Is Biofibre Hair Implant Safe?

Is the BioFibre Hair Implant safe? The question sounds like the most frequently asked questions in this area? But first, what is BioFibre? Let’s see how it is applied.

It is a completely innovative method that especially helps men win the age-old battle against hair loss. Biofibre Hair Implant is CE Certified, human body compatible artificial hair. It is a safe and effective medical technique to combat baldness in both men and women. BioFibre is also suitable for those who are completely bald. They can also safely opt for those who do not suffer from significant hair loss but want to enjoy fuller, thicker-looking hair.

This hair transplant treatment has a great level of flexibility as patients can choose as many or as few hair implants as they want. This hair transplant method gives you instant results and since these are artificial hair, there is no waiting time for hair growth anymore. It is classified as a minor surgical procedure. You can hardly distinguish these hair implants from natural hair. It should be treated with quality hair products like your natural hair. They are very durable and do not break easily. This implant is recommended for thinning hair or androgenetic alopecia (male pattern baldness), scarring alopecia. It can be used with other hair restoration techniques when necessary.

Who Can Have BioFibre Hair Transplantation?

It is suitable for all men and women with hair loss problems. For hair transplantation, FUT or FUE method is the best option for women and men who do not have enough donor hair for hair transplantation because hair follicles are not required for hair transplantation in this method.

It is a good option especially for patients looking for an urgent aesthetic result or high hair density. It is also suitable for those who are completely bald. But; This method is not recommended for patients who are sensitive to the operation or who suffer from other scalp diseases.

What Is Biofibre Hair?

BioFibre hair strands are soft, flexible, thin, and extremely strong. These hair strands are made of inert (inactive) tissue-friendly materials that are non-toxic to the human body and form a keratin plug that restricts the penetration of microbial agents into the scalp, meaning it is fully biocompatible with the scalp.

These hair strands are resistant to stretching and tensile stress. They do not break easily and are long-lasting. These hair strands have a special reversible knot that ensures perfect fixation of the implant and also ensures complete removal of the fiber without scarring when needed.

These strands are almost identical to your natural hair. It is easily available in different lengths (from 15 cm to 45 cm), colors (up to 21 colors), and styles (straight, wavy, curly).

How is Biofibre Hair Implant Applied?

This is a minimally invasive treatment for baldness, using artificial hair that is compatible with the human body. The process is done by transplanting this artificial hair one by one until the desired density is achieved in a specific area affected by baldness or hair loss (alopecia). Color, length, and style are chosen according to the remaining hair structure and the preference of the patient.

Before the final fixation of the hair strands that are fully compatible with the human body, approximately 100-250 BioFibre hair strands are transplanted to the baldness area to test any reaction with your body. If there is no reaction after 3-4 weeks, the remaining BioFibre hair strands are transplanted gradually. It is a simple painless outpatient procedure that is usually performed under local anesthesia. The implanted Biofibre hair strands are usually fixed to the scalp 20-30 days after the procedure and remain unchanged for several years.

It is an effective method in the treatment of baldness with its structure that is completely compatible with the human body and is well tolerated by the skin tissue.

Losses and Recovery

There are very little scarring and recovery time, and this hair transplant procedure causes minimal pain and discomfort. You can continue your normal activities after the procedure and even return to active and sportive life after hair transplantation. There will be no problems.

Risks and Complications

Biofibre hair transplantation is a safe outpatient operation and most of the patients are satisfied with this procedure performed by experienced doctors.

However, as with other cosmetic procedures, there are some risks and complications associated with this operation using artificial fibers. There is always a possibility of infection, rejection, and other problems, and this requires care for your whole life. Because the fibers are embedded in the scalp and are exposed to dust, dirt, heat, and the outside environment, the possibility of infection is always high.

As a result BioFibre Hair Implant

Biofibre Hair Implant delivers high hair density in just a few hours with an instant and natural esthetic result. To maintain this excellent aesthetic result, you must follow a maintenance program. After this procedure, the individual gains self-confidence and looks aesthetically pleasing. Patients who have the procedure can now give their hair the shape they want.

The incredible transformation happens immediately, so you don’t have to wait for your hair to grow like other hair transplant methods (FUE and FUT). You can choose as much or as little fiber as you want. Generally, 500-1000 hair strands can be transplanted per session, depending on the area of ​​baldness. These hair transplant sessions can be repeated every 4-6 weeks.

Of course, it should not be forgotten that every hair to be transplanted can only be applied to a healthy scalp. In general, the duration of the result obtained with “Biofibre Hair Implant” varies depending on the correct hair care after transplantation. However, it is still necessary to risk 15-20% of hair loss every year.

As a result, BioFibre Hair Implant is completely safe. You can apply with peace of mind.

This article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. The information contained herein is not a substitute for and should never be relied upon for professional medical advice. Always talk to your doctor about the risks and benefits of any treatment.

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