DHI Hair Transplant

DHI (Direct Hair Transplantation) is a hair transplantation method that has won popularity in recent years. There is much confusion about the DHI method and FUE Method. We aim to provide a transparent look at both methods.

The extraction phase of both methods is performed in the same way. The two main differences lie in the channel opening phase and graft placement phase. With FUE method the channels are opened first through mini incisions while with DHI no channel opening is required as grafts are implanted directly using a single use implanter also known as Choi pen. Each graft is first placed one by one in a Choi Pen before implanted in the treatment area.

Generally, DHI is preferred for treatments that require lower graft numbers up to 2500 grafts whereas with FUE method up to 4.500 grafts are transplanted in a single session.

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Leading in innovations for excellent results for everyone is what distinguishes us in the market for Hair Transplants. Our unique OxyVitalis graft survival and vitality enhancement treatment, TecniFUE 8 Gen Punch are some of our latest innovations which provides our patients with superior treatment tools and conditions over classical FUE treatments performed elsewhere. As TecniFUE International we have outgrown the stage of distinguishing ourselves by hiring the best medical staff possible and providing a safe environment for Hair Transplants performed. This 360 degree approach is completely unique and only offered by TecniFUE International.

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