Turkey Hair Transplantation Clinics

Turkey Hair Transplantation Clinics

Turkey Hair Transplantation Clinics Today, hair loss is a problem that occurs not only in men but also in women. As a result of hair loss, a person feels psychologically harmful, and a loss of self-confidence begins. To prevent this, people have hair transplantation. The only permanent solution for hair loss is hair transplantation. With a hair transplant operation, you can increase your self-confidence and take a more active role in social situations. Hair transplantation is the process of transferring hair to the area where hair loss is experienced where the hair follicles are stronger and denser.

These solid and dense hair follicles are usually the part located in the back of the head. In some hair transplantation techniques, beard and chest hair are also used as donors. However, it is not preferred because the retention rate of beard and chest hair follicles is not as high as in hair.

Hair transplant operation varies according to the hairstyle and the degree of baldness. You can get information from our clinic about the hair transplant technique that is most suitable for your hair. Hair analysis is performed before the hair transplant operation. And in this hair analysis, it is also given information about how many grafts will be transplanted and how many hours it will take. The hair transplantation process takes 4-8 hours, and after the operation, the patient can continue his daily life. After this procedure, the patient will have a very natural appearance.

What are the Points to Consider in Hair Transplantation?

The first of the most critical points to pay attention to in hair transplantation is the clinic selection. In particular, there are many clinics in Turkey. But because these clinics are in great competition, they can be dangerous in terms of prices and the work they do. One of the essential points to be considered during these operations is to determine a completely personalized treatment process. Because the donor area and balding area vary from person to person. The hair transplant operation that you will have cheaply may cause you to lose all your hair.

Therefore, when choosing a clinic, be sure to check the expertise and experience of the doctors in the clinic. Thanks to our experienced and specialist doctors in our clinic, we work to get you the hairstyle you want through our reasonable price and our professional center for the best hair transplant doctors in Turkey.

It should be known that the treatment method specific to the hair structure and the expectation of the person should be selected. We treat our patients by doing this carefully in our clinic. Thanks to the determination of a completely patient-specific treatment process during the consultation with the patient before the operations, a success rate of up to 99% is achieved in patients.

More hair follicles can be transplanted to earn more money in clinics that provide hair transplantation at low prices. As a result, if more than the number allowed by the donor area is taken, complications in the donor area may occur. As a result, you may lose all your hair.

The Most Preferred Hair Transplantation Method

Today, the most preferred hair transplant method is FUE. With this method, the healthy hair follicles from the donor area are taken one by one and transferred to the balding area. In the past, in the FUT method, the hair is taken together with the skin in strips, while in the FUE method, only the hair follicle is transplanted as a graft.

The reason why FUE hair transplantation is the most preferred is that no cutting process is performed during the procedure. Thus, the patient does not feel any pain during the hair transplant operation. FUE hair transplant operation is performed under local anesthesia. Thanks to local anesthesia, instead of numbing the whole body of the patient, only the area to be treated is anesthetized. This method is one of the methods with the highest success rate if it is applied with a correct application.

In FUE hair transplantation, since no cutting process is applied, there is no scar on the skin after the operation. In this way, the patient can continue his daily life normally.

In the Sapphire FUE technique, slits that look like sapphire tips are used instead of normal slits during channel opening operations. In the channels opened with sapphire tipped slits, the damage that may occur in the tissue after planting is minimized. And as a result of operations with a sapphire pen, more natural-looking hair can be achieved. Because, with this great advantage of SAFIR FUE, it allows for more frequent planting. Since the particular devices used for this operation and the doctors must be experienced, the prices of this operation are a little more costly.

Does Hair Transplantation Give Successful Results?

Patience is necessary after hair transplantation. Especially after the hair transplant operation, you should follow the instructions given by your doctor. If you follow the instructions provided by your doctor, your hair transplant operation will be completed successfully.

You should not wash your hair immediately after hair transplantation. You can have your hair cleaned professionally in our clinic. Then, when you go home, you should wash your hair gently and massage. You should not wash your hair harshly. Otherwise, you can kill your hair follicles. And the most important thing for your hair follicles is the shampoo you use. Detergent-containing shampoos damage and destroys your hair follicles. Instead of detergent-containing shampoos, you can use shampoos containing natural oils and nourish your hair.

Especially after hair transplantation, you should keep your hair away from excessive heat. Because extremely hot hair can sweat and kill your follicles. You can protect yourself from rays such as the sun’s rays by wearing a light hat. Finally, if you are doing heavy sports, you should take a break from these sports for a while because such spores can damage your hair follicles, sweat and strain your hair follicles. Turkey Hair Transplantation Clinics

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