How To Implant Hair?, How To Implant Hair?

How To Implant Hair?

How To Implant Hair? Hair implant is one of the most researched topics by people who have openness in front of the hair and have baldness problems. Especially people who want to have this method done, How To Implant Hair? raises the question. It will be extremely beneficial for them to know how the process will proceed. The lightness of the hair can cause serious deterioration of the image. Some people are satisfied with their situation. However, many people do not think that having their hair open is nice because it increases their age and worsens their appearance. This situation may cause people to prefer the hair implant method.

The hair implant method is to awaken the hair that has been opened due to personal reasons. There is a separate cause of hair loss for everyone, but the treatment procedure progresses the same for almost everyone. These reasons may be traumatic events, intense stress, vitamin deficiency, physical events, and genetic factors. The main purpose is to restore the sleeping and offending hair and to treat the diseased area. In this way, the hair will regain its old healthy appearance, and the problem that disrupts the image of people will be eliminated.


Although the treatment procedure for hair implants is generally the same, the treatment process varies from person to person. While the treatment is short for some people, it may take up to a year for some people. The important thing is to test which hair type will be applied to the treatment. Sleeping hair wake-up treatment gives 90 percent results in many people. However, regenerating broken hair improves 75 percent of hair in general. And in this type of hair, there may be a situation like not being able to respond at all. Although tests are done, some of the treatments do not work. This is related to the hair structure of the person and the situation may not change even if it is done in the best clinic. Therefore, it should not be seen as a clinical fault and people should not complain about this situation.

Hair Implant Process

The hair implant process is usually a short-term treatment, although it varies from person to person. There are different techniques used for this treatment. However, the most preferred method is the FUE method. The other technique, on the other hand, is a less preferred method but is also a definitive method for some hair types. The method can be changed according to the type of hair. In addition, the method preferred by people is also decisive in the treatment.

Before either treatment, the person is given a consultation and a blood test. This application cannot be applied to many chronic patients, especially those who have not regulated diabetes. In particular, people using blood thinners can be treated as a result of stopping the drug two days before. However, for this, the disease must have responded to the treatment, even a little. If everything seems appropriate, the person can be prepared for a hair implant.

With the hair follicle test, it is checked whether the hair is completely exhausted. Sleeping hair is much more likely to respond. However, there is no such thing as other hair will not result in treatment. That style of hair is also likely to respond, but there may be negativities from time to time. Nevertheless, this situation cannot be detected with a hair root test, even if it is done in the best clinic, whether the hair will respond or not varies from person to person.

Hair Implant Methods

The FUE technique, the oldest and most advanced method, is the one with the highest success rate to date. After the people pass the necessary tests, a donor site is determined. The sensitivity of the determined area and its suitability are tested. Then, hair follicles are taken one by one from the donor area with the FUE technique. Usually, the donor area chosen is the beard or nape area. The roots taken are cleaned one by one in a hygienic environment and each one is disinfected. Then, the hair follicles are placed in the diseased area one by one with the FUE technique.

After this procedure, one more session can be written according to the situation. However, most of the time it is not necessary. People should continue their home treatments, use the necessary creams, and wash their hair properly. Within two to three weeks after the procedure, the donor hair will fall out completely. Then the hair comes out more finely again. Over time, thinning will be seen as a normal hair strand. Post-treatment care is very important, and people should use the prescribed medications correctly and be very careful and attentive. The doctor’s advice should not be exceeded.

Another useful technique is the DHI method. This method, which is among the treatment methods that people are satisfied with, is generally the same as the FUE method. Only a special needle called DHI is used. Since the treatment time is a little longer, people do not prefer this method much. However, this treatment can be applied to the doctor’s advice. As the procedure steps are the same, the duration of post-treatment care is also similar. However, this treatment generally requires a second session and the interval between two sessions varies between 2-6 months.

Hair Implant Prices

Hair implant prices vary from clinic to clinic to be preferred. In addition, the preferred treatment method is also effective in prices. The FUE technique and the DHI technique have different prices. In addition, the long session duration of the transaction also affects the prices. Buying extra sessions raises the price. Well-known, reliable clinics may offer higher fees. But the probability of getting results is much higher. Therefore, people should prioritize a clean, reliable, and familiar clinical study. Being too attached to the price issue can also cause the result to be negative.

People who want to get detailed information about hair implant prices should contact the clinic they will receive service directly. These clinics will provide the most accurate information and provide more detailed information about the procedure.

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