How Long Is Recovery After Hair Transplant?, How Long Is Recovery After Hair Transplant?

How Long Is Recovery After Hair Transplant?

How Long Is Recovery After Hair Transplant? Today, a lot of people have hair loss problems. Problems may also give rise to their psychology and social life. Though hair loss problem stems from aging, there are also different factors like medical problems, brain traumas, or psychological effects. For this reason, there are different hair transplantation techniques. They aim to fix the hair loss problem to some extent but not permanent. Those treatments go a longer time and are effective.

People wonder about the questions ” how long does hair transplant recovery take” or ‘’How Long is Recovery After Hair Transplant. They want to transplant their heads, but most of them don’t know exactly how long the healing process is. They should also find the answers to that question. In this article, you could probably find what you wonder in this article.

Sorts of Hair Transplants Techniques

There are 2 common hair implant techniques.

The first one is:

Follicular unit extraction (FUE): FUE came up after the FUT method had rarely used. In the FUE method, the surgeon who applies this method takes hair follicles from the donor area by using a kind of micro motor or a special needle designed especially tiny for this treatment. FUE may cause some scarring in the scalp; however, it is temporary and not conspicuous. After the FUT method, FUE gained popularity immediately. Medical gadgets and surgical elements are more developed in the FUE compared with FUT. They facilitate the process.

The other popular method is: 

Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) DHI is the modifying of the FUE in a way. Actually, in all hair transplant techniques, doctors have to apply many processes before they start the transplantation process. However, DHI doesn’t require waiting for this process. Because there is a special pen named ”Choi”. This pen allows doctors to do two jobs at the same time. Firstly, extracted hair follicles are placed into the special pen and transplanted in the scalp. This happens without waiting at any time. For this reason, DHI is preferred more. People have certain recovery times after a hair transplant.

Hair Tranplant Recovery Durations

7 Days After the Surgery (Week 1)

7 days after you take hair transplant treatment, it is crucial in terms of the first week after the operation. In the first week, you may feel some swelling and discomforting sensation. There may be a little pain in your scalp. It is pretty normal to feel pain. You could wash your new hair on the day in the first week especially in 2-3 days after the operation. Your doctor says that how to fulfill the washing process. He will give some shampoos. In case of any pain, your surgeon also suggests that you take some pills that you need to use. Swelling can last just three days from 3rd to 6th days. Also, patients may experience a sense of flaking off and some redness in their scalp; however, this is not a thing that is to fear. Incidentally, you shouldn’t forget that playing with the transplanted hairs may lead to infections. Week 1 is the first-week recovery after a hair transplant operation.

14, 20, and 30 Days After the Surgery (Week 2-3-4)…

The recovery process after a hair transplant goes on for 14 days. 14 days after the surgery, you can remove the staples doctor put into your scalp. While you are in 2-3-4 weeks after the treatment, you may go through seeing to fall out your new hairs your surgeon has implanted. When you see that, you don’t need to be anxious, for this is pretty normal and the doctor already says that while in the operation. You may see your hair pinkish. While washing your hair hands, you should be careful as in the first week. Don’t forget to use a soft towel to dry your new hair. Normally there won’t be seen any scabs by 2-3-4, but if stills there, don’t try to remove them. They pull themself in time without anything.

60-90 Days After the Surgery (Months 2-3)

The first remarkable results of the treatment can be seen in the 2-3 months. The hair will give a nice appearance, but of course, it is not the final form of the hair. As time passes, it will thicker and finer appearance. In spite of the fact that the final thick hair is not in 2-3 months, patients start combing and giving shape to their hairs. That makes them happy as well. Hair transplant recovery continues with months 4-6.

120-180 Days After the Surgery (Months 4-6)

In the 4-6 months, your hair will be more, it will give a more natural appearance. You can create more styles for your hair in 4-6 months.

When you come 12th month after the operation, you will have nearly completed the treatment. This is the last stage. You can get the results that you expect in 12-18 months. These numbers are general numbers doctors experience, from patient to patient they may be changed a bit. After 12-18 months has passed, it will be better for you to go check-ups in your clinic in order for your surgeon to be sure about whether treatment gives the optimum result. It can be more beneficial if you have taken the photos of your hair one by one every month gradually.

In the final stage of the treatment, you can even get your news hair dyed. By the way, after completing the treatment duration, you should abstain from exercise for some time because lifting any weight or more tough activities can harm. Doctors generally advise you not to do exercise which is strenuous. The other important point that patients should be careful of is not being exposed to sunlight. It may be dangerous. For example, there are many substances and chemical ingredients in the sunlight. Sunlight plays a negative role in speeding up healing.

In a nutshell, hair transplantation is a gradual process, it doesn’t happen and ends in no time. There are some stages for it to realize properly. In this article, you will probably answer you are looking for.

The stages of the treatment are crucial for patients to utilize properly. The main answer to the question ” How Long İs Recovery After Hair Transplant?” is that it lasts by 18 months to give proper results. You need to pay attention to the instructions during the treatment.

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