Is DHI Hair Tranplant Painful?

Is DHI Hair Tranplant Painful?

Is DHI Hair Tranplant Painful? Hair transplantation is the process of transplanting the hair follicles taken from the nape of people with hair loss and baldness to the problematic area. A hair transplant is a need for some people.

It is a process which can be applied to both male and females. can be applied to the area that seen hair loss. is easy thanks to technological development. While thinking about a hair transplant operation for you, you may encounter many hair transplant operation ways.

DHI hair transplant is one of the ways which are widespread in the hair implant, what is DHI? Is DHI Hair Transplant Painful Process? Let’s have a look.

What is DHI?

Firstly, DHI represents Direct Hair Implantation. It can be compared with the FUE transplant operation sometimes. IN the DHI process, before starting a transplanting operation, doctors need to cut channels and implant in the scalp. That’s why they utilize a more specialized pen tool which helps both processes to handle concurrently. Is the DHI Hair Transplant Painful, what is the stages of it are the main questions waiting for being answered?

How Does Process Work?

In the initial step, the surgeon prompts by preparing your head for local anesthesia to numb the scalp, and later, he goes on by extracting hair follicles in normal order. Immediately after this, grafts and hair follicles are transplanted into the area that receives them. This happens with a special implanter pen.

Implanter/Choi Pen 

Implanter/Choi Pen is very thin, cylindrical, and sharp tools used in the DHI Hair Transplant. With Choi implanter pen, hair follicles that are put on the implanter pen are transplanted to the target area, but while doing this, surgeons and their assistants must pay attention to be careful. Hair implant done with Choi pens gives more predictable, effective, and natural results to the patients.

Then your surgeon rubs a cream containing antibiotic and applies the bandages to the target area. DHI operation, unlike the other hair transplant operations, does not call for the channels to be opened beforehand in the target in which new hair will be put.

Is the DHI Hair Transplant Painful?

Some people say that you shouldn’t make you do the DHI because it gives you a lot of pain, and it is a fearful and terrible process. This is completely a misconception. DHI hair transplant is not a painful operation, yet it doesn’t mean you will have no pain in any way. Even the for simple operation, there can be small pains, but you don’t need to concerned about that because the pain reduces suddenly. Because there is already a local anaesthesia technique.

What is Local Anaesthesia Technique?

Through local anaesthesia, even the dentist make their patient comfortable in minimal pain. Its general objective is numbing the area that is to apply. The doctor injects the substance, and when it is numbed, they start filling the teeth cavity. As in dentist use, surgeons can make use of this technique in DHI hair implant. Also, the injectors are highly practical, small and easy to use. In the numbing process, patients feel numb for seconds to minutes. Later, they don’t feel any numbing in the recipient area. The docs and technicians can do their businesses easily, and the patient laying on don’t feel anything about pain.

If anything happens to be seen about pain in a patient’s feeling, the doctor makes the arrangement to solve to problem. Namely, you don’t need to worry.

After the surgery, provided that the patient feels the pain, then he can use the pills doctors give him to use. Thanks to the pills, he or she sleeps well. There will be no problem. Tomorrow, all likely pain or side effects will disappear. As mentioned above, this is a seldom condition. Most people already don’t need to use pills because they don’t feel any discomfort.

Is A Advantage That DHI Hair Transplantation Painless?

In the DHI process, there is an advantage that planting happens without cutting any of the hair. Although the DHI hair transplantation is a bit expensive compared with other implanting techniques, Direct Hair Implantation has almost no pain. Patients always want to treat in minimal pains, they may need different operations for the best optimum health condition. People around them says a lot of things about the operations. Some of the operations is a really painful experience for them. They fear of being treated.

DHI Method Process

As told above, in the Direct Hair Implantation, there’s no such a fear of pain or damaging. The operation is very easy, and along with the other advantages of DHI hair transplant, being pain-free is the most important things that people need to care. In other implant operations, people may probably go through seeing some scars or bleeding and the pain of them, but DHI hair transplant doesn’t require any pain due to being used invasive treatment ways. Namely, there is no cutting or sutures, thus. It is almost not seen any bleeding, scar or something like infections.

As well as not being painful, the survival rate of hair follicles is higher: Because the hair follicles are implanted within 1-2 minutes after they are taken from the donor area, hair follicles don’t wait outside of your head. The process continues without awaiting. Via this, you don’t feel any pain and your hair follicles don’t harm. Also, because of not being stitches, and scaring, you can go back to your job easily. You may recover from this operation quickly due to the fact that you don’t feel any pain either.

Finally, DHI (Direct Hair İmplant) Transplant process is not an operation which discourages people. Converse to the other implant operations, DHI Hair transplant hasn’t got severe pains. Among the other implant of hair operations, DHI is the least one in terms of pain. Thanks to the trouble-free local anaesthesia, patients feel nothing about pain. The operation goes on pretty normally. Since it is not necessary shaving, doctors have more likelihood, not to any damage to the patients. Is DHI Hair Tranplant Painful?

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