How Long Till Sun After FUE Hair Transplant?

How Long Till Sun After FUE Hair Transplant?

How Long Till Sun After FUE Hair Transplant? Many people, as well as many animals, tend to enjoy spending time under the sun. Laying under it may be the most relaxing moment of your day. Apart from the joy, there are also a lot of benefits to sunbathing. It boosts your immunity system. Helps with your sleep and overall health. Not only physical but mental health as well. It can even decrease depression. It is fair to say that sunbathing is good for your health. However, the picture changes after you get a hair transplant. While you are in the recovery process you may want to stay away from the sun. Instead of healing you it may cause damage to your recovering scalp and may create more issues. Then, how long till sun after FUE hair transplant? This article will shed a light on that and many more related questions.

What is an FUE hair transplant?

Hair transplantation is a medical procedure that helps to plant hair on a bald spot. You may get it for a bald spot caused by a scar. Or maybe, for a naturally bald spot. Or, as many people do, you can get it for hair loss on your head that happens with age. You can get it not only for your head but your eyelashes or brows as well. The majority of the clients are men who started to lose hair but women can get their hair implanted as well. It is a unisex procedure so you do not have to feel insecure in any way. There are different types of surgeries available. They may show differences but they all lead to the same result. You may choose which procedure is best for you by talking to your doctor about it.

A method that is very famous is called follicular unit extraction (FUE). It is considered much easier than some other methods as it requires a simpler surgery. In it, the surgeon starts by shaving your hair from your donor site. They will later use these hair follicles to plant on you so your hair will look natural. After shaving, they will take hair follicles from there with the help of a micro punch tool.  Following that, they will make tiny incisions where your hair will be planted. After inserting the follicles, the surgeon will clean and bandage the operated area. And that simply, your hair transplant will be over. You will now enter your recovery process. The recovery process of FUE is about three weeks. It is much easier than in other methods like FUT where a bigger operation causes bigger issues.

Pros and cons of FUE hair transplant

Like in every surgery or medical process, in hair transplant there are many pros and cons. Let us talk about the pros first. One of the most important upsides of this surgery is the increase of your self-love. You will feel confident and happy about yourself. What is more important than that boost of confidence? Plus, the procedure has guaranteed results. Since it uses hair from your body, it looks very natural as well! FUE leaves no visible scars and has a fairly easy recovery process. It is ideal for small portions of transplant on any part of your body. Getting eyebrow implants, for example, will look more natural than any make-up or tattoos. As you can see, there are many positive outcomes of the procedure that you may consider.

After talking about the pros, it is necessary to talk about the cons of hair transplants. One of them is that FUE can be not good for you. It is more expensive than other methods and takes more time. Separating hair follicles individually is not as easy as the strip used in FUT. Plus, it can be difficult to cover a big part with this method. It is great for small parts but if you wish to cover your entire head, think twice. Another point is that it will only plant hair at that time. If you continue to lose more hair, your previous surgery will not help you. Of course, the recovery process is simpler than in other methods. However, it is still difficult to go through. You will need to take care of your scalp a lot. Especially to protect it from the sun.

FUE hair transplant and sun exposure

Sun is good for your health, as mentioned above, but post-surgery, it can be dangerous. In any kind of beauty-related procedure, doctors recommend avoiding the sun for a while. In most cases, it may increase the risk of skin cancer. Or it may leave permanent marks in the operated area. With hair transplants the situation is similar. After it, the part of your skin that protects you from dangerous direct sunlight either dies or becomes inactive. Usually, that part works as a filter for you and protects you. But, for a while after the surgery, it does not work as well. Being exposed to the sun until it regenerates is very dangerous. You can suffer from direct sunburn not only on the surface of your skin but also in deeper tissues. Wearing a hat and avoiding the sun should be your number one priority.

So, for how long should you be avoiding the sun after an FUE hair transplant? That may depend on your surgery and your circumstances. However, in most cases, it takes around four months. The first two to three weeks are crucial in your protection. And the months after that you should still be careful in your outings. Make sure to wear a hat or any protective clothing on your head. Avoid direct sunlight. Also, it is important to use sun cream to filter out dangerous rays of the sun. After four months you can relax more. Make sure to follow the instructions of your doctor for perfect results. To learn more about the issue make sure to contact us and our clinic.

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