FUE Hair Transplant Reviews

FUE Hair Transplant Reviews

FUE hair transplant reviews from Africa

Sherif Ahmad / 35 / Egypt

FUE Hair Transplant Reviews I had a hair transplant with this method 1 month ago. I read many fue hair transplant reviews on the internet. First of all, it is not a simple process as it is written on the internet or as doctors usually say. So, you can’t get it done today and go to work tomorrow. It has some difficulties. First, you are in the clinic from morning to night on the day you have the procedure.

Hair Transplant Process

My procedure started at 9.30 and I left the clinic at 11 pm. You are lying in bed during the hair transplant, they are working on your head. This is serious teamwork. Beware, the doctor should be under constant supervision during the procedure. This episode is incredibly boring.

First of all, they make anesthetic injections to the head, this needle pain is not very important. After 8-9 injections, your head goes numb. Then you feel no pain. There is a piercing device, it pierces the root from the back of the hair and above the ear areas. You don’t feel it at all, it doesn’t hurt. This donor taking and transplantation job is painless but very tedious. It takes about 4-5 hours and you wait without doing anything while lying down. They collect these roots in sterile liquid according to the number of roots.

When all the roots to be transplanted into the hair are removed, the hair transplantation process is started, paying attention to the exit angles of the existing hair follicles on the head ((most places do not pay attention to this, so the transplanted hair grows at different angles)), they make small holes in the hairless spots with a cutting tool. Contrary to popular belief, this procedure does not cause any pain. According to how many hair follicles will be transplanted, the number of holes is drilled, they count them one by one while opening them.

Some of the grafts to be transplanted have 2 roots, some have 3 roots, and some have a single root. I said above, just because they are collecting these roots, they collect single ones, double ones, triple ones separately.

When transplanting hair into the holes, they transplant hair from these triple roots to the gaps completely, they transplant hair from these triple roots to the areas with existing hair in the vicinity, single, slightly distant from the double ones. This part is the most difficult part for the person who does the hair transplantation job. There is no pain or other feeling for the hair transplant recipient, you are just bored. After the hair transplant is over, you cannot move your head. So, you will either sleep on the sofa, or you will lie down, trusting your subconscious mind. Those fluids given at night are leaking beautifully, bloody on the pillow. Surprisingly, the areas where the hair is removed heal completely in 2 days.

I had this done in a clinic in Istanbul, the fue hair transplant reviews I read were effective. I really recommend it because, at the end of the 10th month, many people noticed the change in me, but they didn’t realize it was about my hair.

FUE hair transplant reviews from Europe

Virgilio Lorenzo / 34 / Spain

While researching the topic of hair transplantation, I read many comments about FUE hair transplant reviews. I already had thought about hair transplantation and I acted. It was a place where I was not very foreign in terms of geography. I also had a plan to go so I decided to go. I made an appointment at a clinic for hair transplantation and started the process. Before transplanting the hair, follicles are taken from me in hair transplantation, a channel was opened in the area to be transplanted. The follicles taken at a right angle and by the hair I have were placed in the opened channels. In this way, it was aimed to create a natural image.

After a 5-hour process, the process was completed. After the hair transplant procedures are completed, the medical treatment recommended by the physician is applied; Transplanted hair follicles were expected to fall out. In this process, the planted area is also protected by bandaging. In general, there is a recovery period of 6 to 8 months, after that, I would say the look really changed a lot.

FUE Hair Transplant Reviews From Far-East

Arman Nurislam / 29 / Kazakhstan

While reading the FUE hair transplant reviews, I learned that it is the most up-to-date and commonly used method in hair transplant treatment. Compared to the FUT or scalp transfer used before, it was a method that was much less tiring for the patient and the healthcare personnel.

With the FUE technique, grafts taken from the back of the neck and behind the ear are placed through the channels opened by the surgeon to the places where they want to be transplanted. I have learned that the hair follicles on the nape are not as sensitive to testosterone as the hair in the spilled parts and therefore they will not fall out easily. learned that there are very good experts doing this job in Istanbul and I decided to go. I am really happy with the result; the Turks are specialized in this.

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