Hair Implant and Hair Implantation Prices, Hair Implant and Hair Implantation Prices

Hair Implant and Hair Implantation Prices

Hair Implant and Hair Implantation Prices Being young and looking good is a sure good thing but we do not appreciate it as much as we should while we are young and actually have hair. And when we slowly start losing them, we always want them back. Some people actually can feel young, feel confident, and look good with hair implantation, but one thing we should consider is how much does it cost to get hair implants. The prices vary from country to country or city to city but in this article, we are going to show you the best places to get your hair implants for very cheap prices. But first, let’s see what are hair implants, where you can get them, the pros and cons, and the pricing.

What are hair implants?

Hair implants are tiny hair follicles that are removed from one body part such as the chest, arm, back, back of the head, to implant the desired area on the head, and especially the hair area. This operation especially is done to men as hair loss is more common in men than it is in women. Men prefer hair implants because the hair usually looks very natural as they are his own hairs and they can obtain their old look very easily with hair implantation. As the prices are not very high, this operation is very accessible and they can gain their confidence with their new hair. There are some side effects to this operation and one of them is losing hair very abruptly.

After the surgery, there is a common thing known as “shock loss” but this is a temporary thing so it is nothing to be afraid of. Some people feel embarrassed about getting hair implants and make a big deal out of it but it is a very natural and normal thing to want your hairs back so this is nothing to be afraid of. This operation is very common among the middle east men, and hundreds of men come from the middle east to Turkey every year to fix their hair problems and turn back to their country with brand new hairs. Hair implantation is usually performed in winter as the operated area should not be out in the sun very long because it can cause irritation to the skin. Let’s see the good sides and bad sides of hair implantation in the next paragraph.

Hair Implantation: Pros and Cons.

There are two important pros of Hair Implantation. Firstly, it is like a dream come true for people who suffer from hair thinning or baldness in general. When you think about how much does it cost to get hair implants in those countries mentioned in the next paragraph, nothing is stopping you from getting your hairs back and gaining your confidence. Secondly, hair implantation itself is not harmful when it is performed by experts in the area in a hygienic environment.

When it comes to Cons of Hair implantation, there are a few of them. First of all, you may feel some itchiness and burning on the surface of your head but you should not touch it or scratch it at all as you may cause bleeding. Secondly, after the operation, you can feel edema there but it is due to the hair implantation on your head as it is a sensitive area. But do not worry it is also temporary.

Price of Hair Implantation

Thirdly, you probably will feel itchiness there and you may want to scratch the area but this can cause very big problems such as infections and bleeding. You have to be really careful about this one especially. Lastly, if the doctor who performs the surgery is not an expert in his/her area, he/she can bring many risks to the table. You should also refrain from getting this hair implantation from very cheap places-lower than the usual prices as the price of hair implantation does not vary that much in a country.

You would not want to lose all of your hair all at once while trying to get them back. Some last mentions are, if the hair implantation is not correctly done, hairs can grow the opposite way and this may cause a very unaesthetic appearance. And you should wash your hair accordingly to your doctors as washing your new hair wrongly can damage the area that has been operated on very badly.

Where you can get Hair Implantation?

Places you can get your hair implantation surgery is in variety as how much does it costs to have hair implants changes. First, you have to decide where you want your operation to be realized. You have to choose a place that is reliable and operates according to ethics and morals. It should also be low-cost. When you think about a place like this, the first thing that pops into mind is Turkey. Turkey has the lowest hair implantation prices when it is compared to those in Europe and The USA and the highest rates of success in those operations and due to those reasons, it is highly preferred by people who want to have hair implants. The prices change in Turkey as well according to the chosen procedure.

The FUT Procedure

These procedures are the FUT (follicular unit transplant) and the FUE (follicular unit extraction). The major difference between them is when the hair implantation is performed with the FUT procedure, a hair transplant surgeon removes a very narrow piece from which individual hair follicles are going to be extracted and transferred to the patient. Whereas for the FUE, each follicle is extracted from the chosen area and transplanted to the desired place in the head. Which type of Hair transplantation is going to be performed depends on a variety of factors, however, in Turkey, most hair transplant clinics offer both solutions. After Turkey comes Lithuania and hair implantation is also really cheap here and that’s merely the reason people choose this country as well. If you want to learn how much does it cost to get hair implants, contact us via email. Hair Implant and Hair Implantation Prices

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