How Long Do Hair Transplant Fue Procedures Take?, How Long Do Hair Transplant Fue Procedures Take?

How Long Do Hair Transplant Fue Procedures Take?

When Do You Need a Hair Transplant?

How Long Do Hair Transplant Fue Procedures Take? During human life, most of the body cells renew themselves. This is like restoring something from inside. Hair follicles do that too. By renewing themselves, hair follicles shed hairs and regrow them. Thereby your hairs are always like brand new. Because they actually are. But in some circumstances, hair follicles can’t complete this cycle. When this happened, your hair starts to shed. This is what we call hair loss. When this occurs, you might need a hair transplant. But not in every scenario. Sometimes the reason for making your hair fall can be not permanent. If there is a reason making you lose hair temporarily, a hair transplant is not necessary. Look for the reasons that making you lose hair. And decide you are going to need or don’t need a hair transplant. We will list some of the reasons for you to decide easily.

Reason one: Genetic inheritance. If you have kin that he got bald young or lost hair early than normal, you should be afraid. Because these genes might be in your DNA too. Maybe they aren’t. But you can’t know before you lose your hair too. Since this reason is hereditary, there is nothing to prevent this. In this scenario, you are going to need a hair transplant. Reason two: Aging. When you get older and older, your body will regenerate itself slowlier. At some point, this process gets too slow and you start to deconstruct cell faster than reconstructing them. This can’t be prevented also. But if you treat your hair nicely, you might postpone this. Reason three: Stress. Stress is the reason for many things in your life but it includes hair loss too. When you under stress, you might shed hair. But a hair transplant is unnecessary.

Hair Transplant

Now, a hair transplant is the best solution for many scenarios. It simply regrows your hair as it never shed. And no side effects occur with these procedures. Get a hair transplant once and you will have hair again! Of course, there is a yin for every yang. This probably costs you more than temporary or poor-quality solutions. But the advantages of hair transplant crushes the disadvantages of it. Most humans think men’s style is nothing without good hair. According to a research, most women like men with nice hairstyles than bald men. Hair makes you attractive. This also applies to women. Everyone is having these operations. Even the famous persons. Do you think these hairs of famous actors were always like that? No, they are getting hair transplants to keep the hairline in its best condition. So don’t be afraid of getting a hair transplant.

Fut Hair Transplant

While you getting a Fut hair transplant, there is a couple of steps. First of all, your doctor shaves your head and selects an area where the hairline is dense. This area is usually the back of your head. After shaving your head, the doctor gets a scalpel and takes a strip of the scalp. Then the doctor closes the wound by connecting two sides of the wound. The hair around the wound will close the scar when they grow. After the doctor gets a strip, he/she gathers a team. With this team, the doctor starts to cut this strip into little pieces. Every piece has one or a few hair follicles on it. These pieces’ name is graft. The doctor and the team drill your head and make little holes on your bald scalp. After, they plant these grafts in these little holes. And the procedure is done!

Fue Hair Transplant

If you are getting a Fue hair transplant, the doctor shaves your head. Then the doctor selects an area that has a denser line of hair. This is usually the back of your head. Then the doctor gathers a team and starts to pick hair follicles right on your scalp one by one. After these take enough grafts from your head, they start making little holes in your bald scalp. After that, the doctor and his/her team plant these grafts to the tiny holes they made before. When they finish the job, the procedure is done. The next thing is you going to do is waiting for new hair to grow! Like you can see, both procedures go in the same way mostly. But this little difference while collecting grafts makes a great difference. In this procedure, you won’t have any scars on your head, unlike the Fut!

How Long Do Hair Transplant Fue Procedures Take

How long do hair transplant Fue procedures take? If you read the text up there you must realize there is a difference between the Fut and the Fue. While getting a Fut, the doctor will numb you and you will be awake during the process. It takes approximately 4 to 8 hours to complete. After the surgery, you should see the results in 6 to 9 months. But if you decided to get a Fue procedure, the doctor will numb you. But because this is a more complicated procedure, it can take up to 10 hours for a session. And it also can take 2 or 3 sessions to complete. This time is highly variable depending on how many grafts are you going to need. If you got this procedure, you should see the growth in 3 to 5 months after the procedure.

So if you are going to get any hair transplant procedures, wear something comfortable. Clear your day from appointments, and get a magazine. You might get bored while getting a hair transplant. Because you are not going to talk with doctors and you won’t feel anything. A long sit time is waiting for you. But probably a TV or magazines are provided to your service by the clinics.

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