What Is Hair Transplant FUE?

What is hair transplant FUE? Follicular Unit Extraction, more commonly referred to as FUE, is one of the two modern hair transplant techniques. FUE is a minimally invasive hair restoration option that requires skill and precision to achieve the best result.

What is hair transplant FUE?

During the procedure, individual follicles – usually between 1 and 4 hairs – are removed under local anesthesia. The extraction procedure uses a micro surgical extraction tool, between 0.6 mm and 1.0 mm in diameter, to remove the follicles.

The surgeon, using specialized micro surgical needles, then pierces the area of ​​the scalp that receives the implants.

We try to implant the hairs at the right angle to imitate the old hair, as it will grow naturally.

How long will it take?

An FUE hair transplant can be done either for a long time or in several shorter sessions. It takes longer than strip surgery, but it does not leave the clear and normal scars that strip surgery does.

The length of time for the FUE procedure can vary but usually depends on the number of transplants required. A smaller procedure, which requires only about 200 transplants, can be completed in a few hours. However, a larger procedure of about 2,500 to 3,000 transplants will require a two-day session.

How long does it take to recover?

Unlike strip surgery, FUE hair transplantation does not require the collection of large areas of the scalp. There is also no linear incision at the back of the head, nor does it leave a linear scar.

As the individual follicles are removed, it leaves only small piercing scars, which are practically invisible to the naked eye. There is almost no postoperative pain and discomfort – with an average recovery time of fewer than 7 days.

How long do the results last?

Once you submit to the FUE, the results are permanent. While the initially transplanted hair will shed a few weeks after treatment, it will grow back strong and healthy.

What is the difference between FUE and FUT?

In FUT, the entire strip of hair is collected in one motion and then cut into individual pockets later. This leaves a very discreet and noticeable lateral scar on the back of the head.

In terms of recovery time, there is also a significant difference between FUE and FUT. In FUE hair transplants, there is minimal bleeding, and recovery is usually completed within seven days. However, during FUT, as the entire scalp strip is cut, it often takes weeks for the scars to heal.

Is FUE right for me?

The fastest way to find out if FUE is right for you is to make an appointment. We can easily assist you with any questions and determine if you will be a good candidate for the FUE.

Does FUE hurt?

When injecting anesthetic before the transplant, there is a small amount of pain. However, after the anesthetic, you should not feel any pain. We have developed the FUE technique to minimize pain throughout the procedure. You will be informed throughout the process.

There will be some mild discomfort during the recovery process, but this only lasts about seven days. Complications due to FUE are also less.

FUE hair transplant surgery is a safe procedure if performed by a qualified and experienced physician.

How much does FUE cost?

Costs can vary depending on a number of factors. The cost of a hair transplant varies from patient to patient and depends on different individual factors.

Here are some benefits of this procedure

  • It leaves no distinctive marks.
  • Minimum recovery time from other procedures (takes less than a week).
  • Physical appearance and results.
  • General anesthesia is not required and only local anesthesia is used.
  • You can make many interventions in a few days. As there are no seams in the donor area. follicular extraction can be continued as long as the patient wishes.
  • It requires fewer human resources than other methods or surgeries. Only a doctor with one or two assistants can do the right procedure.

What about the disadvantages?

  • It does not hurt much, but it can be uncomfortable because of the time it takes.
  • It takes more time for each implant, which extends the total time and number of follicles that can be removed and implanted each day. This is one of the reasons why the FUE technique costs more.
  • For procedures over 1000 follicles, it is necessary to shave the head. There are many men and women who refuse to do the procedure just because they did not want to shave their heads. But everyone thinks it’s worth it.

The results of an FUE hair transplant

FUE hair transplants are the most successful form of hair restoration. The modern approach to hair restoration leaves few scars and 98% of people will have a successful transplant.

FUE is widely known to be the best hair transplant technique available today. What makes FUE so remarkable is the way the hair is implanted: experienced experts carefully map your hair growth before implantation so they know where and at what angle to place each hair follicle.

It is a demanding process that requires a lot of experience and experience, but we believe that the result is worth it: with a successful FUE transplant, the donor’s hair grows, moves and feels the way he used it. This is the highest quality hair transplant available.

Since these are your natural hairs, when they move from place to place, they will grow like normal hair and are permanent. No need for pills and filters, just enjoy your natural hair.

In conclusion

What is hair transplant FUE? We created this guide as an answer to the question. Follicular Unit Extraction is an exciting scientific and medical step. The promise of almost non-surgery is tempting for both the patient and the surgeon and has been simplified. The reasons why people choose FUE over other methods may be the avoidance of linear scars, the short recovery time, the desire for a physically painless period after surgery.

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