera might prefer hair transplantation. 

These people, like many of us, search for surgeons. They consult them about their situation. After deciding that they’re suitable for the operation they have the transplant.

You may wonder what celebrities have had a hair transplant. More celebrities than you thought may have had this operation. Some celebrities who have had a hair transplant include Billy Bob Thorton, Brendan Fraser, David Beckham, Dennis Miller, Elton John. George Clooney, Jimmy Kimmel, Jude Law, Robbie Williams, Tom Arnold, Tom Hanks, and Wayne Rooney have also had the surgery. 

Who Does Celebrity Hair Transplants and What Do Patients Experience After?

We answered the question “who does celebrity hair transplants”. So, what do patients experience after the surgery?

During the transplant, redness and crusting occur in the pores opened in the treated area. These crusts are totally normal and they shed within 15 days. During these days, patients shouldn’t touch the crusted area.

Scabs will shed spontaneously within 15 days. However, if the scabs do not shed on their own, the patient should consult their doctor. 

For washing the hair, the doctor recommends a special care lotion. This lotion helps soften the crusts. The patient increases the blood circulation in this area by massaging the hair, allowing the hair to grow faster.Celebrity Hair Plugs 

After the hair transplant operation, hair loss, along with the loss of scabs, is observed in most patients. This effect is normal. This condition is observed from the second week after the hair transplant operation and is called the “shock shedding phase”.

We answered the question “who does celebrity hair transplants”. But what is the shock shedding phase?

In the shock shedding phase, the transplanted hair follicles do not fall out. In order to open the area where the newly planted hair follicles will grow, the shock shedding phase must be experienced. Hair loss will decrease from the second month and will be completely cut in the third month.

Who Does Celebrity Hair Transplants and Hair Care after the Transplant

There is no need to apply any special care for hair transplantation after the operation. After hair transplantation, the patient should be very careful in the first washing and scab procedures. The patient can perform the first wash at home, with the direction of the doctor. It is essential not to apply any pressure to the scalp during this process. They also should protect their head against external factors such as wind, dust, rain, especially sunlight. 

We tried explaining your questions “who does celebrity hair transplants” and “who can have hair transplantation”. If you are interested in hair transplants you can consult our clinic via Whatsapp or Video Call. Celebrity Hair Transplants Before And After