Is DHI Hair Transplant Good?

Is DHI Hair Transplant Good? Today, many people look for the solution to their hair loss problem. They fed up with not dealing with this problem. Thus, they want to find a real technique to stop their hair loss. In the modern world, so many hair transplantation techniques are developed. DHI Hair Transplant is the most preferred technique by patients. Because its range is wider than other techniques. In the DHI technique, the hair follicles are extracted from the donor area and implanted into the recipient area where transplantation is made. While this process is done, two jobs are done at the same time. There is no waiting like other techniques. At this point, this makes the biggest difference as well as other important advantages. DHI Hair Transplant technique is good technique patients prefer most.

The DHI procedure

Initially, before the operation is started, the doctor decides exactly how the process he operates with a pre-designed hair draft that is suitable for the patient. Later, in order for the patient not to feel any pain, he prompts the local anesthesia process. Local anesthesia is very common in the medical area. That method is widely used especially for dentists and hair transplant surgeons. If you have watched some videos on the internet, you may be afraid of local anesthesia. In that case, you may want a sedative from your doctor. However, you shouldn’t think about the real local anesthesia process like in the videos. They are frightening and done for just being watched. Local anesthesia just takes minutes.

After local anesthesia is completed entirely, your surgeon will start firstly extracting hair follicles from the donor area and extracted hair grafts are implanted into the target area by using a special pen named ”Choi”. Choi makes DHI Hair Transplant good. While extracted hair follicles are inserted into the recipient area, this process is done without waiting for any. There is no incision like other techniques. Just as your doctor is transplanting follicles into the scalp, he has to do it meticulously. Also, he should have enough capacity for this job.

What is the distinctive feature of DHI Hair Transplant?

People want to find out the best treatment for themselves. They have a lot of questions about which hair implantation is more effective.

At this point, there are differences between hair transplant operations. FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) are the hair implant techniques mostly used, but DHI plays a more effective role in hair implantation. DHI is separated by some points from FUE. In FUE, the implantation process is done manually, and before the implantation process, the surgeon has to open the canal for the implant. While these are happening, there is waste of time. As for DHI, there is no need to open a canal for the implant. As soon as the extraction of the hair follicles is done, the implantation process begins without awaiting. The doctor doesn’t need to struggle for the incision process or creating ditches.

These processes happen thanks to a special pen whose name is ”Choi”.

What is Choi Implanter Pen?

Choi implanter pen is a great innovation for DHI hair transplant treatment. As mentioned above, it is a tool that provides the best result for DHI. Extracted hair follicles are transplanted into the recipient area directly. Because of not being waiting duration, taken hair grafts/follicles doesn’t harm, their survival rate is more. Also, the Choi pen is not found in a moment. It is a highly developed gadget and expensive. While the surgeons are loading the hair follicles into the pen and implanting them, they must do that so diligently by paying special attention to the pens’ angle and correction.

What Should Be Done After the Treatment?

  • After the operation, your doctor will recommend that you need to. Warnings are important. If you experience any feeling of pain, you should talk to your doctor. He gives you some antibiotics or alleviating pills. For the first and second days, you should sleep by two or three elevated pillows. They make you more comfortable while sleeping.
  • It is said that you must give a break to your exercise. You can do that but they shouldn’t be strenuous exercise. And the most important one is not taking alcohol. Because alcohol gives you harm like in every treatment. Alcohol leaves a negative effect on your blood flow.
  • You shouldn’t be exposed to the sun much. There can be some problems related to it. You can wear your hat for not meeting any problem. By the way, you must never worry about the shedding of your hair. They go but the news ones will come again.

What Are The Main Advantages Of DHI Hair Transplant Technique?

  • After the full recovery, the hair loss is lesser than other hair transplant techniques.
  • Doctors don’t have to shave your scalp like other techniques. Thus, treatment passes highly big enough to insert the hair follicle, there is no bleeding and the recovery is extremely quick.
  • There is no real incision process, Choi pen does just small incisions, so you don’t experience bleeding of your texture.
  • Due to not being the waiting duration between extracting and implanting, the survival rate of hair follicles are more than others.
  • After the treatment has ended completely, your hair will look like your natural hair. People can’t realize your hair is transplanted hair.
  • In the DHI Hair Transplant technique, you can recuperation time is shorter than other techniques. You don’t have sutures or slits either.
  • The patient who has this operation can go back to his normal life in a short time when compared with other hair transplant operations.
  • After you have completed the recovery time, you can easily design your hair however you want.

Finally, DHI Hair Transplant is a very good technique for people who think to make their hair implanted. Much as we can’t say that inexperienced doctors in the process are counted a disadvantage, doctors have to be qualified and show very special attention in the DHI process. There are many hair implant techniques in the world. You may be confused with all those techniques, but you must be sure that the best technique among them is DHI Hair Transplant Technique. You shouldn’t think to ponder over the question ”Is DHI Hair Transplant Good”. It is the most preferred treatment way.

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