What To Do After Hair Transplant FUE?, What To Do After Hair Transplant FUE?

What To Do After Hair Transplant FUE?

What To Do After Hair Transplant FUE? Hair transplant care is essential for the optimal growth of hair follicles later. Most of the care is required only for the first 7 days. None of this is rocket science and should only be done for about 7 days after the hair transplant. Most patients have no difficulty following the care instructions. Let’s take a look at what to do after hair transplant FUE.

What to do after hair transplant FUE?

Swelling after the hair transplant procedure

Swell may occur after the first hair transplant session which is usually the forehead.

Swelling usually occurs on the second to fourth day after the hair transplant procedure. This is considered a temporary phase. No permanent or future problems will occur. Due to gravity, the swelling can move under the eyelids.

Infection after the hair transplant procedure

Infections are rare. Patients should immediately report to the doctor any pain, redness, swelling in the area of ​​the procedure.

Work and exercise after a hair transplant procedure

Avoid hard work and exercise for a week after the procedure.

Avoid lifting weights or carrying heavy weights for 10 to 14 days after the procedure.

Other people prefer to do it a week after surgery. This applies to all new patients undergoing the procedure for the first time, where everything seems to be new.

The first hair wash after the procedure

  • Avoid picking the transplanted roots. You will be given a link to learn how to wash your head after the procedure.
  • When combing your hair, you need to do it carefully and gently to avoid moving the planted roots.
  • Try to avoid using a hairdryer for the first two weeks, especially those with hot air.
  • You can dye your hair, cut it, or curl it as soon as the flakes fall around the planted roots.

How to sleep after a hair transplant

How you sleep after a hair transplant can affect the result of the overall procedure. It is important to keep your head at a 45 ° angle for the first 5-7 nights. Choose the neck pillow, as sleep can cause swelling and damage to the recently transplanted hair. Then you can choose a more comfortable sleeping position.

How to prevent swelling after hair transplantation

Preventing swelling after a hair transplant involves several methods. Keeping your head up during sleep and relaxation is the number one factor in helping to minimize swelling. Your surgeon can advise effective medications and suggest placing ice on swollen areas.

Medications to be taken after hair transplantation

Medications to be taken after a hair transplant may vary. However, we can prescribe common prescription drugs.

How many days does the swelling last after the hair transplant?

Swelling after a hair transplant depends on many factors. It is generally observed 2 or 3 days after the procedure and is considered normal after surgery.

What to eat after hair transplant

After a hair transplant, you need to maintain a healthy diet that includes vegetables, natural oils, and nuts. Make sure you have enough B vitamins, magnesium, and calcium. Your diet should not have nutritional value. Avoid fast food and alcohol. Keep in mind that smoking negatively affects hair growth.

How to cover the head after a hair transplant

After surgery, you will have slavery in your head. You can start covering your head 7 days after surgery, unless your doctor tells you otherwise.

Is the sauna safe after a hair transplant?

The sauna after hair transplant surgery is not safe and is forbidden by experts. Newly transplanted hair follicles remain brittle for several days after surgery. High temperatures and sweat can damage new hair and lead to bacterial infections. It is therefore recommended that you stay away from the sauna for at least three weeks after the procedure.

When can I sleep normally after a hair transplant?

You can sleep normally after about two weeks from the day of surgery. The recovery period depends on the individual characteristics and general health conditions of the patients. However, you must be especially careful during the most vulnerable period.

Is it safe to drink coffee after a hair transplant?

Drinking coffee after a hair transplant is not safe. It can increase blood pressure and thus cause bleeding which significantly slows down recovery. Although small amounts of coffee are unlikely to be harmful, excessive caffeine consumption can lead to negative results. Try to eat and drink healthy throughout the recovery period.

When to start training after a hair transplant

You can start training after 2 weeks of hair transplantation. Any actions and procedures that may cause sweating should be eliminated or avoided altogether. Sweat can irritate the sensitive surgical area and cause bleeding and infections. You can continue your regular exercises as soon as you see that the recovery is almost complete.

How Long Does FUE Hair Transplant Recovery Take?

Recovery after FUE hair transplantation takes about 1-2 weeks according to various aspects that affect it. On average, patients return to the office one week after surgery.

How long does the scalp pain last after the hair transplant?

The scalp pain usually lasts for a few days. Then you may feel the discomfort that will stop within two more days. Otherwise, you should contact your doctor to rule out the risk of infection.

How long does it take to recover the hair transplant donor area?

Restoring the area of ​​the hair transplant donor takes about 2 weeks. After the operation, you will have a job in the donor area. When removed, small spots are observed on the shaved skin. The healing process will not take long: as the hair grows, all the postoperative scars will disappear and the aesthetics will be restored.

When can I sleep on my back after a hair transplant?

After a hair transplant, you can start sleeping on your back for at least a week after surgery. However, the most dangerous period lasts about two weeks. During this period you should avoid any pressure on the head.

We now know what to do after hair transplant FUE. Our clinic surgeons will assist you in all matters.

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