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Research and Development

Research and Development

Our strive for continuous improvement is visible in all our departments. With a flat organizational management style and structure, we encourage initiative from our employees and stakeholders to improve service level and Hair Transplant quality. Our medical team is constantly following all industry developments and implements all improvements. Since a hair transplant procedure involves multiple disciplines we encourage & support interaction with specialists from all kinds of medical backgrounds.

We are currently involved in several R&D projects initiated by TecniFUE International involving third party suppliers of equipment used during operations, universities and producers of post-operative products. Our aim within this scope is to be the leading pioneering company in R&D for the industry with the aim of standardizing top-quality hair transplants and further increasing the leadership position of Istanbul as the world’s number one city for Hair Transplants. Our current R&D initiatives focusses on 6 major research topics.

∙Standardizing the labour quality of medical support staff involved in executing hair transplant operations.

∙Increasing grafts survival rates of grafts and enhancement of biological conditions of patients during hair transplant operations.

∙Post-operative/ lifestyle amendments affecting hair growth quality.

∙Post-operative use of support products for optimal result enhancement.

∙Improvement of treatment conditions and comfort level for patients during operations.

∙Development of organic based medicines that stops hair loss.


Standardizing the quality of medical support staff involved in executing hair transplant operations

Currently there is no curriculum program for medical students that wish to become active in the hair transplant industry. The government regulations allow medical students from several backgrounds to work in the industry. Since more than 60% of the work during a hair transplant is carried out by support staff during a Hair Transplants it should be evident that standardizing the quality of support staff should be of top priority. This is one of the main reasons why quality of hair transplants varies greatly per clinic. Where certain clinics have an extensive training program that takes up to 24 months before considered full operational support staff there are clinics that offer training programs of 2-3 months. TecniFUE International has initiated the exploration of creating a curriculum program with 3 major Medical Universities in Istanbul. Considering the high interest in working in the industry the first curriculum program is projected to start in September 2022.

Increasing grafts survival rates of grafts and enhancement of biological conditions of patients during hair transplant operations

Grafts survival rates have been a major challenge for many specialists since the beginning of the hair transplant industry. In recent years some improvement has been achieved related to maintaining the graft vitality by keeping the liquid in which the grafts are temporarily kept when outside the scalp at a certain temperature. Most popular marketing slogans relating to this discovery are widely known in the industry as ICE FUE. Another factor that is affecting graft survival and has become more obvious to us is the biological condition of the patient. As TecniFUE International we have been running a research study on these two topics since September 2008 and expect our research study to be completed by September 2020.


Post-operative/ lifestyle amendments affecting hair growth quality

Although being clear that hair loss is caused in most cases by heredity factors studies have also indicated that lifestyle can be a contributor to poor hair quality and hair loss. Stress and food seem to be the major influencers in affecting the quality of the hair. Our research in this scope focusses on the quality of the result of the hair transplants performed and the correlation to a certain lifestyle. Our research regarding prementioned was initiated in January 2019 and is expected to be completed by end of January 2021.

Post-operative use of support products for optimal result enhancement

Post-operative products refer mainly to three main products. Shampoo, serum and vitamin supplement. The hair transplant industry in Turkey is well developed and currently there are more than 50 suppliers of post-operative support products. Our research study which took 3 years was concluded in December 2019. We have currently defined two suppliers that meet our standards and the products are offered to our patients after they have undergone a hair transplant. The products selected to ingrate in our offer were analysed on the base of concentration of certain ingredients that have proved their effectiveness, user friendliness and price/quality ratios. We are currently involved in studying the possibility of upgrading the products together with our suppliers and improving availability of the products in the countries where we operate.

Improvement of treatment conditions and comfort level for patients during operations

This aspect of our Research & Development endeavours has a broad spectrum. It focusses on the service quality offered by our staff and involves understanding the cultural differences between our patients. Psychological analyses are conducted to measure the stress levels of our patients and how these can be minimized through amendments in our communication with patients. We are currently researching the effects of certain music therapies that can be integrated in our treatments to optimize the comfort level of patients. Another research and development focus within this section is performed together with our third-party suppliers of equipment used within operating rooms. Our aim is to further improve the quality of materials used and furthermore increasing the comfort level of the operating tables.

Development of organic based medicines to stop hair loss

Our endless endeavours to treat hair loss is not limited to our core business which is offering the best Hair Transplant possible. We have reason to believe that the right combination of certain ingredients can result in the development of an organic based medicine that will stop hair loss. We are already known with products that can enhance the growth of hair and certain products slow down the process of hair loss. Our current research on increasing survival rates of grafts has given us some new exciting insights which were the bases of this research initiative. We have initiated talks with an academic institution in Istanbul to perform the research in Partnership. This research may if progressed as we prognose result in a new age of hair loss treatments. The timeline for the development of the medicine is projected at 5-7 years before available to the larger public.

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