The Cost of Hair Implants

The Cost of Hair Implants People find comfort in feeling confident. When you are confident it helps with the most difficult situations. Regardless of what happens, you can always get back up on your feet. That is why people always search for ways to be more confident. And what easier way is there than making yourself look better? With modern technology, a lot of esthetic procedures are at the reach of your hand! You can fix your nose, remove a bad mole, or change anything that you have in mind.  You can also alter your hair. Not only slight changes like color or length. Today you can do much more with hair implants. So what are hair implants? Who can get one? What are the pros and cons? Most importantly, what is the cost of hair implants? Let’s talk about each one of these subjects one by one.

What is a hair implant and who needs it?

Hair implantation is a medical procedure where doctors implant hair on your body, wherever you need. It helps to cover up baldness or hair loss from a scar. Plus you do not need to worry about new hair looking unnatural. The hair that they implant is your own after all! Doctors take hair follicles from your armpits, chest, or back. These parts are called ‘donor site’. The balding area to where transfer happens is called ‘recipient site’. You can get hair implants for your chest, lashes, or eyebrows. However, the most known type is when you use it on your head. Aging men are the target audience for it as it is genetic to lose hair with time. Still, the process is unisex and anybody may need it. A lot of women use it for hormonal related hair thinning. There is no certain age to do it as well.

If you wonder how hair transplants are done, there are two ways. The first way is called follicular unit transplantation (FUT). This is the more complicated one of the two. In FUT the surgeon cuts a 6 or 8 inches part of your scalp. The surgeon then cuts the stripe into smaller pieces, each of which containing strains of your hair. After sewing your cut, the surgeon plants those hair strains on your recipient site. The second way is called follicular unit extraction (FUE). This method is easier as no surgical cuts are involved. The recovery process is faster as well. The surgeon shaves your donor site and takes individual hair follicles from there. Your surgery is done after the surgeon plants those follicles on your recipient site. You may choose any method to get your hair transplant done. Both are safe and helps you look better.

What are some cons and pros and expectations of hair implants?

The biggest benefit after hair implant is of course feeling more confident with your new hair. However, not only that. Post hair implants hair looks natural and no one can tell that there was surgery involved. Plus the results are guaranteed. Lastly, after the recovery process, you do not need extra treatment at all. However, the process can become a big con. Lasting up to ten days, the recovery process might be difficult. You need to take care of your head and hair to avoid further issues as well. You need to avoid direct sunlight. You also need to avoid touching, pulling, or scratching your hair and scalp until everything heals. The surgery is also a con. After surgery infections, swelling, and itching of the scalp may occur. However, with the right treatment and correct aftercare, you may avoid all of these cons easily.

Keeping those pros and cons in mind, we may talk about realistic expectations after getting hair implants. You must keep in mind that while surgery helps a lot, it cannot stop hair from falling. Only medication can stop more serious issues. You may also need several doctor visits and sessions to implant all of the follicles. The hair on your donor site is also not infinite. It may end before your implant is done. But, it is still a guaranteed process. And as long as you talk with your doctor about all those issues beforehand, you will not experience a bad hair implant session.

What is the Cost of Hair Implants?

Deciding to go through a beauty-related procedure might take a lot of your time. You may need time before making the final call since it is not a health-related issue. Beauty procedures are completely up to you. However, once you decide that you want it, after all, nothing but more questions arise. How exactly does the surgery go? Is it safe? Where should you do it, a local clinic, or a fancy hospital in another country? And most importantly, how much will it cost? So what is the cost of hair implants? Since we already talked about how the procedure goes, it is fair to talk about the price of hair implants. To talk about that we must focus on certain factors that may differ in those numbers.

Different operations cost differently. That is the first factor that determines the price of hair implants. We already talked that FUE is easier than FUT, and it costs less as well. More medical involvement raises the price. Not only that, but which doctor you choose also changes things. A more experienced doctor or a more famous hospital will charge you more. On the other hand, you may not trust a newly starting operator so the choice is yours. Your insurance and certain package deals in hospitals may lower the price. Another important factor is, how much hair you want to implant. Covering a small area will not be the same as the whole head. You should also keep in mind that certain countries offer cheaper hair implants. Turkey, Lithuania, and India are only some of the most affordable ones. To make your final decision make sure to contact us.

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