How Long Does Fue Hair Transplant Take To Heal?, How Long Does Fue Hair Transplant Take To Heal?

How Long Does Fue Hair Transplant Take To Heal?

How Long Does Fue Hair Transplant Take To Heal? Fue hair transplantation (Follicular Unit Extraction) is one of the most commonly used hair transplantation methods. You may ask yourself how long does it take for a Fue hair transplant to heal? Compared to other methods, the FUE hair transplant technique is more comfortable, more painless, and without any cut–and–stitch method in terms of application. In this regard, it was a turning point because people who want to have a hair transplant are more preferred, and that hair transplantation has started to become widespread.

FUE hair transplantation is a method in which different and suitable areas of the person, such as the arm, leg, chest area, usually the nape area, can also be used as a donor.

In this method, the hair rarity measure determines during the patient’s examination, the forehead line draw, and the intensity of hair transplantation decide.

Then, the region of using as a donor is selected.

During the application, channels opening where hair follicles will place on the scalp will perform hair transplantation.

Grafts taken from the donor area are placed in these channels one by one.

A graft is a tissue piece with hair follicles and transplant into the scalp from the donor area. The quantity of hair follicles in grafts varies, but high density is an essential factor in treatment success.

After the operation is complete, your doctor will give you some suggestions. It will transmit information such as protection, care, and resting position of the area where hair transplantation performs. In addition to these recommendations, you should fully comply with the use of the medications given to you.

Crusts on the skin are shed daily; 15 to 20. hair that is also planted between Days begins to fall out. Implanted hair, 3. he starts dating from the moon.

FUE Hair Transplant Healing Process and How Long Does It Take?

FUE hair transplantation operation lasts between 4-8 hours, although it varies according to people. It is a method that takes a long time because the hair roots are placed individually.

After surgery, patients are discharged on the same day, the first one is the next day, but the dressing is performed regularly for the first week. In this process, the doctor is notified when water may first touch the scalp.

During the application of FUE hair transplantation, hair roots are planted on the scalp one by one. In this way, the hair follicles’ aspects are appropriately placed so that the patient has a natural hair structure. One of the biggest reasons for FUE hair transplantation’s success is that it gives this natural appearance.

The FUE hair transplantation healing process is an easy operation method.

The next day, a control examination and dressing performing.

During the first week, the dressing repeat according to the patient’s condition.

Hair growth and loss are seen in a few weeks and are a temporary condition.

After that, the hair begins to grow again. This hair is now permanent.

Although the treatment process varies from person to person, it takes six months – 18 months for the hair to regain its natural appearance and grow healthy.

Regardless of the technique used in hair transplantation, the factors that determine naturalness are the same. For hair transplantation to give natural results and the planted hair cannot be distinguished from another strand, the front hairline design must be symmetrical, the canal-root harmony must be found, the channel opened at the right angle-the hair follicle combination planted in the right direction, the maximum graft must be collected. It takes experience and expertise to fulfill all these details as needed.

Hair Care After FUE Hair Transplantation

After completing the hair transplant session, the doctor will give you a series of care advice, wash the head, sleep correctly, and the medications you need. Please pay attention to these items carefully and do them precisely according to the doctor’s instructions to quickly recover and get the best results. Other important recommendations and tips after hair transplantation FUE are as follows:

  • It is better to accompany you to surgery to bring you home after surgery if you need it.
  • You can resume regular operation the day after hair transplant surgery. Of course, some activities such as swimming are forbidden for you.
  • A few days after surgery, you can remove the bandage and wash the hair gently.
  • You need to take care of the hair implanted 14 days after surgery. Because during this time, new links are still not stable.
  • Hair implanted in the first few days after surgery grows and becomes longer. About a month after planting, these hair begin to fall out, which is nothing but the natural hair transplantation process. After that, new hair growth begins.

New hair growth reaches about 10 percent three months after planting. After 10 to 12 months, this hair went 80 to 90% of its development, and from this time on, the results of hair transplantation are determined by the FUE method. After the new hair has grown, you can wash, shorten, or hairdryer and enjoy the hair for the rest of your life. To become familiar with the hair growth process and hair transplantation FUE results, you can visit this site. Our diet is high in fat and high in protein, which is harmful to hair health.

Avoid Fatty Foods

Very fatty foods, rich in protein, salty, and full of starch, may cause hair loss (also associated with large amounts of dairy products). Adjusting certain foods’ consumption to accelerate hair growth does not mean their consumption—the important to maintain moderation in food intake. Healthy food intake is another anser to the question how long does it take for Fue hair transplant to heal. We need protein for hair health. Moderation means that steak consumption and vegetables enjoy other sources of protein such as seafood, etc. and the chicken and beans and use.

Observing moderation in the diet should be proportional to the bodyweight of protein, fat, salt, and sugar use. A person needs 75 kg to get 54 grams of protein per day. The protein contained in 350 grams of steak is far beyond the protein required by the body in a day.

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