Is Fue Hair Transplant Worth It?

Is Fue Hair Transplant Worth It?

Is Fue Hair Transplant Worth It?  Hair transplant is nothing but a process of removing hair from one part of the body which is called the donor site to a balding part of the body which is called the recipient site.

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is the hair transplant technique where 1 or group of hair follicles i.e. follicular unit (can contain up to 4 hairs) is removed using a microneedle or a punch of diameter less than 1 mm, one by one. It is extracted from the area where the hair growth is the strongest. Then these follicular units or grafts are transplanted into the balding region of the scalp. It is one of the most popular and time-consuming techniques of hair transplant.

Is FUE hair transplant worth it? For our answer, we recommend that you read this article to the end. Nowadays, there are many shampoos or lotions for hair loss but most of them do not affect. However, FUE hair transplantation is the most preferred technique for people with hair loss or shedding.

History of FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)

Way back in 1988, Masumi Inaba from Japan first described the FUE hair transplant wherein he showed the technique using a 1 mm needle for extracting follicular units.

However, Dr. Woods from Australia was the first physician to demonstrate this technique in 1989.

FUE came into existence as an effort to address scarring in the donor area which was the major drawback of the FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) procedure.

In Follicular Unit Extraction, individual grafts are extracted using a small micro punch, so a linear strip scar was avoided.

Due to this, the risk of long-term nerve damage, leading to chronic numbness and pain in the donor area. It is significantly reduced with FUE as compared to the FUT procedure.

Further, FUE provides an alternative to FUT when the scalp is too tight for a strip excision.

This also enables a hair transplant surgeon to harvest finer hair from the nape to be used at the hairline or for eyebrows.

Initially, FUE faced resistance due to a new set of surgical skills and a lack of equipment to extract whole follicular units. However, with the advancement in medical science, they were soon able to develop the optimal instrument for FUE.

As a result, patients who have undergone both methods prefer FUE transplantation. The reason for this is it causes much less trauma and avoids scarring.

What are the Steps For FUE Hair Transplantation

The donor area is prepared and local anesthesia is applied, so the person does not feel any pain while the follicles are taken

The follicles are taken using a special device called (a micromotor) and placed in a container that contains a special solution to preserve the follicles

The doctor prepares the receiving area and local anesthesia is applied. After that small channels are available and follicles are implants inside these channels. While opening the channels, the channels must be applicable in a manner proportional to the length of the follicles. This finishes at an angle that is proportional to the angle and direction of the original hair.

Who is the Ideal Candidate For FUE Hair Transplant

Ideal candidates for FUE are people who like to keep their hair short and have good hair density on the back of their heads.

Hair loss should be stable with medications, vitamins, and light laser phototherapy.

Patients have realistic expectations about the results of hair transplantation.

Although the FUE technique is applying in an outpatient clinic. There is no need for the use of general anesthesia. It is possible that the patient will need more sessions to get the desired results.

For people with low smoking and alcohol use.

Advantages of FUE hair transplantation

FUE saves the time that the patient needs to recover. The patient avoids the discomfort that he may experience by undergoing other techniques such as the strip technique.

One of the most important advantages of this operation is that it reduces the risk of nerve damage or lack of feeling in the donor area.

This is in addition to that the appearance of scars in the donor area after the operation is almost invisible. Body hair is useable for adding more density to hair using this technique.

From the doctors’ point of view, FUE hair transplantation is considering a non-dangerous surgical procedure. It does not require a large number of doctors to perform the operation, only one doctor in addition to one or two assistants. It requires less equipment compared to other hair transplantation methods.

Disadvantages of FUE hair transplantation

Hair transplantation is one of the operations that takes a long time, so it carries a heavy burden on both the doctor. The patient together, as the process is stressful for the doctor. It needs high patience and energy and may cause pain in the neck and shoulders of the doctor. Therefore, the doctor must take breaks during the operation.

As for the patient, he must assume an uncomfortable position during the operation period; It is for quite some time now. A disadvantage is also that some doctors may risk removing follicles from the temporary area. The area that contains non-permanent follicles, which leads to serious consequences. This includes the inability of the follicles to produce new hair, and this means the loss of follicles forever.

The number of grafts extracts per day limits, so the patient must undergo several sessions over several days. Also, one of the annoying things for some patients is that they are forced to shave their hair in the donor area during the procedure.

The operation is also three times more expensive than the chip method.

Among a disadvantage that is added to FUE hair transplantation is that there may be a loss of healthy follicles in the donor area. If the follicles are removable at the wrong angle, and here comes the biggest role for the doctor who performs the operation.

Is Hair Transplant Worth It?

At the end of this article, we guess you know a lot about FUE. You must make the decision of hair transplantation yourself.

But before you make that decision, remember the money you have spent on shampoos, medicines, or losyanes to date. After the hair transplant, decide what kind of a change will be in your self-confidence and happiness.

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