How Long After Fue Hair Transplant Can I Exercise?

How Long After Fue Hair Transplant Can I Exercise? As in the other surgery and aesthetic types, there are some restrictions before and after hair transplantation. People who had hair transplantation also have questions in their heads. Surgeons keep saying that you can walk, jog, and should get fresh air after two weeks. But how about exercising? While there is no harm in a simple exercise like running, active supports may harm the process. Experts say you can exercise after one month. But still, make sure that your body is ready for these changes. You can start at the minimum level and increase the duration of your exercise. If you do not care, all your efforts will be wasted and there will be no return. Therefore, it is very important before and after this operation. Let us also point out that after this process is a little protection process.

Be careful when you want to swim because the salt in seawater or chlorine in pool water can damage your hair follicles. Being in extremely hot environments such as a bath or sauna can also damage the transplanted hair cells. You must also avoid direct exposure to sunlight or going to the tanning salon. Smoking and alcohol cause prolongation of the healing process after hair transplantation. You should try not to consume it for two weeks, eat healthily and sleep regularly. A healthy lifestyle will help increase your recovery rate.

FUE Hair Transplant

The priority of FUE hair transplantation is that it is a seamless and scarless method. Hair follicles in your donor area are taken one by one with micromotor or manual punches and transferred to the required area. Local anesthesia takes place in hair transplantation with FUE. Since your consciousness is open, you can spend every step noticing without fear and without sacrificing your comfort. Local anesthesia in FUE hair transplantation is applied only to the area to be applied at that stage. The only part where you will feel pain is anesthesia. But this pain is not a pain you cannot bear. It is temporary pain caused by the needles used. Since everyone’s hair density and hair structure are different, the number of follicles taken is different for everyone. In other words, by comparing yourself to another example, you would not have reached the right information.

The reason why people choose to have FUE hair transplantation is its various advantages. It looks so natural that people around you will never notice your hair transplant. It is an operation that does not cause so much pain and bleeding. After the FUE hair transplant, you will have denser and thicker hair. With the FUE technique, you can get the hair you want faster, and in a shorter time. In our country, surgeons started to apply FUE in 2004 and these surgeries continue unabated.

Who Can Have FUE Hair Transplant?

Hair transplantation criteria are an issue that patients should investigate. Although many people desire to have hair transplantation, surgeons cannot apply it to everyone. To achieve success in hair transplantation, it is necessary to comply with hair transplantation criteria. Hair transplant criteria provide enough information to answer the question of who can have hair transplantation. With the increasing number of successful hair transplantation examples in the media, the trust and demand for hair transplantation have gradually increased. Each hair transplant procedure is personal. And the results of hair transplantation may give different results according to the general characteristics of the person. If the person has realistic expectations, it is possible to make the best possible improvements in any way.

The person should have the hair transplantation with the most appropriate technique. FUE transplant may not be a suitable treatment for everyone. Grafts taken in FUE and DHI techniques are not damaged. There is no scar on the scalp. Surgeons can transplant hair follicles correctly according to the direction of hair growth. Sparse or clustered areas do not occur on the scalp as it will provide even distribution. For this reason, techniques that are not suitable for the structure of the hair should never be used. Those who want to have a natural and flawless hair transplant procedure must first make a very good research and choose the hospital and the doctor very carefully to have a healthy appearance. Besides, the advice given by the doctor before and after the procedure should be heeded and applied carefully.

After Hair Transplant

Some points make hair transplantation successful. These are the experience of the hair transplant specialist and the application of the correct hair transplantation method. But these are not the all: Some points to be considered before and after the hair transplantation is of great importance for the successful completion of the operation. Experts always emphasize that the care of the patient after the hair transplant is a big part of the success of the operation, and they give special recommendations to patients who use smoking, alcohol, and drugs.

Smoking after the process can increase the risk of complications up to six times. Smoke can cause an increase in the number of leukocytes and platelets in the blood. Smoking rapidly lowers the oxygen level in blood cells. This situation affects the result of hair transplantation negatively.

You should wash your hair very carefully for ten days after hair transplantation. Be careful that the transplanted hair grafts do not come into contact with water for a long time. You can wash the donor and the transplanted area with a special medical shampoo. To do this, lather some shampoo between your hands and apply it very carefully to the entire scalp.

Do not rub. You should do all the washing steps softly and without applying pressure, using the fingertip. After washing, dry your hair with a paper towel. You can shampoo every day to clean the peels. After about 7 to 10 days, there should be no traces of dried blood or scab on your scalp. You can start washing your hair normally 14 days after transplantation. Do not wash your hair more than once a day. Keep using the special shampoo until the bottle is empty. How Long After Fue Hair Transplant Can I Exercise?

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