What Is HGA FUE Hair Transplant?, What Is HGA FUE Hair Transplant?

What Is HGA FUE Hair Transplant?

What Is HGA FUE Hair Transplant? One of the most exciting developments in hair restoration is a technique called Follicular Unit Excision or FUE. With this technique, it may take time for new hair to grow. A hair growth accelerator can be used to accelerate this. What is HGA FUE hair transplant?

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What is Follicular Unit Excision (FUE)?

What makes FUE unique is the minimally invasive approach to collecting hair transplants. Under magnification, this membrane then splits into smaller grafts that will then be transplanted to the desired area. Using this advanced technology, our surgeons can fill in thinning areas and baldness without creating a linear scar. In addition, the follicular units are positioned in such a way as to achieve the most natural result.

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Hair transplantation is the process of removing hair from the donor area and implanting it in the recipient’s site. We all know that hair transplantation can be done in two basic ways – FUT and FUE. Although the latter is the most advanced form of treatment, it presents some challenges. It has been found that even after using the FUE technique, not all implants are successful in hair growth. The three main reasons behind this insufficient growth are:

FUE is a time-consuming process. Thus, the hair follicles ejected from the back of the scalp are damaged or weakened due to contact with the external environment.

Inadequate supply of nutrients through the bloodstream to the roots immediately after surgery makes the hair weak and eventually, the hair falls out.

Delay in follicular metabolism.

What is HGA FUE hair transplant?

How does HGA-FUE help to double the density of your hair after hair transplant surgery?

Introduction HGA-FUE helps to increase hair density in a very short time. In the FUE procedure, individual hair transplants are removed and implanted in the area to be treated. Although this process is quite effective, in the process of extraction and transport of some grafts they are completely destroyed for various reasons and affect the result of the transplant.

Follicular implants often have a very slow metabolism. After a hair transplant, there is often not enough blood supply to the hair follicles, resulting in an insufficient supply of nutrients to these hair follicles. This makes the hair weak, which leads to excessive hair loss. There are many cuttings extracted from the donor site that cannot remain in an alien environment and therefore there is no hair growth in these areas.

To treat these problems, FUE is often combined with Hair Growth Accelerator or HGA to prevent damage to these follicles and thus help you get thicker hair. HGA provides support to the hair follicles for a period of 8 hours.

Benefits of HGA-FUE hair transplant

This is a painless and less time-consuming hair transplant procedure. Patients generally do not feel pain during or after surgery.

This procedure does not cause serious injury. There is no visible scar and it gives a natural look and fast recovery.

All implants will grow hair to the fullest. Hair grows in just 4-6 months instead of 8 months in the general FUE method.

Haircare is based on value but not expensive. You can only enjoy it for Rs. 10 / Hair

Ideal for hair transplantation with mustache, beard, eyebrows, and eyelashes. This FUE hair transplant procedure is also ideal for breast hair transplantation.

What are the benefits of FUE?

FUE offers a wide range of benefits that make it one of the best techniques for some patients. These may include:

  • Reduced healing time in the donor area
  • There is no linear scar in the donor area
  • Ability to wear your hair as soon as you want
  • Natural and permanent results
  • Precision in the harvesting of the follicles and their artistic placement

What are the types of FUE?

We are proud to offer some of the most technologically advanced hair transplant surgical techniques, including two advanced systems that use FUE. Supervised and closely monitored by extensively trained hair restoration surgeons, the following procedures can achieve excellent results for the right candidate.


Follicular Unit Excision, or FUE, is a hair transplant collection technique that collects follicular units directly from the scalp in a specific way that selects individually ideal hairs. This “randomized” approach is designed to provide natural results in the donor area as well as in the transplant area. Follicular Unit Transplantation, or FUT, is also known as a hair transplant method. A strip of tissue is taken from the donor site, which is then carefully dissected into the follicular units. They are then transplanted separately to the thinning or bald area. Both techniques have their advantages and disadvantages. Our surgeons can help you determine which procedure is ideal for your needs and goals.

How is the FUE hair transplant restored?

Shortly after the procedure, you will be able to return home and rest. You should first follow some simple instructions to ensure the best result, such as sleeping instructions, how to protect your skin and scalp from sun damage, and how to wash your hair. Topical and/or oral medications will also be prescribed. Your comfort is a high priority for us and in case you feel mild pain, over-the-counter medications can be used to relieve your discomfort. While everyone heals at a unique rate, most patients can return to work and their normal schedule within a few days to a week. However, you should remember that because the donor areas are cut too close to the scalp, you should be prepared for a short back hairstyle for at least two weeks.

This is the answer to what is HGA FUE hair transplant. Hair needs time to grow and your patience during this process is essential. We will be here to support your journey at every step. You should start to see new hair growth in about three or four months and noticeable aesthetic results are visible after six months. The final results of the transplant are usually achieved after 18 months, which are new hair that you can design in any way you want – it is your own natural, growing hair!

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