How Long Does Fue Donor Shock Loss Hair Transplant?, How Long Does Fue Donor Shock Loss Hair Transplant?

Fue and Shock Loss

How Long Does Fue Donor Shock Loss Hair Transplant? How Long Does Fue Donor Shock Loss Hair Transplant?  When we dream of getting older, we always picture ourselves with a head full of grey hair. Unfortunately, this dream does not come true for a lot of people. Many people start having hair loss from a young age. How can you dream about having plenty of grey hair when you are losing your hair right now? The solution is Fuehairtransplant. This technique makes your bald spots disappear and gives you your dream hairline. Just like in every surgical procedure there are some frequently asked questions. What is shock loss? How long does Fue donor shock loss hair transplant? We are here to give you answers to these questions. At the end of the article, you will understand that shockloss is nothing to be feared of.

The Fue hair transplant process

Hair loss is something both genders suffer from even though they come in different types. One of them is called male-pattern baldness and the other one is called female pattern baldness. The area hair loss happens is different in these baldness types. In male-pattern baldness front of the hair starts falling. With age, the gap starts going bigger and they lose their natural hairline. If this continues generally only the back and side of the head have hair. In female pattern baldness, they usually keep their hairline but in some cases that can be affected too. In this type of baldness hair loss usually happens at the top of the hair. Bald spots happen in small sections. Therefore, it is easier to be treated with Fuehairtransplant. This is different from shock loss because shockloss happens after the treatment.

Both female and male pattern baldness can be treated with the Fue technique. If the baldness is too widespread, there is a possibility of not being able to get surgery. To learn If you are eligible or not you must consult a doctor. The doctor will examine your hair type and decides If the bald spots can be filled or not. If it is possible and you agree to get surgery your doctor will give you a date for the hairtransplant surgery. The surgery will last approximately three hours, but you must arrive at least an hour early. They will examine you and shave your head. After the last preparations are done they will give you anesthesia. In summary, they take hair follicles and plant them in areas with no hair. They will grow back but some can fall due to shockloss.

Shock loss

Shockloss is a thing that happens after hairtransplant surgery. Not only in the Fue technique, but it can also happen whichever technique was used. Shock loss is basically losing hair after the surgery. This is a completely normal thing, and it is a part of the process. Many people panic after seeing this. It can be weird to see losing your hair after getting surgery to have more hair. Remember that it will stop and your hair will start growing back. Shockloss usually happens between the second and eighth weeks. If the hair loss does not stop after that you must see your doctor immediately because that could be graft rejection. After the falling stops, you can see the new hair growing in three to six weeks. Most patients’ hair usually grows back in twelve months.

Even though the shockloss occurs patients achieve their dream hairline eventually. Most patients can achieve the results they want with only one session. Of course, the results are not always the best. Up to 80% of the transplanted hair follicles may fall off. Even If this lowers the satisfaction rate, it is still more than 80%. Also, some doctors can have more than a 90% success rate. Therefore, do good research and pick a doctor with high success rates. If you do that you can be happy with the results too. Also do not forget to do your research about other types of hairtransplants. Fue is not the only technique but still, it is the most popular one. Its popularity comes from the fact that it looks natural. It leaves little to no scars and they heal faster, unlike other techniques.

After the surgery

Aside from shockloss, there are other things you must know about after the surgery. First of all, this surgery is known for having almost no side effects. The side effects that can happen are bruises, swelling, itchiness, and redness. They usually pass after a few days. There will be no scarring after the Fuehairtransplant. The only thing that will happen is small white dots on your head. They will heal in no time. If there is any bleeding, infection, or pain please consult your doctor. The doctor will give you medication for pain in case of a side effect. You can go home on the day of the surgery but there will be bandages around your head. Do not remove them until your doctor says so. Just stay at home, rest, and heal for the next two days.

There are some things you should absolutely do not do after the Fuehairtransplant. Doing these things can cause your hair to fall. Also, you may not achieve the look you want If you do these things. Other than shockloss these can cause hair loss too. Remember that the area you had surgery is very sensitive. You must treat it with care.

The most important thing to do is to rest. Resting will speed up the healing process. When you are taking care of your hair be gentle. Do not wash it until your doctor says that you can. When you are allowed to wash your hair do it gently. Also do not forget to use unscented shampoo. Brushing your hair can also make the newly transplanted hair to fall. So, no brushing or combing the hair. Other than that just enjoy your new hair. How Long Does Fue Donor Shock Loss Hair Transplant?


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