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Does a patient suffer from any pain after the treatment ?

Due to using a long-released local anesthesia, there will be no pain after treatment.

What may any patient expect from an hair transplantation ?

The expectation for a hair transplant should be realistic. The patient expectation and the appearance to be obtained are important. Therefore, it is a condition to provide parallelism for the person who will have hair transplantation. Pictures of patients who have undergone a transplantation are a good reference for what may be expected. Topics such as the numbers of grafts should be clearly specified and the factors relating to the person (hair color, hair fiber thickness, amount of the hairless area and etc.) should be discussed in detail.

What is the maximum number of grafts that can be transplanted during one session?

This depends one two main aspects. The donor area where the grafts are extracted and the need of a patient. Patients with a strong donor area offer opportunity to extract 3.500 – 5.000 grafts during once treatment. A patients individual need will determine ultimately the amount of grafts that are actually extracted and planted.

When can I have a haircut after hair transplantation ?

It is possible to have a haircut after one month. The transplanted hairs should be cut with a scissor. Other areas may be cut with a machine is wished.

What anaesthetic method is used in hair transplantation ?

It is by use of local anaesthesia at the donor and treatment zones allowing the patient to undergo a pain free and comfortable transplantation. The patient is fully awake during the treatment.

When will the newly transplanted hairs start to grow ?

The newly transplanted hair will start to grow after 3 months.

How long does a hair transplantation procedure take ?

It takes on average between 6 and 8 hours.

Is any scar remaining in the area where the hair roots were extracted ?

Due to the extraction of the hair roots individually and equal extraction from the donor area no scars remained.

Is it necessary to shave the hair shirt for a hair transplant ?

In case of a hairless area being too large it is a must to shave the head short in order to extract a high number of grafts. In cases of a thin hair problem, problems with only the front hair line or top of head it is possible to perform the transplant without shaving or cutting the hair.

When can hairs be dyed again after a hair transplant ?

The hairs can be dyed again after 6 weeks.

Will transplantated hair results look completely natural ?

The transplanted hairs are a patient’s own hair and look therefore absolutely natural.

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