What Is Micro FUE Hair Transplant?

What Is Micro FUE Hair Transplant?

What Is Micro FUE Hair Transplant? One of the most popular procedures done in recent years is the Micro FUE Technique. It is also one of the most important innovations in the hair transplant field. So what is micro FUE hair transplant? You can see further information about Micro FUE in this article.

Micro FUE is a more advanced and accurate method of FUE. The main difference between FUE and Micro FUE is the microtip. During the Micro FUE procedure, surgeons extract the grafts by using a punch with a micro-motor. They remove the hair follicles with micro-motors and micro tips which are 0.6-0.8 mm in diameter.

Surgeons perform this procedure under local anesthesia. They remove the needed amount of hair follicles from the other parts of the head using micro tips. They drill holes with a micro punch tool in the area where the transplant will be performed. Then, they place the hair follicles in these holes using micro forceps. With the help of these micro tools, the procedure causes less damage and this leads to a faster recovery. Continue to read if you are interested in what is micro FUE hair transplant and learn more about it.

With developing technology, innovations have helped to improve these methods and speeding up the procedure. Micro FUE technique is recently one of the most popular methods used in Turkey. Besides many other advantages, it provides patients with a minimally-invasive procedure and a very short recovery time. It also reduces the scarring and swelling to the minimum. It enables surgeons to plant a higher number of grafts when compared to other methods such as DHI and FUT.

What Is Micro FUE Hair Transplant And How Does It Differ From Manual FUE?

Normally, the FUE method involves using a circular punch tool to cut around the follicular units and then extract them. The diameter of this punching tool may vary from 0.7 to 1.2 mm. This depends significantly on the characteristics of the patient’s hair and their individual situation. Under this topic, we will give information about what is micro FUE hair transplant and the differences between Micro FUE and Manual FUE.

During the Manual FUE procedure, surgeons only rely on wrist action. However, during Micro FUE they use a motorized punch in order to extract the grafts. This leads to a more time-efficient and less labor-intensive procedure when compared to the Manual FUE method. This is why patients experience the procedure and recovery processes that are more comfortable and easy.

Surgeons make incisions in the scalp in order to implant hair. However, during Micro FUE, doctors make the insertion of the hair with a specific instrument, method, and a special microscope. This allows grafts to be implanted with just one movement. Since there are no incisions made, the bleeding and trauma in the surrounding areas are minimal. Therefore, the healing process is gone through very easily and quickly without leaving any scars.

It’s highly important that patients get adequate information from their doctors on what is micro FUE hair transplant before having the procedure. Therefore, remember not to count on only what you read but also consult your doctor.

Overall, the strong combination of a high powered microscope and special instruments enables surgeons to have precise control over angulations, depth, and direction. All of these combined contribute to hair growth in a natural way and having the desired results from the procedure.

What Is Micro FUE Hair Transplant and What Are Its Advantages?

Patients who are considering this procedure may want to know more about this method and its advantages. We will inform you generally about the topic, however, contact our surgeons for further consultation.

The process of extracting the grafts is very simple, painless and the area heals within only a few days. Double and triple hair follicles are extracted from the donor area and separated and counted one by one. If our readers are eager to learn about what is micro FUE hair transplant they may find further information on this topic.

Since microtips are used during the method, the wounds and deformations that may occur during hair follicle removal are less. Therefore, the healing process is pretty fast and easy. Since the instruments are very small, there is minimal damage to the donor area. Therefore, the donor area looks intact and natural after the procedure. Also, thanks to working under a microscope and using very small instruments, pre-existing hair won’t be damaged during the procedure.

With the recent developments in the field, the Micro FUE method offers a 100% rate of natural results. The method and work which is done are always adapted to the individuals and their unique situations. The sizes of the instruments are also adapted accordingly to the hair of each individual. Therefore, it is guaranteed for each patient to get the best results that fit their condition.

For further information about what is micro FUE hair transplant contact our clinic and make an appointment.

What Is Micro FUE Hair Transplant And Why You Should Prefer It?

One of the main reasons why you should prefer the Micro FUE method is that it significantly speeds up the procedure. One of the most important aspects of a hair transplant is the amount of time that grafts stay outside the body. The shorter this time is the higher their chances of survival in the best conditions.

Also, Micro FUE is a less labor-intensive method when compared to other methods such as Manual FUE. Since the needed time is reduced it will be easier for the medical team to focus. They will be able to avoid mistakes and perform the procedure in the best way possible.  All of this considered, Micro FUE is a better option for patients than other methods.

We tried to answer the question “What is micro FUE hair transplant?” in the best way we could. Remember that these situations may vary among patients. Remember to contact our clinic for your individual situation if you are considering this procedure.

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