Hair Transplant Cost In Turkey 2019, Hair Transplant Cost In Turkey 2019

Hair Transplant Cost In Turkey 2019

Hair Transplant Cost In Turkey 2019 Hair loss affects the person psychologically. It even lowers one’s self-confidence and makes it more passive in social situations. Therefore, people have hair transplantation and get a younger appearance. Also, thanks to hair transplantation, self-confidence increases, and you become more active in social situations.

Especially permanent hair loss is a massive problem for the person. Hair transplantation is the only permanent solution to have more health and bushy hair.

After the hair transplant decision is made, the price is considered. In this article, we talk about the price of hair transplantation and hair transplant cost in Turkey. Also, in this article, we will share ideas about why there is a change in hair transplant costs and how you can decide.

Factors affecting hair transplantation prices

One of the most critical factors affecting hair transplant prices in the country where you have hair transplantation. For example, hair transplant costs are expensive in countries such as America and England. And these costs can go up to USD 20,000. And in such countries, insurances do not cover hair transplantation.

People often prefer to Turkey for hair transplantation. Due to the development of plantation technology and affordable prices, people come here to make hair transplantation Turkey. Turkey at costs generally between 1,500 US dollars and 3,000 US dollars.

These prices are general. Hair transplant cost of each person will be different because everyone’s hair loss and scalp baldness rate is different. If the quality of baldness is high, the costs increase, if the rate of baldness is low, the cost of hair transplantation decreases. In other words, another factor affecting hair transplantation costs is the rate of baldness.

The hair follicles that will be transplanted during the hair transplant operation are another factor that changes the cost of hair transplantation. As the number of hair follicles to be transplanted naturally increases, the value of hair transplantation operation increases. These transplanted grafts contain an average of 2-4 hair strands. And the grafts are transplanted considering the hair loss that will occur after hair transplantation.

Another factor affecting the cost of hair transplantation is the doctor who will operate. The more experienced and expertise of the doctor, the higher the cost of hair transplantation.

Finally, hair transplant techniques are a factor that determines prices. For example, the most used hair transplant technique today is FUE. Because there is no cutting process in FUE hair transplantation. Thus, no pain is felt during and after the surgery, and there are no cut marks after the operation. The tools used in the FUE technique change the cost of the hair transplant operation. The FUE technique made with sapphire tips makes the price even more expensive.

FUE hair transplantation technique

FUE hair transplantation method, hair follicles are taken from a particular area of the head is added to the non-hair areas with select devices. For this, the hair in the area where the roots will be transplanted before the hair transplantation is cut before the operation.

Local anesthesia is applied to the area where the hair will be transplanted. Thanks to local anesthesia, instead of numbing the whole body, only the area to be treated is anesthetized. Thus, the patient does not feel pain and has a smooth operation. Also, since there are no cuts or stitches in the FUE hair transplant method, it is generally painless.

As in every hair transplant technique, the hair transplanted in FUE hair transplantation starts to fall out approximately 2-3 months later. This shedding is natural. After shedding, your real hair will begin to grow, and you will have more natural and bushy hair.

In the FUE method, the process takes approximately 1-1.5 years to complete. By taking good care of your hair, you can have healthier and more beautiful looking hair.

In FUE hair transplantation technique, it is preferred by people with a shortage of donors in the place where the hair follicle will be taken, because if there are not enough donors in the area where the root will be taken, the hair root can be taken from the beard and chest and applied to the area to be treated.

There will be spills after hair transplantation. However, in the FUE method, the hair follicles to be transplanted to the area to be transplanted are taken from areas such as the upper ear and nape, so the hair does not fall out in the transplanted area after the procedure.

Care after hair transplant

Haircare is the essential thing after hair transplantation. As a priority, strictly follow the instructions given to you by your doctor. If you want your hair transplant to be completed successfully, you should do this.

You should not wash your hair immediately after hair transplantation. You can benefit from the professional washing service in our clinic. Then it would be best if you were very careful while washing your hair. While washing your hair, you should wash it gently and by massaging. Otherwise, you may damage your hair follicles. It would be best if you were very careful with the shampoos you use. Shampoos containing detergents damage your hair follicles and kill your hair follicles. It would help if you used shampoos containing natural oils instead of detergent-containing shampoos. Thus, you can nourish your hair and make it look natural.

You can get information about hair shampoos from our doctors. Also, you should keep your hair away from extreme environments. In other words, very hot and very cold environments can damage your hair follicles. For example, you should protect your hair from direct sunlight. The sun’s rays can sweat your hair and kill your hair follicles. You can wear a thin hat to protect your hair from the sun’s rays and be protected that way.

The most critical stage of hair transplantation is hair care. With appropriate hair care, you can have lush and natural hair. Even with good care, it is not understood by other people that you have had a hair transplant. For example, it is not clear that many famous people have had a hair transplant thanks to the care they give to their hair.

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