Your Personal Medical Advisor

Your Personal Medical Advisor

As TecniFUE International, we attach great value to what we call patient experience within our organization. We evaluate every interaction with the patient on a constant basis. This starts from the visit to our website up to the 12 months aftercare that we offer. Our goal in this is to always want to improve the positive experience of the patient and to continuously  look critically at our processes. It is from this philosophy that we have chosen not to use translators for support, but Medical Advisors who speak the patient’s language at the level of the mother tongue.

All our Medical Advisors have personally guided many patients throughout the treatment process. For a correct imagination, the difference between a translator and a Medical Advisor can be explained as follows. An interpreter has one clear task, namely providing support to both the patient and the medical team in order to ensure that information flows between the parties as correctly as possible. And often this is only provided until the treatment has started, after which the interpreter’s work is considered complete.

Our Medical Advisors, on the other hand, are employed by TecniFUE International and are not hired externally based on need. They also primarily offer translation support, but are also familiar with the medical aspects of the job, so that a wide range of questions can be answered without problems. Furthermore, our language standard is very high, all medical advisers must speak the patient’s language at native level, so that communication runs smoothly and pleasantly and the risk of misunderstandings in communication is avoided.

In addition, the advisers also go into the treatment and all phases that are carried out are explained in detail to the patient so that the patient knows exactly what is happening at all times during the treatment. This aspect in itself is experienced by many patients as enormously valuable and pleasant. The frequently made comment by patients afterwards about our Medical Advisors is that thanks to the Medical Adviser the entire process on the day of the treatment was very pleasant and I felt that I was in good hands because of the clear explanation that was constantly given.

Our Medical Advisers are mostly of Turkish origin who grew up in a country outside Turkey and lived there for years. During the entire day of the treatment, the patient can rely on the presence and support of the Medical Advisor, making all processes on that day run very pleasant and smooth.

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If you would like information about the possibilities in your personal case in a simple way, the easiest way is to start a WhatsApp conversation with one of our Medical Advisors and send two photos as shown above. The Medical Advisor will submit the photos to the Medical team for evaluation, after which you will receive feedback on the options in your personal case. Our aim is to always provide you with feedback within 24 hours. If you still prefer personal contact, there is also the possibility to schedule a free 15-minute Video Consult in consultation with the Medical Advisor. During this Video Consult you can explain more specifically what your expectations are and also submit any questions you may have to the Medical Advisor

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