What To Expect After FUE Hair Transplant?, What To Expect After FUE Hair Transplant?

What To Expect After FUE Hair Transplant?

What To Expect After FUE Hair Transplant? Looks are important in modern society. The way you look is important to feel confident in yourself and to love yourself more. As everybody tries to look younger and more attractive, more and more cosmetic surgeries come to our aid. Many people tend to get some sort of beauty-related procedure done at some point in their life. People can get any sort of procedure for any part of their body. You can even get things done for your hair if you have any insecurities about not having enough hair. Hair transplantation is a procedure that can help with getting more hair where you feel like you lack it. It can help you to feel more confident. But, you might have a lot of questions about it. What is the FUE method? What to expect after FUE hair transplant? And many more questions… This essay will answer it all.

What exactly is an FUE hair transplant?

Hair transplantation is cosmetic surgery. It helps you with planting hair on your bald spots to cover it. You can use it in many parts of your body. Perhaps to get fuller eyelashes or eyebrows. Maybe you wish to have more hair on your chest or back. Or you may wish to cover up any baldness caused by surgeries or scars. Most of our patients prefer to use it for their baldness on their scalp but the options are up to you. There is no specific age limit for the surgery but most clinics advise you to be older than twenty-one. Getting implants before your growth stops is not advised. Both men and women may get this treatment. It might have a stigma that it is strictly for men but that is not correct. Our clinic is open to everyone.

There are a few different methods to get hair transplants. FUT and FUE are the best-known ones. FUE is a method that some people may prefer to FUT as it does not involve as much of a surgery. In it, the doctor first shaves hair from the area called ‘the donor site’. It can be any part of your body that will provide healthy hair follicles. It can be your back, nape, or chest. After shaving, the doctor will take out individual hair follicles from there using a tool sharp like a needle. They will make very small incisions on the area of operation and put these hair follicles in there, one by one. Lastly, the doctor will clean and bandage the operated area. Since it is done one by one, FUE is recommended for coverage of smaller areas.

More about FUE hair transplant

Before getting FUE hair transplants, you might want to know more about the procedure. Researching and learning more about the procedure may help you with your process. As we mentioned above, this method is recommended more for smaller areas. But that is not all. It is also pricier than some other methods and it takes a lot of time to get done. However, it is a procedure that is considered to be safe. All the side effects are minor and even getting an infection is not easy. It leaves no visible scars, unlike FUT where doctors perform a whole surgical cut. If you are sure that this method suits you, you will not face many difficulties. To make sure if it does or not, you can contact our clinic to learn more about all the procedures.

There are also a lot of preparations you need before going through the FUE hair transplantation. Each doctor and each clinic will have different requirements for the surgery. And they are changeable from one person to another so try to follow your own plan. However, some of these are still universal. A few weeks before it, you should quit taking blood-thinning medications such as aspirin. You should also minimize the number of anti-depressants that you take. Lastly, you should also avoid vitamins or supplements. And a few days before the surgery, you need to avoid smoking or being in places with smoke. Second-hand smoking may also be dangerous. Alcohol should also be out of the table a few days beforehand. And make sure to follow all of the orders that your doctor gives to you. Talk about any medicine that you use and quit those that are needed

Expectations after FUE hair transplant

Setting up realistic expectations helps with any surgery. Knowing what to expect after FUE hair transplants will help you a lot. The first months might be the more difficult ones. Initially, the first week after the surgery, you will be in the recovery process. You might feel pain or irritation in your operated area but this usually passes in a few days. After a month, most of your redness and discomfort will disappear. During this time you may start combing your hair or showering like you usually did. After the recovery, for a few months, you will not see much of a process. This can be upsetting and discouraging but keep in mind that it is normal. You might even see symptoms as if your hair is falling out but that is a part of the new hair follicles growing. After this, you will enter the easier part.

After around three months of FUE hair transplants, you will start to see your hair growing. At first, the newly grown hair might look unnatural or weird but that is normal. It might even look uneven. But after six months, you will see more prominent results. A big part of your hair will grow up to nine months after the surgery. And after one year or even two, you will have the hair that you dreamed of. It will look natural and as you always wished. Your results time may change up to you but it usually goes like this. To learn more about how your individual procedure will go, please contact our clinic.What To Expect After FUE Hair Transplant?

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