Should I Get A FUE Hair Transplant?, Should I Get A FUE Hair Transplant?

Should I Get A FUE Hair Transplant?

Should I Get A FUE Hair Transplant? Nowadays people are obsessed with their looks. Beauty is everything and people can sacrifice a lot for it. They want to look younger, more attractive, and feel more confident. Many beauty-related cosmetic procedures rose to meet those expectations. With that, people also found a solution to have better hair. Better hair may make you look younger and healthier. If you lost hair either from old age or from any other issue, you might feel insecure. Planting hair to cover your hair loss will solve that issue immediately! However, much like in any other surgery, here you should also make a decision. Ask yourself some questions. Do I really want this procedure? Should I get a FUE hair transplant? Is it worth it? If you cannot answer those yet, fear not. This article will help you to find answers to all of those questions and much more.

What is FUE hair transplantation?

To talk about the other issues, we must first talk about the procedure itself. Hair transplantation is a simple cosmetic surgery. In it, the doctor plants hair on whichever body part you wish. You can get it for your eyebrows, eyelashes, or any other bald spot. Your main reason might be, similar to many other clients, to cover the baldness on your scalp. Most of the clients are male, but the procedure is unisex. Women can get it for their hormone-related hair thinning as well. The surgery is not as difficult as in some cosmetic surgeries. In this procedure, the doctor uses parts of your own hair so you will have a natural look after it. They get that hair from your nape, chest, or back. There are many different ways to get this done. One of the most used methods is called follicular unit extraction, FUE for short.

FUE is one of the easiest ways to plant hair on any part of your body. In it, the surgeon starts by shaving hair from where your excess hair will be taken. With that, it is easy for them to remove individual hair follicles from your skin. To remove them, the surgeon will use a sharp tool like a micro punch tool. The surgeon will continue by making a lot of tiny incisions where you want to plant the hair. They will make those incisions with sharp tools like needles. After that, the doctor will plant your hair follicles into the incisions. Lastly, the surgeon will clean and bandage the area where the hair was planted. Like that, your surgery will be done easily.

Before and After a FUE hair transplant

Like in any other surgery, you will need to prepare before hair transplants as well. How exactly, may change from one patient to another. However, certain things can be advised for everyone. Two weeks before the surgery you will need to cut down on many things. You need to avoid blood-thinning medications such as aspirin. Dietary supplements or vitamins should also be out of the table. Plus, you should also try to cut down on antidepressants if you use any. A few days before the surgery you need to stop smoking and avoid alcohol as well. But, do not forget to take any medicine your doctor gives to you before the surgery. A part of medication, do not cut your hair before the surgery. Lastly, you can also do some massage on where you will get the surgery to stimulate the blood flow.

After your FUE hair transplant, you will enter your recovery process. During this time, if you avoid certain things, you will not face other difficulties. However, if you are not careful enough it may cause a lot of serious issues, so stay focused. In the first weeks, avoid doing any difficult work to fasten the recovery process. Listen to your doctor’s advice on showering. Certain types of shampoos may not be good for you. Or your doctor may suggest not to shower for the first few days. Avoid touching, scratching, or combing your hair until your doctor confirms that it is okay. Use any medication that your doctor gave to you if you were given any. Also, avoid direct sunlight for a while. It may give a lot of damage.

Is FUE hair transplant worth it?

When talking about hair transplants, there are a lot of points to talk about. There are some cons to the surgery. The recovery may be difficult and it cannot help you with any future hair loss. You have the possibility of developing complications after the surgery. It may also take a lot of your time and it is not a cheap process. You may have trouble finding a clinic that meets your expectations. Or this method may not be what you personally need. But, there also a lot of pros. You will get to look like how you wished. Your hair will look natural and beautiful. Most importantly, you will feel confident. Any insecurity that you had will simply disappear. And the results are guaranteed. Plus, FUE is one of the most comfortable methods. It has a faster recovery time and involves less surgical difficulties.

So you might ask yourself this one simple question. Should I get a FUE hair transplant? Unfortunately, the answer is not an easy one to give. There are many personal aspects to come about this one. You should consider if you truly are dedicated to going through cosmetic surgery. Do you have the time to spare? Do you have the money to spare? Is this what you want? If so you might consider getting it. And if not, you may want to rethink other options. There are other methods to implant hair that may be more beneficial for you. Or finding a clinic that suggests cheaper prices may be what you need. To find an answer to those and get more information on this topic, you can contact our clinic.

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