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Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant

Hair Loss has been an unpleasant change in physical appearance of man for centuries. Studies indicate that 90% of all man suffering from hair loss feel their self-confidence is affected negatively because of this. Hair Loss can be seen both with men and women, but it is more common in men. There is 4 main types and symptoms of hair loss:

∙ Gradual thinning of Hair, generally starting on top of the head: this type of hair loss which is the most common type starts when men and women age. This typically starts with the top of the head becoming thinner and front hair line loosing hair density and its esthetical appearance.

∙ Circular bald spots: This type of more uncommon hair loss generally is seen at the scalp but occasionally also in beards and eyebrows. The shape of the bold pattern is compared to a coin. Although the cause of this type of hair loss is not known with 100% certainty most specialists link it to sudden experience of high levels of stress.

∙ Sudden overall hair Loss: This type of hair loss if characterized by the overall hair loss over the whole scalp and not bold spots at certain zones only. It is the type of hair loss seen when for example combing the hair and experiencing a handful of hair coming out. The reason for this hair loss type is generally a sudden physical or emotional shock experience.

∙ Full body Hair Loss: This type of hair loss in linked to some type of medical conditions and medical treatments. The most known type is the full hair loss following a chemotherapy treatment for the treatment of cancer.

Before considering any treatments option for the hair loss suffering it is important to know which type of hair loss is the case. Once this is defined there is two types of solutions. First solution is related to the slowing of the hair loss generally achieved by use of medicines or a hair transplant surgery which if focussed on treating bold and thinning zones with healthy follicles that are programmed not to fall out.

There is two widely used medicines to treat heredity hair loss. These are Minoxidil and Finasteride.  Minoxidel is a medication approved both for men and women where Finasteride is a medicine approved for men. Both medicines have the purpose of slowing down the hair loss and do not stop nor reverse the hair loss process. Success varies greatly per user where with some the hair loss process is minimalized and with others the hair loss continues but at a slower paste. Some unpleasant side effect includes scalp irritation and a rapid heart rate for Minoxidil. For Finasteride these possible side affects include diminished sexual drive and sexual function and an increased risk of prostate cancer.

A more permanent solution is a Hair transplant surgery. There are two main techniques for a hair transplantation surgery known as the FUT and FUE method. The FUT method is the more outdated method where a medical specialist removes small strips of skin from the back of the head also known as de donor zone. These small strips of skin contain several hair which are extracted from this strip and then transplanted in the zone where hair loss is suffered. This method is more invasive and brings a higher recovery time with it.

The second method is known and the FUE method where grafts are extracted one by one with a micro motor. This method doe does not involve any removal of skin and offers the possibility to extract up to 4.500 grafts during a single session compared to 1.000 grafts with the FUT method. Healing time is much shorter, most patients can start their work generally after 2-3 days. The higher number of grafts also results in better and more natural results due to the higher number of grafts that can be extracted with the FUE method.

Until recent years Hair Transplant treatments were very expensive and therefore for many people out of reach. Furthermore, the results were also seen as unnatural and therefore not the most obvious choice as a solution for hair loss.

The Hair Transplant Industry however has developed tremendously in the last 10 years and Istanbul has proven to be the number one hotspot in the world for Hair Transplants. Unofficial figures suggest that during its peak season every day more than a 1.000 Hair transplants are performed in Istanbul. A hair transplant is nowadays seen as a permanent solution for hair loss problems. The results look very natural and even specialist eyes have difficulties in defining weather a person has undergone a hair transplant. Top of Form

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