How To Shampoo After FUE Hair Transplant?, How To Shampoo After FUE Hair Transplant?

How To Shampoo After FUE Hair Transplant?

How To Shampoo After FUE Hair Transplant? So did you have a hair transplant? Fearful! You will probably enjoy some of the benefits of having a fuller head, both physically and psychologically. And with up to 70% of men experiencing hair loss at some point in their lives, you are in good company. Read below for more on how to shampoo after an FUE hair transplant. Taking care of your hair transplant is the best way to ensure that the operation itself is successful.

Once you have a hair transplant, you may be wondering what you can and cannot do. You will definitely not want to lose your new and risk getting infected or sabotaging his look. So how do you ensure you do not do this?

Your doctor will probably consider a list of things you should not do especially after a hair transplant. There may be some things that are unique to you. However, in this article, we will generally look at some of the doses and not the post-transplant activities.

After the hair transplant, you will need to make some lifestyle changes. These routines are essential for your hair follicles. Helps them adapt and grow in their new position. Most things change in the first week after a hair transplant. Even the shower after the hair transplant becomes different.

You will be able to shower normally eventually, but in the first few weeks, you need to be careful. Read below to learn how to make an ideal shower after a hair transplant.

How to shampoo after FUE hair transplant?

With our clinic, we cover the first wash for you. So, after the procedure, you will visit us again the next day for a clinical wash. During this session, a nurse will apply anti-thrombus products specifically to the scalp after a hair transplant. The anti-thrombus gently dissolves the blood clots on the scalp. We also use shampoo exclusively for the scalp after hair transplantation to reduce the risk of irritation. Especially after surgery, the scalp will be soft and sensitive and should be bathed with a special hair wash.

After the clinical session, your nurse will guide you through your new hair washing routine. In most cases, the instructions will be as follows:

Shower after hair transplant during the first ten days

Throughout this period, repositioned follicular units will be at the peak of sensitivity and tenderness. As a result, you should apply a gentle routine. Be as sensitive as possible to your movements. This also means applying water directly from a pipe. any form of power is not your friend during this period. Instead of applying water directly from a pipe, use a cup to pour lukewarm water on your scalp. Just rinse the shampoo/serum with as little force as possible.

Shower after ten days

During this period, apply the oil or serum given to you, as it will help remove stains. Before showering for two hours, leave the serum on the dampness of the scalp and remove the spots without damage. You should continue to use the shampoo recommended by your surgeon. To be on the safe side, keep applying water from a cup.

Shower after hair transplant for up to 15 days

During this period, you can use a regular brand of shampoo. The follicular units are created more securely during this period. In other words, pocket risk during this period would be at an all-time low. But you have to be polite.

Hair transplant after 1 month

In the first month after a hair transplant, it is important to follow the steps of postoperative care provided by your surgeon by spraying your scalp, which will help speed up the healing process, as well as protect the follicles and any incisions and avoid exfoliation.

Immediately after the hair transplant, it is important to rest as much as possible, because rest will help speed up the recovery process and the process will make you tired. In the first month after the transplant, it is also important to avoid alcohol and smoking, as well as swimming and any high-impact exercise. You should also keep your scalp hydrated and if you need to comb your hair, do it while it is wet, this will help prevent bleeding and irritation.

Hair transplant after 2-3 months

It is also important to go for an appointment check, when our incisions heal, you can let nature follow its course and your hair will start to grow naturally. By this time you may have had “shock hair loss”, this is natural and helps regenerate transplanted follicles. Hair growth will start to become more normal and people will never know that you only had one hair transplant procedure, after the fall process, the hair will start to grow and reappear from 2-3 months onwards.

Your surgeon will ask you to make an appointment for a check-up, check everyone’s progress, and take pictures of your progress. It is vital that you go to your appointments at check-in, as everyone will be treated differently and go through a different healing process, appointments are an opportunity to answer any questions or concerns you may have about hair transplant after. care or the results of the procedure.


Showering after a hair transplant is not as annoying as you think. Only in the first days, the hair is more sensitive. But beyond that, you can follow the regular hair washing routine. The first wash of the scalp will take place in our clinic. During which nurses will dilute the clots to rinse them without using force

Later, you should apply a gentle hair washing practice. For the first 10 days, you should rinse your scalp with warm water from a cup. After the 10 day mark, you should start applying moisturizing oils to your scalp for two hours before washing. But only use products recommended by your surgeons.

After two weeks, the risk of follicular fall is very low. But you should not use force or exercise heat.

If you have questions about How to shampoo after an FUE hair transplant, contact us.

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