Eyebrow Hair Implants and Surgery Prices

Eyebrow Hair Implants and Surgery Prices

Eyebrow Hair Implants and Surgery Prices Eyebrows are the most underrated part of our faces. They can change our faces drastically with just a few alterations. Without eyebrows, it would be hard to express our emotions through our faces. There are so many people, especially women, spend a big sum of money to get that natural and thick eyebrow look. There is a solution to get your dream eyebrows without having to draw them on or fill them in every single day. Getting eyebrow hair implants can be the thing you need. Your daily makeup routine will be so much shorter, and you will have more time on your hands. This article will help you decide if this is what you need in your life and learn about surgery prices.

Eyebrow hair implants

There may be many ways to achieve your dream eyebrow look, the most natural way is to have actual eyebrows. Eyebrow hair implants can help you with that. Eyebrow hair implantation surgery may only have been around for 30 years it is known to be effective. If you have overplucked your eyebrows, burnt them or they fell off due to genetics you can be qualified for surgery. Of course, you have to consult a doctor to learn If you are eligible or not. To achieve that luscious brow look surgeon will shave an area on your head. They will extract a piece from your scalp and add hair follicles to your eyebrow area. This technique is called Follicular Unit Extraction, FUE in short. It is the most common and effective method for eyebrow hair implants. Depending on technique the price of the surgery can change.

Follicular Unit Extraction surgery lasts 2-3 hours therefore it is not a long procedure compared to the hair implant surgery. Thanks to the local anesthesia this procedure is painless however after the surgery your doctor might prescribe some painkillers. Apart from painkillers, your doctor may prescribe some other medicine which can increase the price of your treatment. There are other techniques to do eyebrow hair implantation surgery but for the time being FUE is the most effective one. After surgery, some of the newly planted eyebrows may fall off and this is completely normal. A few weeks later falling will stop. In the next few months, you will see the results of this surgery. Newly planted eyebrow hair will start appearing and they will match the existing eyebrow hair perfectly. All you have to do is to listen to the doctor’s order for the next month.

Pros and cons of the eyebrow hair implantation surgery

If you think you have thin eyebrows and you spend too much time filling them in, eyebrow hair implantation surgery might be the thing you need. It gives you fuller eyebrows with a short surgical operation. It only lasts 2-3 hours and after the surgery, you are free to go home. After the surgery, you won’t have to pay for eyebrow products anymore. It will shorten your morning routine since you will not have to draw your eyebrows anymore. In long term, you will spend less money and have more time on your hands. This surgery may cost now but not buying eyebrow products will save you money. Most importantly, it has a very high success rate. Most of the implanted hair will grow back. They will look so natural that no one will know you had surgery.

Just like every other cosmetic surgery, eyebrow hair implantation surgery has its cons. First thing you need to know is that they use hair to do this procedure. Unlike eyebrows, hair does not stop growing. You should trim your eyebrows regularly to stop them from being too long. The second con is the aftercare. After the surgery your eyebrows will swell, they will be itchy. The redness may also cause some inconvenience for your daily life. Luckily, those problems will disappear after a few days. Still, you can’t go back to your daily activities until your doctor allows you to. Also, it is not permitted to shower and physical activities are forbidden for the next few weeks. Another one of the cons is the price. You have to pay for not only the surgery and the doctor but also the medications. You might have to buy painkillers and antibiotics.


You might find yourself asking “How much it is to get eyebrow hair implants?” a lot while thinking of surgery. We will guide you so you can find a good place for surgery that you can afford. Eyebrow hair implants can be quite costly but if you do your research well you can get it done for a cheaper price. Since it is a cosmetic procedure insurance does not cover it. Also, the medications can be expensive as well. Prices can change between countries, doctors. Even different techniques can have different prices. So far, the most expensive technique is Follicular Unit Extraction. It has the highest success rate therefore it is explainable why it is the most expensive. Also getting it done in countries such as America can be quite expensive as well.

To get a cheaper price most people prefer to change countries. With both travel and surgical expenses, it can be cheaper than getting it done in your country. Most people prefer to get eyebrow hair implant surgery in Turkey. There are many reasons for that. First of all, it offers the cheapest price for this surgery. Also, there are many well known doctors and surgeons who do this surgery. When both skill and price combine it has become a popular spot for eyebrow hair implant and other implantation surgeries. Travel expenses are also a reason for Turkey being popular. It has cheap travel options and cheap hotels you can stay in while recovery. With a little research, you can find where you want to get this surgery done. If you want to get more information and a price for this surgery you can contact us. Eyebrow Hair Implants and Surgery Prices

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