Who Invented FUE Hair Transplant?

Who Invented FUE Hair Transplant?

Who Invented FUE Hair Transplant? A hair transplant has a deep history. Most people think it is a new kind of medical and cosmetic operation. But, it has been done more than you think. Basically, Hair transplantation is the transportation of hair follicles taken from the breast, leg-arm, genital zone, especially from the back of the head, to the area where the hair is lost. The more preferred zone in hair transplantation is hair back of the head. The modern hair transplant method was used for eyebrow and eyelash transplantation in Japan in the 1930s. But, it wasn’t used for hair transplants. Until the end of WW2, the world did not know anything about Japan achieved such kind of thing. The first hair transplant news of the modern era was heard in New York in the 1950s when dermatologist Orentreich started hair transplantation on males.

Actually, people were thinking that hair can not grow properly after transplanting. But, Orentreich did a great job after his experiments. For twenty years surgeons worked on hair grafting, but they were not very successful. In the 1980s, Brazilian Uebel began to use hair transplantation, albeit on a small scale, and the method began to be heard. And it became popular when Rassman from the USA transplanted thousands of hair follicles at a time with the microsurgery method. The hair transplant and transplanting methods were developing. But, they were not enough. Like always, people needed and searched for perfection. In 1988, good news came from the birthplace of hair transplanting. From Japan… Who Invented Fue Hair Transplant?

Invention and history of FUE hair transplantation

The FUE method, which was first introduced in Japan in 1988 by Masumi Inaba, gradually began to find a place in the medical world. It took its place in the medical literature in 2002 thanks to William R. Rassman and Robert M. Bernstein. In 2007, . The robotic FUE hair transplantation method has been developed by David Berman and Dr. Miquen G. Canales. FUE hair transplantation method forms the basis of robotic hair transplantation. In the FUE method,  hair follicles are taken one by one from the donor area between the two ears on the back of the head.


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Before the hair is removed from the donor area, local anesthesia is applied to the area to avoid pain. Grafts (hair follicles) collected from the donor area are implanted one by one in the area to be transplanted. FUE hair transplantation has changed a lot from when it was first described. Today, p-FUE with micromotor has replaced the first described technique. FUE technique is now rarely performed with biopsy needles, which we call punch, in appropriate cases.

In this technique, no-stitch marks are left on the neck. The hair transplanted at the end of an average of 1 year will regain its health and strength in the new area. As a result of the use of micromotors in the FUE hair transplant technique, the root transaction rates have dropped down to 1% today. Although its use is becoming more common in the world, it requires technical skills. Due to the success rate and the strong hair follicles taken from the donor area, your hair will not fall out after transplantation.

The FUE method has a very important place in the hair transplanting world. It needs delicate working on the head. Doctors must be experienced. And the clinics must be good at their job. Fue is still an increasing method. We learned the history of the FUE hair transplanting method. Let’s talk about the method now. How it is done? Where it is done? Done by who?

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method

Hair transplantation with the Follicular Unit Extraction method is the process of removing hair unit one by one without a linear incision. The apparatus at the end of the Punch Biopsy pen is connected to a motor and the speed of the motor can be adjusted as desired. The thickness of the tips is changed and tips with the desired lumen diameter are attached according to the donor area. Of course, the only advantage of the Fue engine is not just when it delivers. In addition, the texture depth can be standardized as desired thanks to the engine, which eliminates the need to control the tissue depth continuously. Again, thanks to the Fue Engine, grafts can be taken at more frequent intervals and more grafts can be removed from the area taken with the motor compared to the same amount of field scanning. Can FUE Hair Transplant Is Fail?

Another advantage of the motor is that it is less likely to split grafts with multiple roots, ie 2-3 or even 4 roots, in other words, the success of the follicular unit to maintain its integrity is higher. For these reasons, it can be said that hair transplantation has turned into a more comfortable operation thanks to the Fue Engine. The FUE method is commonly used and demanded. Researchers are trying to find new ways for developing this method. In a near future, it will be easier and applied in a more technological way. We can say that the Fue method will always be trendy.

The FUE method is the last technique used since 2004. Since it is a technique that is open to technological developments, it benefits more from the blessings of technology every day. There is no need to spend extra time separating the roots. The patient is discharged with a casual hat without a bandage on her/his head. The patient is able to do office work the next day. It is possible for the patient to return to work immediately after the first wash (approximately 36 hours later).


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FUE is convenient for multiple sessions and multiple grafts. Since there are no stitches, only 3 days of dressing is sufficient in the FUE technique instead of dressing times of about 15 days. Now, you know everything about the FUE hair transplanting method. Even its history. If you plan to have a hair transplant, you should consider the FUE way. And, you must contact us for all the questions you want to ask. Please contact us via the options on our site. Have a healthy day. Who Invented FUE Hair Transplant?