How Much Does Fue Hair Transplant Cost?

How Much Does Fue Hair Transplant Cost?

How Much Does Fue Hair Transplant Cost? FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is one of the main techniques that strike a chord when you state hair transplantation. The FUE technique’s element is that there is no cut in the scalp, which gives a preferred position during the activity and the recuperating cycle. Likewise, there will be no scars and scratches after the activity additionally expands the inclination for patients. Continue reading the article and learn how much does Fue hair transplant cost.

The system is performing under local anesthesia. After the region where the hair to be relocatable will be taken out is ready for the design, the appropriate state’s hair is gathering individually. Root assortment performs with cut finishes under 1 mm (between 0.6 mm-0.8 mm) through the FUE engine. The follicles (unites ) taken contain 2-3 hairs. Right now, it is significant that the roots are not harmful since many Roots will be eliminating from the contributor territory during hair transplantation. This little tip will be utilizing influences the region’s recuperating cycle.

After all the hair roots are gathering, the partition is trail by planting. For the Transplant cycle, channels should be open cautiously. Opening a channel is a cycle that needs in any event as much accuracy and experience as gathering roots.

Recently, the lateral slit procedure, which has started to be favored rather than the punch system when opening the canal, permits the launch of canals reasonable for the size and length of the patient’s hair follicle by disposing of entry points appropriate for the structure of the hair. Channels opened at the depth effect and correct size hair growth rate transplanted in a hair transplant.

Another significant issue is the point of the canal where the hair follicle will be transplanting. The facts, which are the most significant factor in capturing characteristic haircut, should be given differently in each head area.

Fue Hair Transplantation Process


After the necessary testing, information, and planning, the hair transplantation process’s first stage is to shave the hair and numb the (donor) area to be taken with local anesthesia.

Collection Of Hair Follicles

Hair follicles are taken from the donor part in single, double, triple groups (grafts) and kept in a unique solution.

Determination of forehead and hairline

It is essential to capture the forehead and hairline’s natural appearance formed together by the patient and the doctor with photos before hair loss.

Opening Of Canals

Before the collected hair roots are planting, microchannels are opening in the balding area for the hair to be producing. The process of opening channels is a specialized task in itself. The canals’ angle and frequency is the most critical consideration in terms of obtaining a natural appearance.

Transfer Of Hair Follicles

Finally, the hair October process is finish by placing the collected hair roots individually into the opened microchannels.

Recovery Period

October hair can grow for two weeks. Complete hair loss planted within an average of 1 month is not a situation to be afraid of. On average, the hair shed within 3 to 4 months becomes visible, and within six months, almost more than half of it is within one year, and all of it grows, and the hair becomes final.

Hair transplantation, which is considered an aesthetic practice, is a surgical procedure. For this reason, it should be applying in operating room conditions and hospital.

Hair transplantation should be performing by Aesthetic Plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and Doctors With a medical aesthetic certificate approved by the Ministry. It should be notable that these people are necessarily specializing and have experience in hair transplantation.

Hair cells are healthy and alive are the most critical factors. The thickness and frequency of hair strands located in the area are taking, calling the donor area, are steps of the procedure. Hair follicles must be quickly blooded in the area where they are placing; that is, they must “hold.”

Hair transplant prices with FUE method

Undoubtedly, one of the most curious issues of those who are considering hair transplantation is how much the FUE hair transplant fee is. Hair transplant, eyebrow transplant, eyelash transplant, beard transplant, etc. Pricing of surgical procedures of this type may vary depending on the area to apply.The most critical factor here stands out as the size of the application. For this reason, to be informed about the fee, the patient must first send a photo of the area to be applied to the doctor. More detailed information on both operation details and pricing is obtainable. Some hair transplant centers use a single price for hair transplant prices. This means determining the only valid price for specific hair transplantation methods regardless of the number of grafts. This situation has advantages as well as some disadvantages.

While 2000 grafts are sufficient for some people in hair transplantation, 5000 grafts are required for some people. Some hair transplant centers determine a hair transplant fee per graft as the number of hair follicles is transplanted increases per graft pricing, and hair transplantation price increases. Hair transplant price policies can determine according to the hair transplant method to be selecting. Hair transplant centers can determine the price policy according to the doctor. Besides, it is know that there are transplantations without a doctor. We recommend that you do not have hair transplantation in persons or organizations with no diploma or certificate. Most companies that do cheap hair transplantation do business without documents, and hair transplantation in such clinics has negative consequences.

Can transplantation be made from body hair?

In men, the roots in the nape of the hair have the characteristic of not shedding genetically. For this reason, we take care to remove the roots in the nape of the neck in the hair, eyebrow, beard, and mustache transplantation we will make to our patients for a natural and permanent result. Since other hair follicles in the body do not have this feature, they fall out over time, and the person is disappointed. Achieving a natural and successful result, is directly proportional to the quality of the hair grafts in the donor area and the expertise and experience of the team.

When will the results of beard mustache occur?

It takes a week for the planted area to regain its natural appearance. It takes 15 days for the area to recover and regain its previous appearance.

How much does Fue hair transplant cost depends on many factors, and remember on the care after beard and mustache transplantation is the same as after hair transplantation. After six months, the transplanted beard or mustache begins to reach the expected result. Full efficacy occurs within 12-18 months.

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