How Do They Do Hair Implants?

How Do They Do Hair Implants? Hair implants are a kind of surgery that especially elderly men need. People often ask, How do they do hair implants? raises the question. Especially people who will have hair transplantation wonder about the answer to this question. From time to time, hair loss can cause the hair to open too much and create a bad appearance. The frontal opening may also result in a small amount of hair or baldness. This situation causes the ages of people to stand much further. Today, there are thousands of people living with hair loss and baldness problems at an early age.

In order to need a hair implant procedure, the front of the hair must be completely opened. The reason for this situation may be personal. Intense work stress, traumatic events, genetic factors, vitamin deficiency, and other physical ailments can cause hair loss. Apart from that, it should be underlined that there are different reasons. Not everyone has the same reason for hair loss, and the healing process also varies. Because some treatments are not suitable for some skins, the treatment may not respond at times.

The hair implant process is a process that can take a long time from time to time. Depending on the condition of the hair, it can be finished in a single session. It may take a few sessions. Doctors sometimes take a break of 2-6 months in order for the treatment to be effective and the hair to recover. In such a situation, the treatment of individuals may take up to a year. Patience is essential and attention should be paid to hair care in this process.

Hair Implant Treatment

Hair implant treatment is one of the most frequently applied subjects. The reason for this is to eliminate the bad image that occurs. While some people like the lack of hair, it causes some people to be uncomfortable. Increasing age and creating an unhealthy appearance can be disturbing. Hair implant treatment is needed to eliminate this situation.

Hair Implant Methods

There are different hair implant methods. There are different techniques for different hair types. But almost all of the infrastructure is the FUE method. FUE method, one of the oldest and most developed methods, is the most successful method of today. For this reason, it is used quite frequently.

According to the FUE method, consultation and blood test results are checked first. If everything is positive and there is no problem, if there is no chronic condition, people are prepared for hair implants. After the hair follicles taken from the donor area are thoroughly cleaned and prepared for the implant, they are transferred to the patient area. The success of this method, which can also be called the individual placement technique, is very high.

After the FUE method, effective care is required. People can achieve success if they take care of their hair in the best way, undertake their treatments, and wash their hair properly. Within two to three weeks after the treatment, the hair follicles are completely shed. New hair will begin to form in the diseased area within a few weeks. The hair transplantation technique not only improves the image but also helps to eliminate the unhealthy part of the hair.

The most preferred treatment method after the FUE method is the DHI method. The DHI method is generally very similar to the FUE method. However, it may require longer treatment than the FUE method. Generally, the success of hair transplantation can take 2-3 sessions. Although the most preferred method is the FUE method, the needles used in this treatment are very different. This situation causes some patients to use this method. The treatment method to be preferred varies according to the condition of the scalp.

Does Hair Implant Work?

The hair implant works at a figure of over 80 percent in the overview. People are so pleased with the situation that they do not have to deal with this problem again. In addition to getting rid of a bad appearance, there are different benefits provided by this situation.

● Most of the transplanted hair grows with a great change after the treatment.

● Since the transplanted hair is first taken from donor areas such as beard, it is thick. However, the hair that grows after shedding shows a great deal of thinning over time.

● Sleeping hair follicles heal completely and begin to grow again. Hair follicles that have stopped growing completely may also improve over time. Approximately 75 percent of such hair is improved.

Does Hair Implant Give Definite Results?

Although the hair follicle is detected, hair implant is not a hundred percent treatment method. It is a fact that it awakens 75 percent of the hair, but this is not the case for everyone. Regardless of how many hair follicles are detected, unfortunately, valid results may not be obtained for some people. If the best doctor and the best clinic are preferred, people whose hair follicles are not suitable for this situation may cause the hair not to come back. Therefore, people should not have an argument with the clinic because of this situation.

Hair Implant Prices

Hair implant prices vary according to the course of the treatment. For people who need more sessions, the required fee varies. In addition, hair follicles are also determinant of prices. If the hair follicle is sleeping, a different treatment is followed, if it is completely exhausted, the course of treatment changes. There is a difference in prices from clinic to clinic. Clinics that are well known and whose work is guaranteed may sometimes offer higher prices. However, in general, there is no intensive change in the prices set by each clinic.

People should keep the benefits of treatment ahead of prices. Still, clinics that offer both quality service and reasonable prices can be investigated. The person can choose suitable options among the clinics whose names are known. But what matters is the percentage of results. People should pay attention to this and apply their treatments accordingly.

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