The Process of a Hair Transplant

Harvesting the Follicles

The Process of a Hair Transplant. The first step of a hair transplant involves in harvesting the follicles. With the FUE technique each follicle is harvested individually by first freeing the follicle through small circular incisions from the donor zone. The small incisions are made by a punch. A punch can best be imagined as a hollow needle making fast circular movement supported through a micro motor.

Harvesting the follicles is as all steps during a hair transplant a precision work step. Skin type, follicle length, hair type/hair thickness are all factors that affect the harvesting. From our experience we know that the follicles of two different individuals are never identical and therefore need a unique approach. The experience and reference from many cases of the medical team plays a crucial role in harvesting the follicles without damaging them.

Opening the Channels with Sapphire Blades

The second stage of a hair transplant is opening the channels. This step involves in creating small incisions by using a blade made from a gemstone also known as sapphire blades. Sapphire blades offer significant advantage over classical slit channel opening method. The sapphire blades minimize scab formation, speed up the recovery process and allow to open more channels per cm2 versus slit method resulting in a higher hair density.

The last stage involves in planting the follicles in the opened channels. Experience of the medical team again plays a major role in the result. Follicles need to be planted with a smooth movement and placed in the right depth in order to receive to maximum amount of nutrition for optimal development.

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