Hair Transplant Turkey Istanbul, Hair Transplant Turkey Istanbul

Hair Transplant Turkey Istanbul

Hair Transplant Turkey Istanbul From the past to the present, everybody’s hair is shed one by one in specific cycles of 4-5 months, without men and women noticing, and then new hair grows. However, due to some negative factors, the normal cycle of the hair is disrupted, and the hair follicle is deformed, and as a result, permanent hair loss occurs. Certain factors cause such situations to arise.

Conditions such as old age, vitamin deficiency, hormonal imbalances, malnutrition, sleep disorder, genetic factors affect hair loss.

Hair loss is normal, up to 50-100 strands. However, if there is more hair loss than this amount, the person should go to a specialist dermatologist. As a result, a treatment method should be used.

Hair Transplantation

Hair transplant surgery is an operation that is much simpler and has a much higher success rate than other aesthetic types. For people who undergo this operation, it is less weary, and the recovery process is more comfortable.

Hair transplantation is the process of transplanting hair follicles, which are generally very resistant to shedding, taken from the chest, arms, legs, and especially the nape of the body, to the area with hair deficiency by the medical method.

Hair transplantation can be done with the FUE technique or with the FUT technique. However, today’s advancing technology has wholly replaced other single techniques with the FUE technique. Other methods are not preferred unless required.

Hair transplant Turkey Istanbul

Today, there are two popular hair transplant methods called FUT and FUE in medical language in Istanbul hair transplant centers. In the technique called FUT, a hair strip is removed from the neck as a band. Later, the hair that is separated into the roots is transferred to the area where the transplantation will be made. Best Hair Transplant In Turkey

Since FUT is older and more traditional, there is a high risk of scarring in the area where the hair is removed. Also, temporary drowsiness and loss of sensation occur for a short time.

Today, on the axis of technological developments, the FUT method has left its place in the FUE method, which gives better results and is easier and more useful in many ways. Hair Transplant Istanbul Reviews

In the FUE method, which is currently the most preferred and more advanced in terms of its benefits, the hair follicles in the area planned as a donor are taken individually, not in the form of a block, contrary to the FUT method.

However, hair transplantation is done one by one in the same way. These processes are applied using millimetric tools. With these operations performed when the patient is under limited anesthesia, FUE hair transplantation gives very successful results.

Turkey Istanbul in the best hair transplant centers

Hair transplant Turkey İstanbul, The best hair transplant centers in Istanbul; Hermes Hair Clinic, recognized Turkey’s number one hair transplant center in the world, Neopital Hair & Esthetics, Transmed Hair Transplant Center Dr. Melike Kulakçı, Rotalife Hair Transplant Center Istanbul, Acıbadem Hospital Hair Transplantation, Çevre Hospital Hair Transplantation, Estethica Hair Transplantation Center, Newage Hair Transplantation Centers. Good Hair Transplant In Turkey

Recovery after hair transplant

After FUE hair transplantation, some changes occur on the transplanted hair. The most important of these changes is that the transplanted hair falls out in a short time. This stage is called ‘shock spill’. Although the loss of newly transplanted hair frightens the person, the shed hair will grow back permanently after a very short time. After the operation, the person is sent home for rest.

The person should not travel by car or use such vehicles for 6-10 hours after the end of the operation. After hair transplantation, care should be taken not to touch the treated area with hands, and this area should not be contacted with water.

What should be considered after hair transplantation?

Keeping the head straight is essential for the recovery of edema in a short time. Medicines and creams given by the doctor should be used.

When the hair washing time is reached, care should be taken to use the shampoo recommended by the doctor. For 15 days after FUE hair transplantation, maximum attention should be paid to the area where hair transplantation is performed. The pillow used during sleep is essential in terms of protecting the transplanted area and donor area. What Is Better The FUE Or FUT Hair Transplant?

Transplanted hair follicles should not be damaged. Sleeping in the supine position can be beneficial in protecting the hair follicles. Care should be taken not to get any blows to the head, and heavy sports should never be done.

Is hair transplant permanent?

Hair transplanted with hair transplantation does not shed later. The reason for this is that the transplanted grafts are taken from the nape area between the two ears, which does not have a genetically shed feature. Hair follicles in this region are the most resistant to shedding.

However, if the spillage continues after the recovery is completed at the end of a year, a specialist should check it. As a result of the control, maybe a second hair transplant operation can be considered.

In some cases, although the person’s hair is not suitable for hair transplantation, it can be done in some centers if the patient insists. If there is such a situation, each transplanted hair will fall out.

What should be considered before hair transplantation?

Starting ten days before the operation, aspirin or any blood thinners should not be taken. Other drugs that should not be taken one week before are Omega-3 and fish oil capsules, anti-inflammatory drugs and herbal teas.

Alcohol and smoking should not be used until three days before the operation. Alcohol and cigarettes contain nicotine, which will slow healing. In addition, it is necessary to limit the use of tea and coffee. Hair Transplant In Turkey Istanbul Cost

Too much tea, coffee and acidic and cola drinks should not be consumed on the day of the procedure. Significantly, one should not drink coffee on the day of the procedure. It should be paid attention that the head is not exposed to the sun for about two weeks in advance, especially in the summer months. It is essential that the head is not tanned and not sunburned.

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