Facial Hair Transplant Reviews, Facial Hair Transplant Reviews

Facial Hair Transplant Reviews

Facial hair transplant reviews from Africa

Zakariyya Farhan / 48 / Egypt

Facial Hair Transplant Reviews As I got older, I noticed that my beards became thinner. This situation started to bother me. I started reading facial hair transplant reviews on the internet and I saw that Turkey is quite famous worldwide. Frankly, I was not sure and contacted directly. They were really interested, and I said that I would both take a touristic trip and remove the thinness of my beards. There has been very little worth the money I gave until this time, this operation is one of them, I would definitely recommend it for those who think.

Zuberi Aadan / 37 / Tanzania

For a man, a beard is really important and helps him stand out around him. If your beards are not thick, this can lower your self-esteem. And I was one of those who wanted my beards to be thicker. I used many serums and medicines for this, but I did not see any benefit. I learned that this process is professionally done by expert surgeons in Turkey. I read facial hair transplant reviews to be sure. Many people who did it were very satisfied, and the process was relatively easy. I had it done, and I was convinced it was one of the best decisions in my life. If you think that I would recommend taking your mind off other countries from Turkey.

Facial Hair Transplant Reviews From Europe

Loup Albin / 33 / France

It can be said that a beard is a very important accessory for men in order to attract the attention of women, that is, a man’s make-up. My beards have also been thin since I was born, and I wanted to have thick hair. For many years, my friends were making fun of my sparse beards from time to time. So, I decided to have facial hair transplanted and started reading facial hair transplanted reviews. I saw that there were many different techniques and I was confused. The only thing that was clear was that my head the operations carried out in Turkey the best. Later, I contacted a clinic through a Turkish friend I met on Erasmus. I was informed in detail about the operation process. I can’t say the process is very easy, but I can say it was worth it in the end.

Arístides Erasmo / 32 / Spain

I am very obsessed with facial hair and eventually, my beard started to fall out. I immediately began looking for the solution for this and I started reading the facial hair transplant reviews. I saw that Turkey has specialized in this area. Later I planned a visit there. I saw that Turkish surgeons are very good at this and use the best techniques. I have to say that a lot of attention was paid from the beginning to the end of the process. Moreover, traveling around Istanbul is like a bonus of a hair transplant. Really thank you so much.

Facial hair transplant reviews from Balkans

Bratislav Natalija / 41 / Serbia

I spent my teenage years looking at the thick facial hair of my other friends. I dreamed of being with many women, but my hair was causing my self-esteem below. A friend of mine was going to continually visit Turkey, maybe there is a knowledge I asked him. I started reading facial hair transplant reviews and I saw that those who had this procedure were really satisfied. Since I wanted to relive my youth, which I could not live, I decided to have this operation. There were some pretty cheap packages and I bought one. I must say that my Turkish friend helped me a lot in this regard. The process went very well, I just got it done and I am satisfied at this stage. I will share the process with you in the future.

Facial hair transplant reviews from Far-East

Agus Utari / 32 / Indonesia

My facial hair was pretty low, and this was starting to bother me. I started using a few serums and medications. My facial hair loss was reduced, but there was very little remaining facial hair, which was making me feel depressed. Afterward, I decided to facial hair transplant, I learned that because of the latest technological tools used in Turkey. This was one of the most important factors in making this decision. Then I contacted a clinic in Istanbul, and they were very professional and interested. They helped me from where I would stay at places to visit if I wanted.

I did not expect that much attention. I cannot say that the facial hair transplant process is very easy. Especially a few days after the facial hair transplant, it was a very bad image, which really depressed my mood. I realized how sad it would be to be completely beardless. A lot has changed in the past 6 months, my facial hair has started to get stronger and it has started to look better. I can say that I have experienced a great change compared to my previous facial hair.

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