Why Preferring the FUE Method?

Why Preferring the FUE Method?

Why Preferring the FUE Method? Have you realized that you are experiencing hair loss recently and you don’t know what are the reasons, what-to-do? We will give broad information about hair loss in this text. So if you are the victim of hair loss, do not pass this article! You will get your old hair back after our suggested solutions!

Reasons for Hair Loss and Basic Solutions…

Of course, there are various causes of hair loss. Hair loss can happen due to internal reasons or external reasons. If we would explain internal reasons, we could say these are hormones, vitamins, diabetes, etc. In other words, these are the ones associated with our sense of well-being. Especially the hormones and vitamins are the staple stuff of hair. On the condition that you are lack of these, your hair will start not to grow, then fall. The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about this cause is that we may take supplemental pills. Yes, that’s right. You can also have a healthy diet full of meat for iron, various vegetables, and fruits, etc. 

If you have diabetes, you must try to both observe and maintain your blood sugar level. If you don’t, you will indirectly damage your hair irreversibly. That is to say, so as not to be regretful in the future because of hair loss, you ought to put some importance on this subject. Here are the first steps of getting rid of hair loss and get your old hair back. 


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What if your hair loss caused by external reasons?

You may have a pretty healthy metabolism, and you may still have been experiencing hair loss. Don’t worry! It is not impossible to fix. Hair loss is also caused by external reasons such as stress, bad eating habits, COVID-19, etc. As we all know, tension is an inevitable feeling for us when considering the world we live in. Especially after the pandemic, the existential stress level of our lives has increased. In other words, the more increment in stress, the more hair loss cases. Besides, if you come down with COVID-19, your metabolism is affected adversely. To get rid of this COVID disease, you ought to use some medications. 

These medications are as strong as to affect your hair follicles and may lead to hair loss. Another result of COVID-19, also another reason for hair loss is heat caused by the COVID virus itself. Besides, your hair roots can be influenced by your diet, as we mentioned before. For instance, consuming too much junk food leads to hair loss, because there is not any nutrition or vitamins in them. In brief, you must consume more nutritional and healthy food. 

If you are looking for a permanent solution: Hair Transplantation!

As hair loss is a substantial disease that may lead to mental disorders, people have been trying to find a permanent solution for it since early ages. In this article, we want to inform you about the most preferred and affordable techniques for an average person, in other words, these techniques are convenient for everyone.

The Miraculous Invention

In 1822, the first hair transplantation surgery was found and operated by Diegonbach. This event passed into history as the first hair transplantation in the world. Along with this new treatment method, people experiencing hair loss started being hopeful about getting their old hair back. It was just like a miracle for them! You can get your hair back with this method! However, techniques invented in this era were not modern enough. As time passed, technology has been advanced, and thanks to advancements in technology, various hair transplantation techniques started to being used. In 1952, modern techniques began to be used by experts. These -not so- modern techniques are stretching your scalp, macrograph, and flapping. These were pretty scary in the first place, and they had lots of disadvantages. 

For instance, it is impossible not having cicatrixes after stretching your scalp. In the flapping method, your hair scalp was removed and stitched to the area having hair loss. So, it leads to an unesthetic appearance on the head. For that reason, this technique was not preferred by many people because of this reason.

The technique not causing cicatrixes: The FUT Technique

After all the old-fashioned techniques, FUT, Follicles Unit Transplantation was invented, and it was the most similar thing that comes to mind when talking about hair transplantation. In this operation, your scalp having hair loss gets anesthetized, and you don’t feel any pain for the rest of the surgery. Your hair follicles are gathered and get prepared for the transplantation process. Your scalp gets stitched so as not to have cicatrix after planting of your hair roots. However, there is a possibility of having cicatrix after surgery. The recovery span is longer than the other modern techniques, and you must be careful while doing anything. Because of these reasons, the cost of this technique is not so high as other techniques. If you want to learn the price, you can contact us via WhatsApp. Feel free to ask every question in your mind! Hair Transplant Cost Turkey

The best technique of all: The FUE Technique

Why Preferring the FUE Method? Due to the new technological advancements, experts have begun to use more modern techniques, and one of them is the FUE, Follicles Unit Extraction, technique. In this process, you won’t feel any ache while surgery, again, because you will get anesthetized locally. Besides, there is no cutting in this, which means you won’t have cicatrixes after surgery. The recovery span is moderate and best for your scalp. Along with all these advantages, its price is affordable for any person, when comparing them with other techniques. It is the best option with its price and opportunities for it. If you need further information about this technique and the cost of it, you can reach us via WhatsApp, telephone or video call.

Our Hospital: The best one in hair transplantation in Turkey!

With our experienced and famous doctors in their field, we can ensure you that you will look like you haven’t experienced hair loss before. Besides, our prices are the most affordable ones in Turkey.

You ought to think twice before choosing the hospital for surgery, and we can give you information as much as you want.

Don’t let hair loss become a nightmare of your life! Consider the opportunities our hospital provides. Why Preferring the FUE Method? Can I Use Hair Fibers After Hair Transplant?

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